wearing down your old asphalt pavement

What’s wearing down your old asphalt pavement?

We all want smooth, functional, and flawless pavements outside our homes that survive for decades. But this is a difficult thing to wish for. When maintained properly, pavements built by even the best of asphalt pavement companies wear down slowly eventually. After a decade of constructing the pavements, they start cracking and disintegrating. What leads to the breakdown and deterioration of your asphalt pavements? A number of factors are responsible for this. Given below are a few of them.


Asphalt is a combination of sand, rock and aggregates all held together by a glue-like binder known as asphalt cement. This binder starts breaking down due to constant and prolonged sun exposure. Once this binder fully dries up, there’s practically nothing that holds asphalt aggregates together, which results in asphalt disintegration and chipping.


Asphalt surfaces are generally porous, and they allow easy water penetration through them. Water can seep in and wash out the base underneath it, causing it to crack, break down and collapse. If your asphalt pavement already has holes and cracks, it will be even more vulnerable to water damages. Not only this, the spots that experience continuous contact with water and have pools of water accumulated generally have softer pavement layer in those areas. These spots are prone to damage quickly.

Heavy Loads

Continuous heavy loads of vehicles cause asphalt to break down quicker. If your pavement is already exposed to other natural factors such as water and sunlight, constant traffic can fasten the process of breakdown and result in cracks or settlements.

Chemical Impact

If you park your vehicles and other appliances directly on the pavement, you might face the issue of pavement wear down often. Petroleum chemicals, oils, and chemical-laden gases used in these vehicles and appliances soften the asphalt pavement and cause it to break down rapidly.

Paving Errors

Sometimes, paving errors can lead to bigger pavement failures. Although the deterioration of asphalt pavement will happen eventually, errors in construction can speed up this process. Some of the common pavement errors include over or under compaction of the asphalt, improperly compacted base, improper asphalt temperature, poor drainage, etc.

Proper maintenance is key to protecting asphalt pavements from the external factors that wear it out. But the deterioration is inevitable. The best solution for this problem is to repair the asphalt pavement at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience. Select one of the best pavement companies to ensure quality pavement repair and restoration.

protect your asphalt parking lot

How to protect your asphalt parking lot from harsh sun?

As the winter comes to an end and spring approaches, days will become sunnier and nights become warmer. With every day passing, the sun becomes harsher and affects ground surfaces such as parking lots. The sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays damage the parking lot materials, especially asphalt in the same way as they do to your skin. Asphalt is an excellent material for parking lots, but without proper maintenance and care, it won’t withstand the harsh sunlight. It can start cracking and disintegrating due to the sun exposure, excessive use, uneven installation, or combination of all these factors. The best way to protect asphalt parking lots is by applying a new seal every two years. Seal coating the parking lots and other asphalt surfaces are one of the common asphalt services that pavement companies get requests for.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best sealants to protect your asphalt parking lot this summer.


Coal Tar Emulsion

Coal tar emulsion is the number one choice for seal coating asphalt surfaces. It is the most durable coating option and provides the most protection against sun’s UV rays and water. One of the major disadvantages of coal tar emulsion is the color. It naturally has a gray color, not as dark black as asphalt. So, if you coat your asphalt lot with coal tar emulsion, the natural black color will be replaced with the gray tint. And as this emulsion will wear-off, it will leave behind an uneven-looking asphalt surface.


Microsurfacing is a protective seal coat which extends the life of the pavement. It is a thin, tough layer of asphalt emulsion blended with finely crushed stone for traction. The process uses polymers and residual content as well as better quality aggregate to enhance the efficiency of your parking lot as well as create an appealing surface.


Tire Rubber Modified Surface Seal (TRMSS) protects and extends your pavement’s life by restoring essential surface oils that get depleted over time. This seal coating even secures loose aggregates and prevents the asphalt surface from damage-causing elements such as oxidation, harsh weather, harmful UV rays, and continuous traffic. This seal is easy to apply, and a single coat process eliminates the need for multiple applications. All these factors make TRMSS an excellent protection for asphalt parking lots.

Acrylic Polymer Sealant

Using acrylic for seal coating asphalt is the most expensive choice. It is durable, UV resistant, weather resistant, and classified as environmentally friendly. It is available in different colors, which makes it a popular choice for customized parking lots.

While it may be tempting to seal coat on your own, seal coating requires expensive equipment, products, and experience mastering the task. It is better to opt for professional asphalt services.

Apart from coating the parking lots with these sealants, you must consider scheduling a professional inspection annually. Through the inspection process, the paving contractors can identify problems and fix small imperfections before they become serious potholes and cracks. Schedule your professional inspection today if your parking lot needs attention.


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5 Decorative Concrete Ideas For Your School Property

If you’re planning to renovate the paved surfaces of your commercial property or school, in addition to durability and safety, you also want your concrete pavings to be aesthetically pleasing. A visually appealing pavement on your driveway or lobbies will make a better impression on your visitors. When it comes to decorative ideas, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and the skill and experience of your paving services company. Following are five decorative concrete ideas to get you started:


Stamped concrete patterns can give your paved surface a neat yet unique look by emulating the textures of different types of materials. Plain concrete surfaces are layered with stamped overlays in any pattern as per your preference. The pattern can be uniformly stamped all over your paved area to give it a consistent texture throughout your property. Stamped surfaces can also be textured to provide better grip and prevent sliding due to extreme smoothness. This can be especially useful in schools where there is a higher likelihood of kids slipping and injuring themselves.


Concrete surfaces can be colored in more than one way.  A simple method is to paint the surface,  just like any other surface. This allows you to create as elaborate or as intricate designs on your paved concrete surfaces as you want. Another common coloring method is to dye it using a mixture of a solvent and color which penetrates the concrete surface, giving it the desired color. A painted texture or design may fade as the color only makes up the top layer of the paving. A dyed concrete surface which has absorbed the color beyond its surface holds the color even after the outermost surface has worn off with time.


If you want a smooth and shiny finish on your paved surface, you should invest in a polished concrete pavement. The surface of a concrete pavement can be made smooth with the use of a grinder. You can polish surfaces to give a luxurious yet friendly look to your school’s entrance lobbies, reception areas, and other areas frequented by external visitors.


You can get extremely unique and stunning patterns on your paved surfaces by engraving. Just like painting, there is virtually no limit to what you can engrave on your school pavings. Engraving is done using special tools by skilled paving services professionals to give you any pattern you desire. You can also engrave your school’s logo or name onto the paved surface to truly make the design unique.


Acid-staining is another way of making your concrete pavements decorative and uniquely appealing. The process is similar to dying except that the color and solvent mixture is replaced by strong acids that penetrate the concrete to stain it and give a slightly glossy, marble-like texture.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your pavement decoration. You can use different types of decorating for different areas on your school property. Irrespective of your plan, make sure you hire experienced paving services professionals who are skilled in making decorative concrete pavements.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Concrete Surfaces

Commercial properties are considered to be elegant and well-designed. If you own a commercial property or premise, then you know having a properly built patio from one of the concrete companies can make your property look professional. If you own a commercial space, constructing a concrete surface can be a perfect solution for you. Apart from being long-lasting, there are many benefits of having concrete surfaces. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about commercial concrete surfaces.

You can Decorate it

There are multiple options for decorative concrete walkways. You have a plethora of design and decoration options to choose from. Some of the options are stamped concrete, concrete dye, concrete overlays, concrete polishing, concrete engraving, etc.

Concrete Mixtures can Also be Designed

You can design your concrete mixtures by choosing suitable ingredients of concrete and identifying the exact volume of materials needed. The ingredients and volume of materials will vary based on the kind of surface you want. When designing the concrete mixture, your engineer will take a thorough look at your requirements and depending on the weather conditions; the concrete mixture will be created with different chemicals.

There are Multiple Color Options

As you already know, the commercial concrete surface can have multiple color options to make it look attractive. When your concrete surface is still in the plastic phase, the color is added to the aggregate. The color options are not only limited to grey and black, but you can apply different shades of every color. When you add colors, it enhances the aesthetics of your commercial concrete surface. So, you do not have to spend on attractive decorative concrete materials to improve the aesthetics of your commercial surface. Colorful concrete surfaces can be a cheaper option instead of decorative concrete to make your commercial concrete look attractive.

Commercial concrete surfaces are quite popular options to choose from. The concrete surface can be both strong and attractive at the same time. If you wish to construct a concrete surface for your commercial space, get in touch with one of the experienced concrete companies in Edmonton. They will ensure that your concrete surface is well-designed and there are no mistakes made during the construction process.

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Prepare your Parking Lot for Spring

As the weather changes, the roads in parking lots are bound to experience changes too. Road construction companies in Edmonton advice that you start taking precautionary measures well in advance to avoid unwanted issues and problems with the roads on your premises. In fact, now that harsh winters are over, you can prepare your parking lot for spring and repair all the damages. This will ensure that your high quality parking lot lasts long. So, here we have listed a few tips that would help you in preparing your parking lots for spring.

Clean your Parking Lot

The first step towards safeguarding your parking lot is cleaning it. When cleaning your parking lot, you need to ensure that you clear the parking lot of all the snow and dust particles. If you live in an area where the snow storms take place, you need to ensure that you clear your parking lot of all the debris that might have arrived because of the storm. Fallen tree branches should also be taken care of to ensure that the parking lot is clear of all the obstructions that exist and make sure that your parking lot is neat and tidy.

Clear Storm Drains

During winters, it is a possibility that your parking lot drains can get clogged and would not allow effective drainage of accumulated water. When this happens, your paving is at the risk of getting damaged. The water accumulated on your parking lot can seep through the asphalt mixture of your parking lots’ surface and weaken its base. This can lead to cracks and eventually, they may expand and develop potholes. Accumulated water is not good for your parking lot, therefore, get rid of it as soon as you can and protect your parking lot from any possible damages by clearing the storm drains.

Opt for Seal Coating

Seal coating is done primarily to ensure that your parking lot is protected from minor damages and looks attractive. Snow and ice can have a significant impact on your parking lot. So, if your parking lot has developed cracks at multiple places, you can seal coat them. This will make your surface smooth.

Repair Potholes

If your parking lot has suffered damages and developed potholes, you should ensure that those potholes are repaired as soon as possible. Road construction companies in Edmonton can help you in repairing potholes with the help of proper materials and ensure that the parking lot remains in good condition for a long time.

As spring is here, there will be more people visiting your mall or commercial complex. With the number of visitors increasing, you surely want your parking lot in good condition. Therefore, if you wish to prepare your parking lot for spring, contact road construction companies in Edmonton as they can provide expert assistance in repairing your parking lots and driveways.

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Signs a Road Needs Removal and Replacement

Well maintained roads not only provide a smooth ride but also ensures that there are minimum accidents. When a road is not repaired or not in a proper state, it leads to unwanted accidents and severe damages to vehicles. In order to ensure that such incidents don’t occur, you need to check the condition of roads often. When you identify that your road is not in good condition, you can carry out repair works immediately to prevent it from deteriorating further. Apart from preventing accidents, it will reduce your repair expenses as well. To help you know if your road needs any rework, we’ve listed down a few signs that indicate your road needs repairs.


When your road develops potholes, you have to make sure that it is filled to prevent any accidents. If repairs are not conducted on time, the smooth flow of traffic is affected as well. In fact, unrepaired potholes can increase and thus, make it difficult for the traffic to move. Therefore, the moment there are several potholes, the road should either be repaired or removed and replaced completely.


If your road is not well designed, water can accumulate over it during monsoon for a longer time. The accumulated water can damage your asphalt road significantly. This is because the water loosens the mixture used for holding the road together. This loosening causes cracks to develop which eventually results in potholes. So, then if flooding roads or water accumulation is frequent, then your road needs to removed and designed properly. The new road design should be such that the water does not remain accumulated on the road and drains away quickly.


If a road develops too many cracks, it requires immediate repairs or replacement. There are several reasons that a road develops cracks. Some of the reasons include heavy vehicles passing through resulting in widening of the road and eventually cracking, leaking oils that weaken the mixture of the road, improper mixing during the construction of roads, etc. You can repair the cracks by seal coating the road, filling up cracks with chemical mixtures, or removing that part of the road altogether and replacing it with a better patch.


If a road experiences too many or frequent accidents, it might require replacement. Some of the reasons for accidents include steep turning curves and poor road designs. To avoid such accidents, you may have to replace a patch of road to ensure that there are minimal accidents. When you decide on replacing roads, the engineers and road construction companies may change the angle and elevation of the road and create a better road design that minimizes accidents.

Road safety is of utmost importance, and you should ensure that you pay attention to these road signs and make adjustments to the road to prevent any problem. If you need assistance in removing or replacing an existing road, then get in touch with one of the road construction companies in Edmonton.

Residential Sandblasting Services

Why is Sandblasting Used

Sandblasting is an abrasive cleaning process of propelling fine bits of materials at a high velocity to clean the surface of pavements or walls. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pavement and parking lot not only extend their life but also reduce the probability of accidents. An effective way of cleaning these surfaces is sandblasting. Let’s have a look at why sandblasting is used as a cleaning method in commercial and residential areas.

To Enhance the Appearance

Residential sandblasting services today is considered as a useful process because it is not only used to remove dust but also to prepare surfaces for high-performance coating. It is also used to restore residential and commercial properties back to their original state. Sandblasting is very useful when it comes to damage restoration.


Sandblasting is affordable. The process of sandblasting requires less equipment, and it is comparatively cheaper than other alternatives of cleaning. There is no additional cost incurred in the cleaning process, and so it is a cost-effective option to have clean surfaces.


Sandblasting is a versatile method that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can also be used as a technique for paint removal apart from cleaning and polishing the pavement. It not only polishes and refines the surface but also removes dirt and other contaminants. It can be a good way to clean large surfaces such as driveways and parking lots, and sometimes even for tables and countertops.

Quick Process

The process of residential sandblasting services isn’t overly strenuous or time-consuming. The process of sandblasting is speedy because dust particles can be removed easily with the help of a single machine hence, making the process a quick one. The clean up required after the process is quick and easy as well.


You can opt for eco-friendly sandblasting which does not have any harmful impact on the environment. Eco-friendly sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting. In this process, jet glass and asilit may be used to clean the surface. Since these elements can be reused, there is no wastage.

Sandblasting is a useful method for cleaning as well as paint removal. Moreover, it can be an economical and ideal process for cleaning your commercial or residential property. If you want to carry out this process to clean your pavement or walls, then you can contact a professional sandblasting service company who will do the work for you.

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Why Should You Maintain Your Concrete Pavement?

The pavement leading to and surrounding your house is often neglected when you think of home. However, it does make up an integral part of your house. Having a well-maintained pavement is not only aesthetically pleasing but also financially beneficial. Thus, you should watch out for the warning signs when your pavement needs attention, and take timely action to prevent major costs. Maintaining your concrete pavement in an ideal condition will give you the following benefits.


Performing minor, periodic check-ups and maintenance of your pavement will help in extending its life. Maintaining your concrete pavement by making small fixes whenever any minor cracks or other deformities appear, can help you save on major costs in the long term. For instance, filling up small cracks when they appear will save on costlier expenses when the cracks become wider with time.


Safety is another important issue that you should consider for having a well-maintained concrete pavement. Although the stretch of your pavement may be short, you may drive your vehicle over it multiple times every day. If you have a deformed pavement, driving over it regularly for a considerable period may cause damage to your vehicle.

If you have kids, any hard surface is potentially risky for them. Concrete pavements that are ill-maintained may gradually develop significant deformities over time and become extremely uneven. This may compromise the safety of the ones walking over them and cause injuries. Such surfaces are especially unsafe for kids, and the risk is greater if your kids ride bicycles or skates. Thus, maintaining your walkways and other concrete pavements are a priority to ensure safety for you and your family.


Having an aesthetically pleasing exterior for your house includes having a clean, blemish-free pavement. It is one of the first things people visiting your home notice, and it adds to the overall looks of your house. A well-maintained driveway that leads to an elegantly designed home accentuates the exterior and makes it visually appealing.

Maintaining your driveway can not only be rewarding during your stay but may also enhance the curb appeal of your house when you decide to sell it. Instead of spending heavily just before selling, you can make regular minor investments so that when it’s time to sell, your house can have more value and be easily sold than it would have with improper maintenance.

Maintenance of your concrete pavements need not be expensive and tiresome if you get started now with these simple tips to maintain your concrete pavement. Alternately, if you believe your concrete pavement needs renovating, make sure you consult all paving services in Edmonton to find the one that provides maximum durability, safety, economy, and aesthetics.

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Benefits Of Seal Coating Concrete

If you have a concrete driveway, or simply a concrete path, then you need to maintain it in order to improve its lifespan. As concrete is sturdy and capable of lasting for several years, experts opt to use this raw material for constructing roads and driveways. Even though concrete lasts long, it is susceptible to several factors that can damage it. Therefore, seal coating is done to protect concrete driveways from extreme weather conditions for a long period. To help you better understand how seal coating works, we have mentioned some of the benefits of seal coating in this article.

Saves Repair Cost

This is considered to be a major benefit of seal coating concrete. When you seal coat a concrete driveway or a patch of concrete, it helps in bringing that patch to its original state and prevents further damage. When this happens, the concrete driveway or pavement would not get damaged repeatedly and would not require frequent repairs. This, in turn, can save a hefty sum on repairs.

Enhances Appearance

When your driveway stays in the same condition for a longer period, it can end up looking rugged. When you opt for seal coating concrete, the sealant can improve the aesthetics of your driveway and make it look attractive. The aesthetics are improved as the sealants have multiple gloss levels and can provide a different finish to the concrete. This makes concrete more vibrant and gives a more appealing finish.

Repels Moisture

Moisture accumulation is one of the primary problems faced by concrete driveways. When a concrete driveway stores moisture for longer periods, it can develop cracks. These cracks can affect the life of a driveway. When you seal coat your concrete driveway, the sealant can repel the moisture, and the water gets evaporated immediately. This saves the driveway from unwanted damages and extensive repairs which affects the quality of the driveway.

Stain Resistance

If you wish to remove the stains that are on your concrete driveway or patio, you can immediately prefer a seal coating. Leaking oil and grease can leave stain marks on your driveway. If these stains are not cleared off your driveway, the chemicals can weaken the driveway and eventually damage it. Seal coating ensures that the stains are no longer visible on the concrete driveway. When the stains are removed from your concrete driveway, not only does it avoid damages but also looks great and increases the aesthetics of your driveway.

Even though concrete lasts long, it should be maintained at regular intervals to ensure that the driveway or patio stay attractive and have a longer lifespan. If you want to have seal coating on your concrete driveway, you can contact concrete finishing companies in Edmonton.

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Concrete Floors Pros And Cons

Concrete is known for its style, strength, and stability. Concrete floors come in a variety of styles like acid stained, knockdown, and stamped overlay. Such floors give an ordinary pavement a complete makeover and transform them into a new space without the need to replace them. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of concrete floors before you decide to install.

Pros of Concrete Floor

1. Variety

There are three most popular kinds of concrete floors available in the market. They are acid stained, stamped and polished. Acid stained concrete is a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salt. Stamped concrete, on the other hand, is textured to resemble bricks, stones, tiles, etc. It is pushed into the concrete and removed later to leave behind a stamp pattern. Polished concrete is processed through a series of polishing and grinding steps and they are fire resistant. They are hard and durable.

2. Durability

Concrete floors are both durable and strong, and they can withstand the pressure of heavy traffic. So, you can be assured that they will be in good condition for a long period.

3. Affordability and Low maintenance

It is one of the significant benefits of concrete floors. It doesn’t require frequent replacement or repair which in turn saves you money. It also does not need any additional floor covering. Hence, it reduces your expenses and is cost-effective.

4. Recyclable

Concrete floors are recyclable. There is a process of recycling which involves grinding and breaking down of its materials for reuse in the future. These recyclable materials can be used for other commercial purposes as well. So, having concrete floors is environment-friendly.

Cons of Concrete Floor

1. Comfort

Though concrete floors can be durable, it is hard underfoot and can be uncomfortable to stand on for extended periods. Also, if you live in a cold area, it can be even uncomfortable to walk on.

2. Mold and Mildew

The concrete floor tends to absorb moisture which can result in mold and mildew. You can consider proper sealing of the concrete floor to prevent damp and damage to the floor surface on account of moisture.

3. Difficult to Clean

Acidic or caustic cleaners like bleaching powder and acidic detergents can etch the surface over time and makes the floor ’s finishings dull. If you have potted plants, then they will leave a white mineral deposit which will permanently discolor the surface. Plant fertilizers also have potential to cause discoloration. Even if you repair your concrete floor through patchwork, it will make your floor look bad.

Concrete flooring can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. Before you choose concrete flooring, make sure to consider factors such as temperature, space, cost, etc. To know more about concrete floors, contact a professional concrete finishing company who can guide you to select a perfect design and also construct the concrete floors for you.