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5 Commercial Pavement Sandblasting Mistakes

Sandblasting commercial pavements is one of the much-needed pavement services that every commercial property owner must consider from time to time. If you need to clean your pavement quickly and efficiently, or wish to remove the existing pavement paint, sandblasting is one the best ways. However, many people make numerous sandblasting mistakes which can cost them losses and property damages worth dollars. Listed below are some of the common mistakes.

1) Not Being Prepared

Sandblasting is a vigorous process of cleaning pavements. In order to carry out the procedure, one needs to prepare well before getting started. Several mishaps or inconveniences can take place during the sandblasting process. Not wearing safety gears is a serious mistake several workers and novices do. Covering every part of the body and using right eye gears, gloves, aprons, ear and mouth protection, etc. are necessary precautions you must take to remain safe.

2) Not Considering the Aftereffects

Apart from the concerns, one must also be prepared for other problems caused during and after the sandblasting is done. The first thing one needs to do is be prepared for the loud noise. A lot of high-frequency noise is created when the process takes place. It’s best to carry out the process when the commercial lot is unoccupied, or people must wear appropriate gears to cover their ears. Another thing that people on the commercial lot need to be prepared for is dealing with the mess created post the sandblasting process. So before you start, make sure you have enough brooms and other dust-removal materials.

3) Using Wrong Type of Particles

Varied blasting materials are available in the market, and selection of the wrong materials can only ruin your commercial pavement further. For asphalt and concrete pavements, traditional, fine sand is perfect. But make sure there aren’t any small rocks or other debris that can damage your pavement. If you have a pool of calcium deposits, fungus and mold on the pavement or in the crevices, glass bead blasting can be the ideal option for you. Organic blasting materials, such as finely crushed shells or baking soda, are also considered to be some of the best options for cleaning softer surfaces.

4) Using a Small Blaster

When managed on your own or asking the caretaker of your property to sandblast, you won’t have a huge range of products available for commercial sandblasting. And most of the options available are very small. While using a small unit may seem like a good idea, it’s actually better to choose a mid-range blaster. Smaller blasters often require starting and stopping much more frequently. They need to cycle more often than larger blasters, taking up more time. This can be a major concern when you have a large commercial pavement to sandblast.

5) Trying DIY

Sandblasting is a big project, and is best done by professionals. The process can be very dangerous and has the potential to damage your commercial pavement and property. Unless you don’t have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, avoid taking up the task of sandblasting in your own hands. Don’t let your gardeners or caretakers of your commercial property do the same if they also lack the expertise. It’s better to hire sandblasting professionals who have complete knowledge about the process and have the specific tools and equipment to carry out the procedure.

Another mistake that most people do is hire an inexperienced worker for their commercial pavement sandblasting project. Hiring a worker without an appropriate level of experience is almost as bad as DIY sandblasting. They may fail to tackle the serious situations and end up making them worse. Therefore, look for proficient sandblasters in your area who provide quality and complete commercial pavement services.

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5 Errors You Should Avoid In Asphalt Paving

There are several reasons why we love asphalt paving. One of them is its cost-effectiveness. However, in order to ensure your investment in asphalt paving is cost-effective, you need to be careful when constructing it. When paving an asphalt driveway, be it for a commercial or residential purpose, there are several mistakes that can affect the lifespan of the paving. As a result, you will have to carry out multiple repairs which will only increase your expense of maintaining it. Therefore, before you start with your asphalt paving, here are 5 errors you should be aware of.

Wrong Choice of Raw Material

You need to choose the right raw material when you opt for constructing your asphalt paving. When choosing the raw material, you need to consider the weather conditions, the number of vehicles that will pass through, and other external elements. If you don’t select the right raw material, you might end up with weak paving that may require repeated repairs. It is also important that you don’t compromise on the quality of your paving by selecting low priced materials. Make sure you choose the right asphalt mix for constructing your asphalt paving. High-quality asphalt is the best and allows the driveway to stay in good condition for a longer period.

Lack of Skilled Labor

Apart from raw materials, you also need to have the right laborers for construction purpose. When you have inexperienced laborers, they tend to make some mistakes. These mistakes can result in a weak driveway that may require repeated repairs. An experienced professional follows the proper steps involved in the process of construction and helps in developing a good asphalt driveway that lasts long. Therefore, make certain you have skilled and experienced laborers to do the work for you.

Irregular Construction Speed

When paving asphalt, do not try to complete the construction process in quick time. If you try to finish the construction process in less time, then you are bound to make some mistakes. As a result, your paving may not be constructed properly, and it may get damaged within a short period. Therefore, make sure you take sufficient time to plan and execute the entire project. Understand the structure of your landscape and accordingly come up with a proper plan regarding the type of materials needed and the necessary adjustments that need to be done before you begin the construction process.

Improper Planning

As mentioned in the previous point, you need to plan properly. In the planning phase, you need to pay attention to minute details such as removing any plants or vegetations, rocks, etc. that are on your desired path. If you fail to have a proper plan, it may lead to unwanted hurdles during the construction process.

You will have to consider several other things when constructing an asphalt paving such as how you want to design your driveway, the elevation of your driveway, etc. If you want to have a smooth construction process of your asphalt paving, you can contact one of the asphalt companies in Edmonton to assist in constructing your driveway. A professional company will see to it that your asphalt paving is constructed well and lasts for a good number of years.

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How To Recolor Faded Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is being considered by a majority of people for the different types of patterns and textures they add to the property. Stamped concrete is basically concrete that is stamped to create textures on them. For this design factor, decorative stamped concrete is commonly used for interior flooring, sidewalks, and patios. Just like concrete, stamped concrete is also prone to general wear and tear. According to stamped concrete companies in Edmonton, the most common problem noticed in stamped concrete is the dullness and fadedness that happens in the long run. However, there is a solution to it. You can easily recolor them for a new look. Here is how you can do that.

Clean the Stamped Concrete

The very first step in repainting your stamped concrete is to clean it thoroughly. Keeping your stamped concrete clean is necessary, especially if it is outdoors. This is because the accumulation of debris and dried leaves can cause stains and lead to discoloration. You might be cleaning your stamped concrete regularly. However, that one thorough wash before repainting is necessary. Cleaning before repainting will clear out minute debris that could get stuck to the surface if painted on.

Reseal the Stamped Concrete

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the surface of your stamped concrete, take a close look at it. Check if there are any damages such as cracks or holes. Also, check if it absorbs water as it could be a sign of damage. After identifying these problems, fix the cracks and reseal your stamped concrete.

Re-stain the Stamped Concrete

Once the stamped concrete is cleaned, checked for damages and resealed, it is time to apply a new coat of paint to bring the old shine back. Generally, the paint fades due to the harsh sunlight. However, the stamped concrete used indoor also loses its color eventually. To bring back the old shine, simply re-stain the stamped concrete with a coat of the current color. You could also try and change the look of your stamped concrete by using some different colors or a few different shades of the same color.

By following these simple steps, you can easily recolor your stamped concrete. To maintain your stained stamped concrete, do not forget to clean it well and repair the damages well before you re-stain it as these damages can make your stamped concrete weak. If you need assistance in re-staining your stamped concrete hire a professional stamped concrete firm in Edmonton.

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How To Repair Asphalt Cracks And Potholes

Usually, asphalt driveways can last for more than two decades if they are maintained properly. Over time, an asphalt driveway can develop problems such as cracks, potholes, broken patches, etc. and this is when you need to minimize the damages by carrying out repair works. You should check for signs that indicate if your asphalt needs repairs or reconstruction. There are several reasons for a damaged asphalt driveway such as extreme weather conditions or wear and tear due to the frequent use of the driveway. So, if your asphalt driveway has suffered damages over time, then here is how you can fix your asphalt driveway.

Repairing Asphalt Cracks

Before initiating the repairs, you should always check for weather conditions. Note that a sunny day is the best for repairing a driveway. Here is how you can repair cracks in an asphalt driveway:

  1. Buy a melt-in filler from a local asphalt services company.

  2. Clean the driveway properly before you begin the repairing process.

  3. After cleaning the driveway, prepare the mixture according to the instructions on the cover.

  4. After preparing the mixture, insert the mixture deep into the cracks.

  5. Post-filling the cracks, you would require a small flamethrower to melt the mixture added in the cracks.

  6. Direct the flamethrower in such a way that it is concentrated only on the material.

  7. Once you complete the process of melting the material, allow it to dry for half an hour.

  8. After the crack material dries, you have to apply a bead trowel patch to strengthen the patch.

  9. Allow it to dry overnight.

  10. The driveway is now ready to use.

Repairing Asphalt Potholes

Potholes are inevitable when the driveway is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Repairing asphalt potholes is quick and easy. Here is how you can fix asphalt potholes:

  1. You need to have an asphalt emulsion repair compound.

  2. Similar to the filling the cracks process, before repairing the driveway, ensure that it is properly cleaned and free of debris and dirt.

  3. After cleaning the driveway, open the packet which has the compound mixture.

  4. Pour the mixture onto the cracked asphalt area and compact it in such a way that it becomes uniform and flat.

  5. You can compact the mixture with a tamping tool or a shovel.

  6. Allow the compact to dry for a few hours.

Maintaining an asphalt driveway is vital as it improves the aesthetics of your driveway and helps it to last long. If you don’t prefer repairing your driveway by yourself, you can contact a construction company that specializes in providing asphalt driveway repair services in Edmonton.

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4 Things You Must Consider Before Constructing Your Driveway

Do you wish to rebuild your old driveway or construct a new one? If yes, we are the ones that can help you in doing so. Constructing a driveway requires a proper flow of operations. You need to pay attention to every step in the construction process. Paying attention to every detail is essential as one single mistake can affect the foundation of the driveway. In fact, errors can potentially decrease the lifespan of a driveway. Here are 4 things that you must know before you construct a driveway.


When you intend to construct a driveway outside your house, there are several things that you need to consider. The first and foremost thing is to fix a budget. There are several factors that can affect your budget. These factors include the cost of raw materials, equipment, and the cost of labor, the length of your driveway, etc. Creating a proper estimate of the budget helps in determining the exact cost of constructing your driveway.

Raw Material

Concrete and asphalt are two primary raw materials involved in constructing a driveway. While choosing the right raw material, you should also take note of the weather conditions in your area. If the temperature reaches high levels, asphalt can crack while concrete can withstand higher temperature. However, concrete and asphalt can be damaged when exposed to lower temperatures. Therefore, you need to carry out proper maintenance to prevent your driveway getting damaged.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Before you initiate constructing your driveway, you have to consider the design of the driveway. Designing your driveway consists of several aspects. You can decide if you want to elevate your driveway so that water does not accumulate over it. When water remains on a driveway for too long, it can affect the driveway, and so, it may require constant repairs to maintain it in good condition. You can also decide on the type of driveway you want to have based on the materials to make your driveway look attractive. For instance, you can choose to have stamped concrete on your driveway to make it look attractive.

Frequency of Vehicles

Now you need to decide on the thickness of the driveway. The thickness of the driveway can be estimated from the number and weight of the vehicles that would use the driveway. Forming a suitably thick driveway is crucial as it can efficiently manage heavy vehicles. Knowing the size of your vehicles can also assist in estimating the width of your driveway.

Constructing a driveway can not only improve the aesthetics of your house but also allows your vehicles to go smoothly on it. If you want to construct a driveway, then contact a local construction company in Edmonton to design a perfect driveway for you based on your needs.

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Is Your Asphalt Pavement Ready For Spring?

It’s that time of the year when the weather changes and spring arrives. This change in weather means it’s time to look around you for what needs to be repaired and prepared for the season of spring. One such thing to pay attention to is your asphalt pavement. According to pavement companies in Edmonton, changing weather and temperatures can affect your asphalt pavement. So is your asphalt pavement ready for this spring? If not, then here are some tips to help you make it ready.

Inspect the Pavement

The onset of spring will melt the ice and leave your pavement clear. The very first thing to do is to scan your pavement thoroughly. Look for the visible signs of damage. Also, check for the strength of your pavement. Look for the potholes if any. Make a note of each and every damage that you see.

Repair the Damage

Once you are aware of the damages on your pavement, it’s time to repair those damages. First, prioritize the task of sealing the cracks that have formed on your asphalt pavement. If you do not seal the cracks, they will let water seep into the base of your pavement and make it weak. Potholes have the potential to cause accidents on your pavement. To avoid accidents, you need to fill up the potholes.

Consider Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a thin liquid that is evenly applied on an asphalt pavement. Sealcoating prevents your pavement from getting damaged due to harsh sunlight, water, ice, oil, salt and any other chemical substance. For this reason, you should get your asphalt pavement seal coated once in every three years to elongate its life.

Repaint the Faded Paint

Irrespective of the quality of paint you use, it will fade over time. And when the paint is used for outdoor purposes like pavements, the chances of it fading is even higher. For an asphalt pavement, you might have old faded parking lines and stripes painted. Repaint them and make your pavement looks new again. It will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pavement but also ensure you are complying as per the local zoning regulations.

With these small changes, you can make your asphalt pavement new and ready for spring. Apart from being ready for spring, this restoration will also enhance the existing strength of your asphalt pavement. So go ahead and make your pavement ready for the spring and if you need help with the seal coating and repairs, reach out to one of the finest pavement companies in Edmonton.

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Can I Sandblast Wood Exterior On My Home?

Sandblasting consists of using enormous pressure against a surface to smoothen or roughen it. It has numerous industrial applications that help companies in construction and renovation projects. This method is used to get rid of the contaminators or paint on the surface. Even though a sandblasting operation is similar to your requirement, you may want to know whether if you can use it on your wooden exterior or not. Let’s take a look at what is sandblasting and what would happen if you sandblast the wood exterior of your home.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of using a mixture of sand and air and projecting them through a nozzle at high speeds onto the surface. This process is similar to the use of sandpaper, but sandblasting is much more efficient at the corners and assists in providing a finished look. One of the primary applications of sandblasting includes using sandblasting to remove paint and rust from surfaces. Small parts such as nails and bolts are also subjected to sandblasting for proper shaping.

Sandblasting Wood Exterior

Sandblasting is a procedure wherein sand granules are propelled, at tremendously high speeds, onto the surface, doing the same on a wooden surface can eventually result in the wood exterior of your home becoming rough. Even if you succeed in removing the paint from your wooden exterior, the surface becomes such that the new paint job wouldn’t last long. This results in you having to repeatedly spend out money for newer paint job after every few years. As sandblasting the wooden exterior of your home is expensive and can result in substantial damages, commercial sandblasting companies suggest that you opt for another solution for removing the coat of paint from your wood exterior.

These other methods include using sandpaper to remove the paint from your wooden exterior. The sandpaper can effectively remove the paint from a wood surface without damaging the material. An electric sander can also assist you to remove the paint from a wooden surface. An electric sander can help you remove the paint with minimal damage and is much quicker than using sandpaper. A heat gun is also beneficial when you want to remove the paint from a wooden surface. You can project the heat gun onto the wooden surface to remove the paint.

These are some of the steps which can help you to remove paint from a wooden surface. You can also contact a painting company in your vicinity that can assist you in removing old paint and maintaining a new paint job. These companies can also advise you about what are the advantages of sandblasting.

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How Long Do You Wait To Walk On Stamped Concrete?

Have you created a stamped concrete walkway and are waiting to use it? If yes, you may have to wait a while before you can walk on it. Stamped concrete consists of designs embossed on the concrete. Stamped concrete companies have quite a few suggestions on protecting your walkway from external damages and maintaining stamped concrete. As stamped concrete consists of different phases of construction and different types of stamped material is required, let’s take a look at how it is constructed before you start walking on it.

Constructing A Stamped Concrete Walkway:

Here are the steps included in the construction of a stamped concrete walkway:

  1. Preparation of the subgrade and laying the foundation of the walkway.
  2. Upon preparing the subgrade, reinforcements are installed to support the formation.
  3. These reinforcements are primarily applicable to increase the structural capacity.
  4. After placing reinforcements, concrete is laid down on the area.
  5. Flattening is an essential aspect of finishing the construction.
  6. Once the area is flattened, the stamped concrete is then colored to give an attractive look.
  7. The stamping then takes place. The concrete has to be stamped properly to keep up with the predetermined design and move along with the mapped markings.
  8. Once the stamping is complete, you can then conclude by treating stamped concrete to protect the work eventually.

Protecting The Stamped Concrete

If the stamped concrete driveway gets exposed to unexpected weather conditions, the entire stamped concrete walkway can get destroyed. There are several ways of protecting a stamped concrete walkway from water and other weather conditions. You can consider covering the constructed stamped concrete walkway with a plastic sheet to avoid water from seeping inside.

Birds are also a factor that you need to consider when it comes to protecting your stamped concrete. If a bird litters or simply stands on wet stamped concrete, the entire design can be affected. For such reasons, you must consider using a cover that is capable of preventing birds from damaging the stamped concrete walkway.

Concluding on when you can start walking on the stamped concrete is that it can take some time from three to four days. You can contact a stamped concrete company in your vicinity that will help you to construct a stamped concrete walkways. They can give you advice on maintaining your stamped concrete.