Construction Project Planning Steps

Planning A Construction Project: Things You Need To Know

A goal without a plan is just a wish. This holds especially true while undertaking the planning and scheduling of a big construction project. This is because a construction project is a big endeavor for every homeowner and lack of sound planning can also lead to its complete failure.

And, though it may seem like a good idea to dive straight into the work and plan out the rest of the details as and when needed, but coming up with a solid plan is crucial to ensure your project gets completed on time. It is also important to have a clear understanding of how you want the end work to look and function. This is why it’s important to have the specifics of your project ironed out with the help of a contractor. The time you invest in pre-planning also helps you save a lot of time, labor and money.

Consider these construction project planning steps to make your project obstacle-free:

1) Look out for a Professional

Consulting a professional contractor helps you solve a myriad of problems like dealing with the on-site workers, organizing your insurance liability as well as developing an efficient and organized plan and its timely execution. An experienced contractor not only helps your form a coherent construction plan but also ensures the plan is executed perfectly with accurate results. Hence, it is important to pick one ideal for the designated task.

Blacktop Paving offers you the services of expert contractors at affordable prices that help you plan and execute your project promptly. Consult our paving experts to begin your project today.

2) Collaborate with a Team

It is crucial to collaborate with a team which has a unique and balanced set of skills and expertise. Having individual representatives from the different departments of your construction project can help you grasp a realistic approach to what needs to be done. Having a reliable team of experienced contractors also ensures your work completed within the estimated time. You can contact our team of contractors to help you with the same.

3) Make a Schedule

Making a schedule to make sure you achieve completion within your required time is one of the most vital construction planning steps. This is because, once you set a reasonable target for your construction project, you can easily determine the amount of resources and labor required to complete the task. It also helps you manage your construction project seamlessly. You can also contact a professional contract to help you with the scheduling.

4) Protect your Driveway

To make sure your driveway isn’t adversely affected due to the construction, include a maintenance check in your construction schedule and ask your contractor to take steps to protect the pavement. Contact our contractors to look after your driveway and get a thorough maintenance after the construction.

5) Consider Additional Plans

In addition to the construction plans, do not overlook these important fixtures for your home:

  • Electrical plans – It includes the distribution of electrical supply of your house.

  • Mechanical plans – Consists the design of various mechanical systems in your house.

  • Architectural plans – This represents the layout of your entire project like floor plans, elevations, architectural finishes and so forth.

Keeps these construction project planning steps in mind to make your project worth it. Our expert contractors help you accommodate all your needs with our high-quality services and ensure successful completion of your project.


Why Is Decorative Concrete A Good Idea?

Decorative concrete is a use of concrete to enhance the aesthetic features of a structure. Apart from serving the functions of a normal concrete, it provides an artistic touch. It is a modification of simple concrete by use of different materials to beautify the flooring. Decorative concrete coatings transform the dull gray slab of concrete to add a touch of style and extend the life of your flooring. It has gained wide popularity because of its decorative features as well as the benefits that it has. Here is a list of reasons why decorative concrete is a good idea for you.

Enhances Aesthetics

Decorative concrete enhances the exteriors, whether it be your house or commercial outlet. The gray slab of cement is transformed into a beautiful creation by a decorative coating. Therefore, there is no need to cover it up with ornamental tiles, linoleums, carpets or wooden flooring. Instead you can mimic certain designs like wood, slate, brick or different hues by choosing from different materials and designs it offers.

Limitless Design Options

Decorative concrete is a creative option as it offers design flexibility that you cannot find with other floor finishes. Several designs can be applied by using a variety of methods including stamped concrete, acid-etched, polished look, dyes or all-over stain. With limitless design options, advances in concrete mixing and setting, you can get any color and texture of your choice. It also fits any style and decor, and you can choose the look making it a completely customizable option.

Long Lasting 

Many floor finishes like vinyl or hardwood floors are prone to damage due to physical impact as well as environmental factors. Decorative concrete, on the other hand, is strong and durable and does not wear down easily. Its resistance to physical impact makes it a long lasting option. You can also choose from several acrylics and epoxy coatings that seal your decorative flooring to prevent them from water, wind and chemical damage. Decorative concrete will save your time and money because of its durability.

Low Maintenance

Apart from being durable and resistant to damage, they are easy to clean and maintain. There is no requirement for regular polishing or coating; stains can be simply cleaned with soap and water. These properties of a decorative concrete save a lot of your time and money on regular maintenance and repairs.


You can get decorative concrete flooring for your home or business for a low cost. They are inexpensive to install and durable to most damages. The low maintenance and low-cost requirement make decorative concrete an affordable flooring solution.

Decorative concrete will protect as well as beautify concrete surfaces, enhancing the aesthetics of your home. The plethora of benefits that come with a decorative concrete will save your valuable time and money. A paving company can guide you with decorative concrete and help you make a wise investment.

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Kingsway Mall’s Parking Mall

Expanding Kingsway Mall’s Parking Mall

The Kingsway Mall is one of the oldest malls in Edmonton. With over 180 stores, located in the center of the city and a heritage brand, it’s no surprise that the Kingsway Mall is a favored destination for many Edmontonians. Due to its age, the Kingsway Mall regularly requires renovation and upgrades.

The mall receives a large footfall number daily which is only set to increase. Along with the growing footfalls, there is also an increase in the number of vehicles coming to the mall. Hence, to increase the parking space, Kingsway Mall decided it expand its parking space. It planned to do so by removing a bus stop and turning it into a usable parking lot.

That’s where the Blacktop Paving team came in.

Fighting the Climate  

We were awarded this contract in October. October is the end of the paving and construction season and we usually try to wrap up any project. With the short days, few hours of light and cold temperatures setting in, we had only a few hours to work every day. This greatly impacted our work schedule and resulted in a very tight and close work timetable.

Closing the Street

To get started on the parking lot, the 106 Street heading south had to be closed down. This brought in complications.

  • We had to get an On-Street Construction and Maintenance (OSCAM) permit from the City of Edmonton to close the street. The City officials were quite helpful and this was done easily.

  • Correct road signs had to be setup to ensure that the traffic was unhindered and kept flowing.

The Work 

We just didn’t have to remove the bus stop, the base lacked quality which needed to be taken care of. A backhoe and trackhoe were called in to break through asphalt and concrete ground and to haul the material to a recycling facility.

Because the current asphalt and concrete ground were of poor quality, additional time was set aside to stabilize the base to meet our necessary standard.

We completed the project on time for the Kingsway Mall visitors to park their vehicles during winter. If you’re visiting the Kingsway Mall, keep your car safe on a parking lot made by us.


5 Steps For Edmonton Driveway Paving

Asphalt driveways are prone to degradation over-time due to several reasons such as weather changes and traffic pressure. Being reliable, durable and low maintenance, asphalt pavement is a substantial investment so choosing the right Edmonton Driveway Paving contractor is essential. The process of driveway paving requires the right materials, heavy equipment as well as experience and skill. The whole process has a series of steps that leads to successful driveway paving. Therefore, you must make sure that these are a vital part of the contract.

  1. Removal of the Current Surface

Paving an asphalt structure on top of the damaged driveway causes the new pavement to crack easily. The contractor will first evaluate the driveway, and then dig out the unusable base. This may involve removing loose gravels, stumps, clay, and other soft material. This is an essential step, because if there is cracking in the asphalt, it will easily move upwards to the new pavement within a short period. To allow correction of sub base, removal of the current surface is vital.

  1. Grade the Subsoil

Grading is necessary to let the water run off your pavement in order to prevent a collapsed driveway. The contractor will grade the subsoil so that water runs down towards the road and also sideways away from your house. The contractor will then compact the base soil by running a drum roller over it. This helps in removing dirt to prevent any damage in future.

  1. Crushed Rock

The next step is to add crushed rock. The contractor will use coarse and sharp rocks that compact well to allow for proper drainage. The thickness of this layer varies depending on your subsoil. If your underlying soil is clay based, then you will need a huge amount of crushed rocks to get the solid base for a driveway. After this, the contractor compacts the crushed rock layer and usually gives it a week’s time to settle.

  1. Lay the Asphalt

The type, size and thickness of the asphalt needed will be specified, depending on the surface as well as the environment in the area. Usually, the best layer thickness is 2 to 3 inches. The hot mix asphalt is then layered on the driveway.

  1. Compacting and Finishing

After the asphalt is spread, the compacting process begins. It is advisable to do it on a sunny day as it makes the task easier and the asphalt cures better. The edge treatment commences after compacting. The edges should be hand tamped at 45-degree angle. It keeps the edges from eroding and strengthens your driveway. On completion of the whole process, your driveway gives you the rich, black look you want.

There are a number of ways contractors can cheat you with shortcuts on your driveway. It is essential you wisely choose the right service for your driveway paving. Check for their reputation, take referrals and ask questions. Choose the right Edmonton Driveway Paving service for your asphalt installation.

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3 Materials For Your Acreage Driveway Paving

Having a private farmland of your own? Well, you want to be able to drive through your property easily. Unless, you have a four-wheel drive Humvee, you want to have a road that makes your property accessible. So, regardless of if you have a car, a pickup truck or an SUV, you want to have a driveway on your acreage property. Not only does it simply ensure that you can drive easy, it also prevents your vehicle from breaking down.

So, when you decide to build a driveway on your acreage property, you have three types of materials to pick from. Which you one pick will directly relate to your budget and the quality you want.

Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways are the easiest and quickest to construct. Gravel driveways are made of loose rock and crushed concrete. Acreage driveways that expand across large properties can become quite expensive for the property owner. However, because of the cheap materials required to make a gravel driveway, it is a cost-effective option.

The biggest disadvantage of a gravel acreage driveway is snow removal. Because a gravel driveway does not have a permanently solid surface, getting rid of ice and snow can be difficult without damaging the driveway itself. You’d have to heavily depend on salt as your only means to prevent snow from turning into ice.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is one of the most durable materials in the world, so having a concrete driveway gives you access to a long-lasting driveway. A well-maintained driveway can easily last for 20 to 30 years. This also means that you have low-maintenance costs as cracks and potholes don’t occur easily. Additionally, unlike gravel or asphalt driveway options, a concrete driveway has a number of color options that you can pick from.

Concrete’s durability also works against it. If a crack or a pothole occurs on your concrete driveway, there is no patch to fix it. That section of the driveway will have to be broken down and be built again. However, the good news is that cracks and potholes don’t occur easily.

Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways are a middle ground between gravel and concrete driveways. It’s affordable, yet high in quality. Building and installing an asphalt driveway can be done relatively quickly. This is because asphalt is an oil-based product that can be molded as required. Furthermore, asphalt is flexible during winters when snowfall is heavy.

The downside to an asphalt driveway is that it requires regular maintenance. Cracks and holes will occur, which need to be repaired immediately. The good news is that repairing and maintaining your driveway is easy. The materials are easily available and you can repair the asphalt driveway on your own.

These are the three driveway materials you have to pick from when building your acreage driveway. It’s best you not only consult with professional pavers, but also have professional paver build your acreage driveway.


4 Things to Avoid In Your School Parking Lot

A high school parking lot is usually an occupied and a busy place especially, during the morning and afternoon hours. Due to this increase in traffic, your high school parking lot is subject to damage. As a result, you should have school parking lot maintenance work carried out by a professional paving service in Edmonton. The school parking lot maintenance would aid in a smooth flow of traffic and ensure the safety of your students. A poor parking lot is dangerous and so here are a few things that you should avoid in your parking lot.

1. Potholes

Potholes are formed due to the expansion and contraction of the water that seeps into the pavement. If you find some potholes, it is better to fix the potholes quickly. Potholes can cause some dangerous fall accidents and so it is the school’s responsibility to provide pothole-free parking lots. Therefore, potholes are the first thing that you should avoid in your parking lot.

2. Cracks

If the parking lot road has aged or is not constructed properly, then it develops cracks. Minor cracks do not seem to be a major issue initially, but as they widen it becomes a problem. Additionally, if the water seeps through these cracks, they can widen to such an extent that it becomes difficult to use the road. To avoid such a situation, you should fix the cracks either by crack filling or crack sealing method.

3. Faulty Pedestrian Sidewalks

It’s not just the parking lot roads for vehicles but also the sidewalks for the pedestrians that is equally important. The pedestrian sidewalks should be maintained well. A faulty or no sidewalk would make the people walk along the parking road itself. This can be dangerous if they get hit by moving vehicles. Moreover, the pedestrians would walk all around in an unorganized manner if the sidewalk is in bad shape to use. As a result, it obstructs the flow of traffic. Hence, if your sidewalks have been damaged, get in touch with a professional paver in Edmonton to repair it properly.

4. Faulty Parking Lot Stripes and Directions

Your parking lot stripes make sure that the vehicles are parked in an organized manner. Over a period of time, the stripes can fade away and it becomes difficult to park the vehicles in the right manner. This can lead to confusion and lack of parking space too for the other vehicles. What’s more is that it affects the smooth flow of traffic on the main road of the parking lot.

Also, if there is a lack of directions to guide the driver to the entry and exit points,, it would lead to chaos. The driver would move into some other lane and this would again lead to chaos and confusion. Therefore, to avoid all the chaos, it is recommended that you call in a professional paver to apply the correct markings and directions for your parking lot.

Now that you are aware of what things you should avoid in your high school parking lot, make sure that you follow them. Do not ignore school parking lot maintenance work, as it could cost you a huge sum of money when the parking lot deteriorates further. Also, a well-maintained parking lot adds to the overall look of the infrastructure and increases the life of your high school parking lot. Get in touch with a paving service in Edmonton to make a smooth, chaos-free and a safe high school parking lot.

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What’s Wearing Down Your Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt pavement is usually known for its strength and durability. That is why it is one of the most used materials when it comes to pavement application. Overtime, your asphalt pavement will wear down and cause pavement problems. Here are some of the factors responsible for the deterioration of asphalt pavement.


Low quality asphalt is vulnerable to oxidation from the weather. This leads to deterioration of the asphalt pavement. Oxidation takes place when the oxygen in the air or water chemically affects the asphalt. As a result, the asphalt breaks down. Moreover, the UV rays from sun further damage the asphalt and make it brittle. Therefore, it is recommended that you have good quality asphalt for your pavement from expert asphalt pavers in Edmonton.

Ineffective Drainage

Most asphalt pavers in Edmonton would tell you that water is one of the main reasons for deterioration of asphalt pavement. Over a period of time, the asphalt develops small cracks if it is not maintained well. The water, then, seeps through these cracks and washes the base of the asphalt pavement. This eventually makes the pavement surface crack and breakdown. Therefore, it is important to have a good  drainage system where the water does not accumulate and dries quickly.

Insufficient Compacted Base

Another reason for the deterioration of asphalt pavement is an insufficient or improperly compacted base below the asphalt. Due to this, the asphalt is not strong enough to hold the pavement structure together, leading to pavement problems. Moreover, under or over compaction of asphalt base affects the life of pavement surfaces.

Improper Temperature of Asphalt

The hot mixed asphalt temperature is critical in order to obtain the right compaction and increases the longevity of pavement surfaces. The improper temperature of asphalt will result due to the following reasons.

  • atmospheric temperature of the construction site

  • base temperature

  • the time taken between the creation of hot mixed asphalt and using it at the construction site

  • velocity of the wind (the higher the velocity, the more quickly the asphalt mixture cools down)

  • seasonal changes (extreme cold or hot weather conditions)

Consider all these factors before going ahead with constructing your pavement surfaces. Take the help of expert asphalt pavers in Edmonton who will do the work for you in a much easier and effective manner. Moreover, if there are any problems in your pavement surfaces, call a professional asphalt paver before the condition worsens even more. Want to have long lasting residential or commercial asphalts? Then get it maintained by professional asphalt pavers in Edmonton.

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Prevent Potholes During Winters

Potholes are a common sight on roads. They are depressions on the pavement surface. Several reasons such as water, freezing, excessive heat, and wear and tear are causes of potholes. In spite of regular inspections, potholes can develop daily.

During winter, water beneath the asphalt surface freezes and thaws. This freeze-thaw cycle makes the surface unstable, resulting in cracks. This cycle gradually leads to gaps between surfaces, leading to the development of potholes. It is difficult to make permanent repairs during winters. Generally, a temporary method is used by adding cold mix asphalt to fill the potholes and cracks.

 We cannot ignore potholes but we can try to prevent them by taking certain measures:

Regular Inspection

Timely inspection of roads can help reduce potholes. Defects such as alligator cracking; which are characterized by a lot of cracks and holes, depressions, aging of the road, are signs that  foretell pothole formation. Getting them inspected and repaired can help prevent potholes. If you want to avoid potholes, repair your road before winter approaches.

It is a good idea to get roads repaired before winter approaches. This will strengthen your roads, prevent any further asphalt degradation, and minimize pothole formation.

Snow Removal

During colder months, freezing above and below the surface of asphalt leads to pothole formation. The repetitive freeze-thaw cycle widens the cracks on the road resulting in big potholes. The traffic on the roads does further damage. Regular snow removal can help minimize the effect and reduce potholes. You can identify potholes once snow is removed and temporarily fix it.

Improved Drainage System

A poor drainage system contributes to pothole formation. Water flows through sides and cracks underneath the surface and weakens it. This results in potholes. Maintenance of drainage includes clearing debris and foliage from ditches, culverts or drains, and underdrains along shoulders. A good drainage system ensures that a less amount of water on the road, reducing potholes.

Seal the Cracks

Cracks let water enter the layers below the asphalt surface. As traffic hits the road and passes over these cracks, it weakens the surface allowing more water to enter and freeze beneath. This eventually leads to potholes. Sealing the cracks is a preventive measure to avoid pothole formation. Cold mix asphalt is used as a temporary method of sealing cracks in winters.

Scheduled Maintenance

To prevent potholes, it is best to have maintenance at regular intervals. Potholes can be dangerous. If not repaired, it can lead to fatal accidents. You cannot expect your roads to be strong forever. With time, traffic pressure and weather temperatures roads eventually start to age. Maintenance will ensure long-term strength of roads. The strengthened surface will prevent potholes from forming in spite of traffic and temperatures.

One must not neglect factors that contribute to the creation of potholes. Pothole repair services must be called for if they exist in large numbers on any roads. It is better to contact professionals in asphalt maintenance before the onset of winters to avoid any inconvenience. Observation and timely measure can prevent potholes and its effects in the long run.

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Protecting Your Pavement During Winters

Have you taken the necessary measures to protect your pavement from winter? Well, if not, then there’s still time for you to do so before the season sets in. The damages that your pavement may suffer due to the cold weather can be expensive for you to repair. Moreover, you would not want to risk the safety of yourself or the other person. To avoid such situations, here are a few tips for maintaining pavement during winter.

Use Sealants

One of the easiest tips for maintaining pavement during winter is to use sealants. Apart from protecting older roads, sealants are highly effective when it comes to protecting your pavement. A layer of sealants over your pavement is good enough to prevent the stones from getting scraped, chipped or damaged due to the cold weather.

Avoid Rock Salt

Want to protect your pavement from winter? Then do not use rock salt. While rock salt melts the snow, it affects the pavement surface. Salt has a corrosive effect that makes the pavement surface weak. This leads to the development of cracks and as a result, the water and salt both can seep through these cracks. Thus, as the temperature drops even further, it results in flaking and discoloration of your pavement.

Use a Plastic Shovel

Metal blades on plows can scratch the pavement surface; therefore, it is better to use a plastic shovel. Another alternative is to use a snow blower to clear the snow over the pavement. Do not allow the snow to accumulate for long. The lesser the snow, the lesser is the chance of snowmelt refreezing and widening of the cracks.

Clean Your Pavement

Make sure you keep your pavement clean. It helps maintain the condition of your pavement. The more time you take to clean them, the more damage can occur.

Don’t Over De-ice

In order to protect your pavement from winter, you may use excess de-ice to melt the snow. The excess use of de-icing can erode the asphalt or the concrete of your pavement. Therefore, it is important to know the ground temperature where you are going to use de-ice. Ensure you read the instructions provided on the de-ice product and use it accordingly.

These are some of the tips for maintaining pavement during winter so that there’s no damage to your pavement. However, there can be more paving problems in winter if you do not take precautionary measures now. Moreover, if the condition of your pavement has become worse, then it is better to get your pavement maintained by an expert paver in your area. Taking the help of an expert paver professional will ensure that your pavement is maintained well until the next winter season.

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Concrete or Asphalt Parking Lot

When you build a new parking lot, you have to choose from various the materials. Both concrete and asphalt are popular base materials used to construct parking lots. On the surface, it may seem like concrete and asphalt have no differences, however, they do have advantages and disadvantages that set them apart.

Here are the differences between concrete and asphalt that you should be aware of.

Concrete Parking Lot 

  • Hot Weather
    During hot weather, the temperature can go up to 45-55 degrees Celsius. This high temperature effects the base material. Because the concrete has a light color, it does not absorb heat easily. On the other hand, asphalt is dark and absorbs tremendous amount of heat. This can result in asphalt cracking overtime.

  • Low Maintenance
    A concrete parking lot does not need repairs often and any repairs can be done easily and cheaply.

  • Design Options
    Concrete offers a range of designs options. This way, if you want to set apart an area of the parking lot, you can do so.

Asphalt Parking Lot 

  • Quick Installation:
    An asphalt parking lot can be ready within a few days; largely depending on the size of the parking lot required to be constructed. A  concrete driveway can take as much as two weeks to prepare and install.

  • Lower Costs:
    The cost of asphalt materials is much more affordable than concrete.

  • Environment Friendly:
    Asphalt material can be recycled for a wide variety of things such as making small lanes and drainage. Concrete, once broken, has to be completely thrown out.

  • Durable:
    Regular and easy maintenance ensures that the asphalt lasts long. At the most, the top most layer of asphalt requires a fresh layer.

  • Better in Cold Climates:
    The biggest advantage of asphalt over concrete, if you live in Alberta, is that it’s perfect for cold climates. While concrete is easily damaged by snow, salt, and frost, asphalt strives well in the cold.

Concrete Parking Lot Asphalt Parking Lot
Good for Hot Weather Less Maintenance
Less Maintenance Quick Installation
More Design Options Green friendly

It is always best to consult a pavement expert before deciding which material is best for your parking lot.