Probably the largest addition to the commercial decorative concrete scene in the last five years has been sandblasting.  Architects have been more and more adventurous with their concrete flatwork designs on commercial buildings and the procedure that has been at the forefront is sandblasting.  Recognizing this upcoming trend caused Blacktop Paving to start sandblasting in house.  We are set up to sandblast any area, big or small.  Giving you the ability to alter the texture and colour, sandblasting allows for this to happen keeping the structural integrity of having a monolithic slab of concrete.  With using different levels of intensity, from light to heavy applications, as well as using different mediums of material there is quite an array of visual and textural finishes that can be achieved.  We use a silica free, sand/glass mixtures for all common horizontal and vertical blasting.  We are also the premier outfit in Edmonton for using glass and walnut shells as an alternate medium to achieve different, unique textures and finishes in concrete.  Check out our project page for more info on Walnut blasting.


At Blacktop we have built our company around quality work and equipment. The pride we take in our work is equivalent to the pride we take in maintaining and servicing our fleet of machinery. At Blacktop we possess machinery and tools that allow us to perform to necessary conditions with accuracy, efficiency and quality.

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