Edmonton snow removal

Blacktop Snow Removal

When you need a reliable snow removal service.

Even during the toughest of snow storms, your business would be able to run because the roads are clear of snow and ice. When you reach out to Blacktop Paving Inc, you make the right choice.

Blacktop Paving, a local Edmonton company, has served and continues to serve Edmonton reliably. We take pride in our snow removal, just as we take pride in our asphalt and concrete. Every winter we operate and manage quite a large snow removal program, specializing in servicing large commercial clients who have multiple properties, to smaller property managers We have multiple sidewalk crews that are responsible for cleaning the sites before business hours and machine crews to clean parking lots after business hours. We feature seasonal/monthly contracts and are also available for single visits.

Blacktop has a wide variety of tools and machinery that enable us to handle any type of snowfall and any amount. In addition to the snow removal we use pet and concrete friendly ice melt to make the sidewalks spotless; also we have multiple sanding trucks to address any icy parking lots.

Professional Service

Expect the highest level of professionalism from us. It is critical that snow and ice are cleared for your business to function and we ensure that is done well.

Proper Equipment

We have the equipment to ensure the snow removal is done thoroughly. Blacktop Paving constantly works with heavy duty equipment and we have experts who know what they’re doing.

Reasonable Price

The price we offer meets your budget. Whether you hire Blacktop Paving on a contract or a one-time basis, we have a price that you will find agreeable.

Full-Time Service

Seven days a week, we ensure that your roads are cleared of snow and your property is accessible.

Sidewalks Clear

Ensure the snow is cleared from the sidewalk in front of your building. We also add Ice Melt to keep it free of ice, for safety.

Site Patrol

A site patrol is excellent during snow storms that can cover roads within a few hours. Our site patrol service ensures that snow does not accumulate on the road and block access to your property.

Rock Chips and Ice Melt

Rock chips and Ice Melt are useful for controlling the effects of snow on your road and sidewalks. They prevent snow from turning into sheets of ice. We use the rock chips on roadways and Ice Melt on sidewalks and steps.

At Blacktop Paving we pride ourselves in our professionalism, quality and skill. So, ensure that your commercial and industrial property is always cleared of snow and is safely accessible by reaching out to us.