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4 Signs That Your Driveway Needs Maintenance

Your driveway is can get damaged if you don’t take precautionary measures to keep them in good condition. Although asphalt paving is the best for driveways, over a long period of time, it requires maintenance work. The main reason for maintenance is to prevent further damage to your driveway. The asphalt paving or driveway can wear down due to many reasons. In fact, there are some signs that indicate your driveway is wearing down and should be repaired. The signs that your driveway needs repair are as follows.

1. Old driveways and uneven surface

If you constructed your driveway long ago, then you need to take a close look at your driveway. Old driveways are bound to deteriorate more quickly due to extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow than ever before. Moreover, your driveway surface can become uneven due to the excess traffic over time. Uneven surfaces also occur due to faulty construction techniques or inadequate use of materials below the driveway surface. Therefore, it is recommended to get in touch with a professional driveway constructor to construct your driveway perfectly.

2. Cracks

Cracks are an early sign that signal your driveway needs maintenance. Initially, there may be thin cracks that begin to surface on your driveway. If they do not catch your attention, then eventually you will see wider cracks. There are two types of cracks that can develop: linear cracks and spider web cracks. In linear cracks, the cracks are thin and long, usually in a straight line. In the case of spider web cracks, the crack resembles like the spider’s web and is often a result of improper work. Do not make the mistake of ignoring the cracks. The earlier you take precautionary measures to maintain and fill these cracks the lesser will the expenses involved in the maintenance of your driveway.

3. Potholes

It is another common problem when it comes to driveway repairs. Potholes results when the surface beneath the driveway begins to expand and contract. As a result, cracks begin to appear. These cracks can widen further when the traffic passes through them and thus, potholes are formed. If you do not repair these potholes on time, it can become a dangerous issue. Moreover, if the damage is significant, you need to remove the driveway and build a new one. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, it is better that you call in a professional paver in Edmonton to fix the potholes as quick as possible.

4. Drainage issues

If you are facing drainage issues and water accumulates on your driveway, then there is every possibility that your driveway can be damaged. Therefore, it is better that you prevent any accumulation of water over your driveway surface. The water accumulated can seep beneath the surface due to small cracks and thus, worsen the condition of your driveway.

These are some of the signs that your driveway needs repair and so when you see these signs, get in touch with an expert paver to help you out. Do not delay the maintenance as it would lead to huge expenditure if the condition of your driveway has become bad. Timely maintenance will also ensure that you are not worried about your driveway and thus, you can use it in a convenient manner.


Edmonton Asphalt

Tips To Pick A Reliable Asphalt Paver

Asphalt pavements tend to deteriorate because of traffic pressure and a change in temperatures. Deterioration results in cracks and pothole formation which can be dangerous. Hence, asphalt pavement needs proper installation and timely maintenance. It is essential to choose a qualified and experienced asphalt paver, whether you seek to pave your driveway, asphalt resurfacing or adding a pathway. These areas add value to your landscape only when done by a reliable asphalt paver. Several factors need to be considered before choosing a reliable contractor.

Background check

It is vital to select a reputable contractor who can provide you high-quality asphalt paving services. While word of mouth can help you in picking one, you also need to be sure of the company and its services by doing a detailed check. Take personal recommendations from family and friends, check their website, read reviews and testimonials, licensing, and look them up on directory listings. Ask the contractor for references, pictures of their past work, their guarantee and the materials they use. A professional contractor will be eager to ensure you the best service by going over project details, giving an estimated timeline, and explain you the technical terms.

Multiple quotations

Get at least three quotes on your project before finalizing on a contractor. With multiple quotes, you can compare pricing, warranty and services and select the best service for your project. Pick the best one on the basis of your meeting with them, pricing, materials used and other elements.

Contractor’s experience

With experience comes knowledge and professionalism, hence it is vital that you choose an experienced asphalt paver. Make sure to check how long they have been in the industry and whether they are capable of answering your questions with honesty and confidence. Apart from the contractor, the installation crew handling the activities on site must also be trained and experienced.

Written contract

The biggest mistake people often make is not obtaining a written contract or signing one without reading. Always obtain a written contract with details about cost, payment terms, project details, guarantee and other terms. Be sure to read it thoroughly before signing it. A contractor offering you lucrative deals or an extremely low price may leave you with a poor quality asphalt pavement. Mostly you are required to pay a percentage before the work and balance after its completion. A written contract will save you from complications that may arise during the term or in future.

Promising new techniques, immediate installation and offering lucrative offers are signs of a scam contract. Be sure to do a thorough research to pick a reliable contractor. If the job is done right, your asphalt pavement can last long. If you are looking to add or maintain an asphalt pavement, seek one of the reliable asphalt pavers in Edmonton who are experienced in providing high-quality service.

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Snow Plowing Contracts

4 Things Your Snow Plowing Contracts Should Cover

With snow fall comes the indispensable task of snow removal. While your old shovel can help you carry out the task, it might not be of much use during heavy snow falls. In addition to that, carrying out the task on your own may lead to pain and injury. Hiring a snow plowing service is a wise choice to keep your house and commercial outlet free of snow for the entire season. But hiring a snow plowing service has its own unique issues. Snow plowing contracts are an essential part of such services. If not given a considerable amount of thought, it could invite unnecessary legal hassles. Before finalizing snow plowing contracts, make sure you pay heed to these key factors.

  1. Liability

Defining liability on the part of both parties must be an important part of your contract. This is especially needed in the case of possible damages or conflicts. What if the sidewalk is damaged or a family member slips and gets injured, who will be liable in such cases? You or the contractor? Define accountability on the part of both parties to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

By being honest and specifying the areas with pre-existing damages can save you from this issue. You must also go through the contractor’s policies and discuss with them any questions on liability issues. Deliberating over before drafting the contract will save both parties from disputes.

  1. Contemplate weather

The weather has been unpredictable in recent years, so it is essential to take it into account and outline any extra charges that may occur. Weather does not remain constant each day, so will you be required to pay additional compensation in case of extreme temperatures or blizzards. If so, clearly define this as well as the compensation charges in your contract. Apart from this, the time period within which they are required to work, overtime charges if any, factors beyond anyone’s control and conditions that might not allow work to be carried out must be clearly outlined in the contract. Specifying contingencies and limitations will avoid frictions.

  1. Scope of work

Is the contractor responsible for shoveling the whole area or just the parking lot? Which sidewalks come under their care? Which areas need special attention? Specify your needs and allow the contractor to map the area. Specify every location that needs work, those which need special attention or priority. Together with this, also define the depth of snow to be cleared taking into consideration weather conditions.

As a contractor, if you are providing snow and ice management services then you must not the use word snow removal in the contract. For example, you probably are not removing the snow, just pushing the pile from a specific area to another and dealing with ice. Clear definition of the scope of work and services will provide clarity and avoid possible conflicts.

  1. Specifying what is NOT included

It is equally important to define in the contract, the services that will not be provided. For example, the contractor may not be responsible for sweeping up the sand. Specifying these things in a contract is essential for the smooth execution of the contract.

Contemplating over these factors will assist you while drafting snow plowing contracts. Before drafting a contract, discussions with the snow plowing service provider is crucial to protect and provide clarity to both parties.

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Why Is Decorative Concrete A Good Idea?

Decorative concrete is a use of concrete to enhance the aesthetic features of a structure. Apart from serving the functions of a normal concrete, it provides an artistic touch. It is a modification of simple concrete by use of different materials to beautify the flooring. Decorative concrete coatings transform the dull gray slab of concrete to add a touch of style and extend the life of your flooring. It has gained wide popularity because of its decorative features as well as the benefits that it has. Here is a list of reasons why decorative concrete is a good idea for you.

Enhances Aesthetics

Decorative concrete enhances the exteriors, whether it be your house or commercial outlet. The gray slab of cement is transformed into a beautiful creation by a decorative coating. Therefore, there is no need to cover it up with ornamental tiles, linoleums, carpets or wooden flooring. Instead you can mimic certain designs like wood, slate, brick or different hues by choosing from different materials and designs it offers.

Limitless Design Options

Decorative concrete is a creative option as it offers design flexibility that you cannot find with other floor finishes. Several designs can be applied by using a variety of methods including stamped concrete, acid-etched, polished look, dyes or all-over stain. With limitless design options, advances in concrete mixing and setting, you can get any color and texture of your choice. It also fits any style and decor, and you can choose the look making it a completely customizable option.

Long Lasting 

Many floor finishes like vinyl or hardwood floors are prone to damage due to physical impact as well as environmental factors. Decorative concrete, on the other hand, is strong and durable and does not wear down easily. Its resistance to physical impact makes it a long lasting option. You can also choose from several acrylics and epoxy coatings that seal your decorative flooring to prevent them from water, wind and chemical damage. Decorative concrete will save your time and money because of its durability.

Low Maintenance

Apart from being durable and resistant to damage, they are easy to clean and maintain. There is no requirement for regular polishing or coating; stains can be simply cleaned with soap and water. These properties of a decorative concrete save a lot of your time and money on regular maintenance and repairs.


You can get decorative concrete flooring for your home or business for a low cost. They are inexpensive to install and durable to most damages. The low maintenance and low-cost requirement make decorative concrete an affordable flooring solution.

Decorative concrete will protect as well as beautify concrete surfaces, enhancing the aesthetics of your home. The plethora of benefits that come with a decorative concrete will save your valuable time and money. A paving company can guide you with decorative concrete and help you make a wise investment.

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Kingsway Mall’s Parking Mall

Expanding Kingsway Mall’s Parking Mall

The Kingsway Mall is one of the oldest malls in Edmonton. With over 180 stores, located in the center of the city and a heritage brand, it’s no surprise that the Kingsway Mall is a favored destination for many Edmontonians. Due to its age, the Kingsway Mall regularly requires renovation and upgrades.

The mall receives a large footfall number daily which is only set to increase. Along with the growing footfalls, there is also an increase in the number of vehicles coming to the mall. Hence, to increase the parking space, Kingsway Mall decided it expand its parking space. It planned to do so by removing a bus stop and turning it into a usable parking lot.

That’s where the Blacktop Paving team came in.

Fighting the Climate  

We were awarded this contract in October. October is the end of the paving and construction season and we usually try to wrap up any project. With the short days, few hours of light and cold temperatures setting in, we had only a few hours to work every day. This greatly impacted our work schedule and resulted in a very tight and close work timetable.

Closing the Street

To get started on the parking lot, the 106 Street heading south had to be closed down. This brought in complications.

  • We had to get an On-Street Construction and Maintenance (OSCAM) permit from the City of Edmonton to close the street. The City officials were quite helpful and this was done easily.

  • Correct road signs had to be setup to ensure that the traffic was unhindered and kept flowing.

The Work 

We just didn’t have to remove the bus stop, the base lacked quality which needed to be taken care of. A backhoe and trackhoe were called in to break through asphalt and concrete ground and to haul the material to a recycling facility.

Because the current asphalt and concrete ground were of poor quality, additional time was set aside to stabilize the base to meet our necessary standard.

We completed the project on time for the Kingsway Mall visitors to park their vehicles during winter. If you’re visiting the Kingsway Mall, keep your car safe on a parking lot made by us.


Parking Lot Snow Removal Techniques

A blanket of snow may be a sight to behold, but snow fall often results in cancelled meetings, dangerous conditions, and long commutes, which can be frustrating. Piled up snow in parking lots can be a huge disadvantage for commercial outlets. It not only leads to injuries, but can also turn away customers, leading to a loss of potential business. Snow removal is therefore a necessary task. Snow plowing is a hassle for many, especially to first timers. But, if done with the right techniques parking lot snow removal can be a trouble free task. Here are a few tips for parking lot snow removal that will help make the job effortless.

Map the Area and Plan Efficiently

Snowfall can hide certain areas such as speed bumps, curbs, and sidewalks, which can be dangerous if not noticed. You can bump into these structures and injure yourself during the snow removal process. Map the area before commencing the task. Go around the area or get a blueprint, this will help you identify these structures and expose tricky corners. It will also assist you in devising a plan for efficient snow removal.

Parking lot snow removal tips

Parking lot snow removal is different from the usual snow removal. Therefore, you need to keep in mind certain tips that will make the job easier for you.

  • You must keep a weather check to estimate if there is any snow fall on the day you are going to carry out the snow removal process. If a significant amount of snow is expected, plow with the storm. If snow piles up more than 4 inches, it can be dangerous and also make it difficult to plow.

  • Water drains and basins must be kept clear as much as possible.

  • Certain areas like sidewalks and areas near the building must be plowed first.

  • You need to apply the back dragging technique to plow snow away from the building. To clear snow near the building, drive up to the building with the blade raised and in a straight position. Drop the blade and pull the snow once you reach the building. Turn your vehicle around and push the snow to the outer edges of the lot.

  • Be cautious to not pile snow near the handicapped parking areas. Also, do not pile it in the middle of the parking lot as it will make it difficult to remove later.

  • Plow in straight lines when possible and push to the outer edges of the lot. It is important to keep the wind direction in mind. Piling snow downwind makes the task easier.

  • Carry the task during low traffic hours and do not stack snow on roads so as not to block the visibility of vehicles.

  • Be aware of cars going out and entering your parking lot.

  • Once you are done with snow removal, clean up the area by plowing near curbs, cleaning up corners and clearing away the pile of snow to allow easy access to people.

These parking lot snow removal tips can guide you and ease your task of snow removal. Snow plowing is tiring process and also requires skill and knowledge. It is best to hire a snow removal service that will ensure your parking lot stays free of snow for the entire season.

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5 Steps For Edmonton Driveway Paving

Asphalt driveways are prone to degradation over-time due to several reasons such as weather changes and traffic pressure. Being reliable, durable and low maintenance, asphalt pavement is a substantial investment so choosing the right Edmonton Driveway Paving contractor is essential. The process of driveway paving requires the right materials, heavy equipment as well as experience and skill. The whole process has a series of steps that leads to successful driveway paving. Therefore, you must make sure that these are a vital part of the contract.

  1. Removal of the Current Surface

Paving an asphalt structure on top of the damaged driveway causes the new pavement to crack easily. The contractor will first evaluate the driveway, and then dig out the unusable base. This may involve removing loose gravels, stumps, clay, and other soft material. This is an essential step, because if there is cracking in the asphalt, it will easily move upwards to the new pavement within a short period. To allow correction of sub base, removal of the current surface is vital.

  1. Grade the Subsoil

Grading is necessary to let the water run off your pavement in order to prevent a collapsed driveway. The contractor will grade the subsoil so that water runs down towards the road and also sideways away from your house. The contractor will then compact the base soil by running a drum roller over it. This helps in removing dirt to prevent any damage in future.

  1. Crushed Rock

The next step is to add crushed rock. The contractor will use coarse and sharp rocks that compact well to allow for proper drainage. The thickness of this layer varies depending on your subsoil. If your underlying soil is clay based, then you will need a huge amount of crushed rocks to get the solid base for a driveway. After this, the contractor compacts the crushed rock layer and usually gives it a week’s time to settle.

  1. Lay the Asphalt

The type, size and thickness of the asphalt needed will be specified, depending on the surface as well as the environment in the area. Usually, the best layer thickness is 2 to 3 inches. The hot mix asphalt is then layered on the driveway.

  1. Compacting and Finishing

After the asphalt is spread, the compacting process begins. It is advisable to do it on a sunny day as it makes the task easier and the asphalt cures better. The edge treatment commences after compacting. The edges should be hand tamped at 45-degree angle. It keeps the edges from eroding and strengthens your driveway. On completion of the whole process, your driveway gives you the rich, black look you want.

There are a number of ways contractors can cheat you with shortcuts on your driveway. It is essential you wisely choose the right service for your driveway paving. Check for their reputation, take referrals and ask questions. Choose the right Edmonton Driveway Paving service for your asphalt installation.

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