asphalt driveway paving

Is Asphalt Right For Your Driveway Paving?

You may be wondering which material should be used for your new driveway paving. Or, your old driveway paving may have been damaged and you are considering repairing it. A professional paver will suggest you have an asphalt driveway installation. Indeed, if you want the best base for your driveway, asphalt is the ideal option. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why asphalt is right for your driveway paving.

Better than Concrete

Asphalt paving is better than using concrete for your driveway paving. Concrete driveway paving is made by mixing cement and water that forms a hard surface. This hard surface is prone to crack and if the surface beneath is not smooth enough, it can break. In the case of asphalt, it is first heated and then poured onto the bed of the driveway and then pressed with the help of a steamroller. As the asphalt cools down, it is strong enough to withstand the traffic. Unlike concrete, asphalt driveway paving provides flexibility to adjust the imperfections beneath the surface and as a result, it prevents cracks.

Economical Choice

If you are looking for a cost-effective material for your driveway paving, then you should consider asphalt driveway installation. The asphalt driveway installation is low and at the same time, the long-term maintenance cost is also less. So, if your budget is your constraint and you are looking for a low cost solution for your driveway paving, then asphalt is the best base for driveway for your residence.

Takes Less Time

Another advantage of using asphalt for your driveway paving is because it can be installed in quickly. Moreover, once the asphalt driveway paving is installed, it is ready to use within less than two days.

Easy Replacement

If your asphalt road gets damaged over a period of time, then you can easily remove and replace the damaged asphalt. The process to remove the damaged asphalt is also relatively easier as compared to a concrete driveway paving. Complete asphalt replacement is fast and does not incur much cost as compared to a concrete driveway paving. Thus, asphalt is the best base for driveway paving.

Apart from these above-mentioned points, asphalt driveway installation is long-lasting and makes your driveway paving look attractive too. So if you are looking for a long-term solution for fixing your driveway at affordable costs, then asphalt is the best base for driveway. Get in touch with a professional paver to help you out with getting the right kind of asphalt for driveway paving. The professional paver would also assist in the maintenance of your driveway paving so that your driveway paving is in good shape to use.

Asphalt Driveway Paving

Asphalt Driveway Paving: Why Pick Asphalt?

Your driveway is prone to degradation due to weather conditions, traffic, and aging. While there are different paving options available for your driveway, you would definitely want one that is long lasting and cost-effective. Asphalt surfaces offer several benefits, which makes it a popular choice for application on roads, driveways, parking lots and more. Its durability and resilience make it the best option for your driveway paving. Here are a few reasons why you should go for an asphalt driveway paving.

Smooth and Safe

Asphalt paving offers a smooth driveway surface. Rough texture and blow-ups are not an issue with asphalt paving. The smooth surface also makes asphalt a safer paving option for your driveway. The polished surface and dark color of asphalt provide high skid resistance, limited back splash, and better visual distinction for any markings. Asphalt also ensures rapid drainage of water allowing for safe driving during wet weather conditions and winters.


Asphalt pavement is known for its durability and resistance. It is a reliable weather resistant material that can withstand harshest weather conditions. Asphalt pavement is also resistant to the weight of heaviest vehicles. Its lasting and reliable nature makes asphalt a popular option for driveways. If properly laid, your asphalt pavement can last 15-20 years or even more.

Speedy Construction and Low-Maintenance

Asphalt pavement is fast to construct. Because of the minimal cure time, an asphalt pavement can be used immediately after construction. The speedy construction and quick use save time, and you will not have to hold on for long before use. Additionally, the lasting and resistant nature of asphalt makes it a low maintenance option. They are easy to upgrade in case of degradation. Crack sealing and surface overlay makes for easy maintenance and use.


Low initial costs, low-maintenance, durability, and the reusable nature of asphalt makes it a cost-effective paving option. With good care, your asphalt driveway can last for several years. Moreover, asphalt is reusable which yields notable savings in material and logistics. Properly laid asphalt with the required thickness gives you a durable, cost-effective, and sustainable driveway.


Asphalt is the most commonly recycled construction material. You may dig your driveway and use the asphalt over and over again, several times. This feature makes it a popular and cost-effective material. When we re-use asphalt, we preserve our natural resources and reduce waste. The recyclable feature of asphalt makes it an environment friendly paving option.

All of the above-mentioned points demonstrate the benefits of an asphalt driveway paving. If you are looking for a long lasting and economical driveway paving, asphalt is undoubtedly the best option. A well-laid asphalt driveway can last up to 20 years and more. Consult professional pavers to enhance your driveway with durable asphalt paving.

Snow Clearing Edmonton

Snow Clearing Edmonton: How Do You Do It?

Winters are synonymous with a beautiful blanket of snow and the inevitable task of snow clearing. While snow removal seems daunting, it is unavoidable. Avoiding snow removal leads to injury and inconvenience in your daily schedule. Use of the right tools and techniques make the task of snow removal easy and smooth. Here are a few tips for snow clearing Edmonton that will make your job easier.

Be prepared

Snow hides tricky corners that may get damaged or missed out while removing snow. Hence, it is vital to map the area before commencing the task. Snow removal is a tedious job hence, before heading out make sure you stretch your muscles well and warm up yourself. This is vital to prevent injuries. It is equally important to dress appropriately in layers to keep yourself warm. Slip-resistant boots are recommended to avoid injuring yourself.

Use the Right Equipments

Using the wrong equipment makes the process of snow removal more tiring. Several types of snow shovels are available to choose from. It is vital to invest in a quality shovel with an appropriate blade. Test the shovel in the store by holding it in a snow pushing position. The handle must rest near your belt buckle. If it rests above you, the task will be difficult with that shovel. The right shovel is the one that matches your strength and comfort.

Instead of a shovel, you may also consider a snow blower. Snow blowers are worth the investment in regions with heavy snowfall. Snow blowers make the task of removing huge piles of snow quick and easy. You must select the best, depending on usage and budget, from the different varieties available.

Your shovel and snow blower might not be useful always. Moreover, you might not able to do the job during rough weather conditions. It is best to hire a snow removal service that has the skills and equipments to ensure your property stays free of snow for the entire season.

Use the Right Shoveling Techniques

Shoveling snow becomes easy if done in the right manner. When shoveling snow, bend your knees and lift your legs. Make sure you keep the blade close to you while lifting snow to prevent back strain. It is best to remove snow in parts instead of scooping too much together. You must take breaks every few minutes and keep yourself hydrated to avoid fatigue. Bear in mind to pile the snow at a place that does not double your work.

Melt the Ice

Ice melting is a vital part of snow removal process. The sheet of ice that forms due to continuous freeze and thaw cycle poses several hazards. While rock salt is an inexpensive and easy way of melting ice, it can be risky for pets and kids. It is best to hire a snow removal service that have the perfect materials for ice melting and also ensures your safety.

Snow removal is a tiresome process and requires skills and right tools for an efficient task. Hence, it is best to hire a professional snow clearing Edmonton service whose expertise let you enjoy your holiday season without worrying about snow.

Residential Driveway Paving

The Best Residential Driveway Paving

Being an important part of your home’s outer landscape, your driveway creates your first impression on your neighbors and guests. Driveways are usually exposed to wear and tear, due to weather conditions and daily use. Hence, apart from being attractive, your driveway has to be highly durable in nature. Choosing the best paving material is vital for an impressive and long-lasting driveway. While the choice depends on personal preferences, the material chosen must be able to resist tire marks, vehicle pressure, temperatures, oil drips, and other hazards. Several residential driveway paving materials are available to choose from. We give you a few of them.


Asphalt is considered as one of the most durable materials. It is a preferred choice for areas that experience extreme temperatures. The dramatic changes in temperature may fracture several other driveway materials. But, asphalt allows driveways to breathe and flex, preventing breakage. Because of its highly durable nature, asphalt paved driveways can resist harshest weather conditions. Properly laid asphalt can last up to 20 years and more. Asphalt paving offers the benefits of speedy construction and use. The material is relatively cost-effective, low-maintenance and recyclable. Additionally, you can choose from decorative asphalt options to enhance your driveway appearance.


Concrete is one of the most popular options for driveways. Concrete is available in decorative patterns to enhance the aesthetics of your landscape. It is extremely versatile and can be used to achieve a variety of looks including natural stone, cobblestone, and even custom designs. You can also choose from a wide variety of color combinations, chemical stains, and concrete dyes that come with decorative concrete. While concrete is also durable, it is not a great option for regions with extreme temperatures. Moreover, concrete can also be expensive depending on the use for paving your driveway.

Paving Stones

Paving stones lend a sophisticated appearance to your driveway. They are the best choice for striking an impressive appearance but are the most expensive option. For extreme climatic condition, interlocked paving stones are recommended. It provides flexibility to the paving stones allowing them to resist breakage. These interlocking paving stones come in a wide variety of shapes and colors to be laid in different patterns. Additionally, repairs are simple, because specific areas can be repaired without having to redo the whole pavement.

All these materials have their own benefits and drawbacks. Selecting the best residential driveway paving material out of these depends on several factors. Apart from personal choice, you must consider your budget, weather conditions of your region, and maintenance and durability of the material. Consult a professional paving company, who will guide you with their knowledge and information, to select the best material for your residential driveway paving.