Signs to Repave The Driveway

4 Signs Your Office Driveway Needs Repaving

Have you noticed issues like potholes and cracks in your driveway? If yes, then it a good time to repave it.

People usually tend to ignore their driveways and concentrate on maintaining other spaces of their property. But your driveways are an important part of your commercial space as they are the main entrance to your office. A well-paved driveway also creates a good impression. Also, re-paving your driveway makes it safer and increases your office’s aesthetic appeal.

So, how do you know that your pavement needs to be repavement? These signs to repave the driveway will help you evaluate its condition accurately and begin the process of renovation:

1) Multiple Cracks

Multiple cracks in the driveway are considered as ‘alligator skin.’ The numerous cracks in your driveway indicate that the lifespan of its asphalt has come to an end and is a common sign that it needs immediate replacement. Correct repavement ensures that these cracks don’t extend any further and cause problems while walking on the driveway. If you spot any major cracks on your office driveway, call our expert contractors to get a thorough inspection.

2) Holes in the Pavement

Holes in the driveway are never a good sign. If you notice multiple holes in your driveway, call a professional and get it repaved as soon as possible. If the holes are not fixed on time, they can lead to personal injury as well as automobile damage. And, if by any chance, water seeps into these holes, it will get accumulated in the pavement harming the quality of the asphalt.

3) Worn out Pavement

Although weathering of a pavement with time is normal, it shouldn’t be ignored. If not taken care of immediately, these damages can not only make your driveway look dull but also reduce its lifespan. If your driveway is starting to weather, repave it at the earliest to avoid further problems like cracks or potholes.

4) Old Driveway

The lifespan of a driveway is a crucial factor to take into account while evaluating its repavement status. Usually, this time period depends on the type of material used while pavement. If you install a concrete driveway, it will last up to 20 years. On the other hand, if your driveway is paved with asphalt, it can last up to 30 years.

Irrespective of the material used for your driveway, it needs regular maintenance as well. Therefore, make sure your driveway is paved and maintained regularly by experienced contractors. You can speak to our experts or directly request a quote our website to estimate the cost of repair and maintenance.

Keep these signs to repave the driveway in mind to make sure your pavement is useful as well as appropriately suited for your office space.

How do you Apply a Parking Lot Striping

How Do You Apply A Parking Lot Striping

Are you thinking to make your parking lot safer? Do you want to enhance its beauty? Parking lot striping is not a time-consuming process and is also easy on pocket. You just need a parking lot striper, good quality paint and a measuring tape. Let us see how it’s done.

1) Getting Rid of Dust and Debris

Before striping your parking lot, you should make it dust and debris free. You can do so by hand or by using a gas blower which can tremendously reduce your time and can also save you from that excruciating back pain. Ensure that there are no water puddles which can seep inside the asphalt and can destroy it over a period of time. Check for any cracks and fill them up. Do not forget to sealcoat your asphalt which not only protects it from dust, snow, water and other elements that deteriorate asphalt but also provides luster.

2) Selecting an Asphalt Striping Machine

Now you are ready to strip it as per the paint of your choice. Strips can be made either by hand or by a machine. Striping by hand is a tiresome job as you have to bend down for most of the time which can lead to serious back-pain issues. On the other hand, a striping machine will give your parking lot a professional look and will help you to come out with a neat, more intricate and better design.

3) Selecting the Right Paint and Color

Selecting the right paint and color is of prime importance for your parking lot to look bright and colorful. There are two types of paints that are used for coloring a parking lot which is water based and solvent based. Acrylics and latex paints are not used as they can peel off quickly. As far as the color of the strips is concerned, blue and white are generally preferred. One must also take in consideration of the government norms which designate a particular color to be used for handicaps and for denoting specific curves and areas which are prohibited for parking.

If you need any assistance in maintaining and managing your parking lot, Blacktop Paving can provide professional services to help you.

Asphalt Pavement Defects

What Is Asphalt Raveling And Why You Should Worry About It

Does your asphalt road look like this? Maybe it is time you called professionals and got your asphalt pavement defects addressed. So what exactly is Asphalt Ravelling and why should you be worried about it?

Ravelling is the on-going separation of aggregate particles in a pavement from the surface downward or from the edges inward. Usually, the fine aggregate wears away first and then leaves little “pock marks” on the pavement surface. As the erosion continues, larger and larger particles are broken free and the pavement soon has the rough and jagged appearance typical of surface erosion.

There are many reasons that asphalt pavement defects develop.

Loss of Bond between Aggregate Particles

A dust coating on aggregate particles forces the asphalt binder to bind with dust rather than the aggregate. This is one of the main causes of asphalt ravelling.

Too Late in the Season

At times, the asphalt put on the road is done too late in the season. This is because the mixture usually lacks warm weather traffic which reduces pavement surface voids, further densification, and kneading of the asphalt mat. For this reason, asphalt ravelling is more common in the snow belt, i.e the northern regions of the world.

Mechanical Dislodging

Mechanical dislodging can occur when the asphalt is subjected to certain kinds of traffic. Vehicles having studded tires, snowplow blades or tracked vehicles could cause the asphalt to dislodge in different directions as per the pressure applied.

Aggregate Segregation

If fine particles are missing from the aggregate matrix, then the asphalt binder is only able to bind the remaining coarse particles at their relatively few contact points. Eventually, this leads to road ravelling and you have to call a professional to set it straight.

Inadequate Compaction During Construction

As high density is required to develop sufficient cohesion within the asphalt mix, inadequate compaction during construction makes way for road ravelling.

A raveled pavement should be investigated to determine the root cause of failure. Repair strategies generally fall into one of two categories.

  1. Small localized areas of raveling : Here you just remove the local area that has been ravelled.

  2. Large areas ravelled which indicates a general asphalt mix failure: In such cases, remove the damaged pavement and overlay.

Ignoring asphalt raveling can create a lot of problems. And problems related to your driveway may lead to bigger issues and ultimately you may have to replace your driveway altogether. Hence, best address the signs of wear and tear once they start showing.

If you need any further help regarding asphalt pavement defects, contact your local road construction companies which can help you with the repairs or problems you have.

Concrete Repair Edmonton

5 Ways to use Decorative Concrete in your Home

Do you want to increase the aesthetic value of your home? Do you want to prettify your home but have a tight budget? If yes, then you can use decorative concrete which will not only enrich the beauty of your home but will also fall easy on your pockets. Following are the ways in which you can do so:

1. Increase in Aesthetic Beauty

Decorative concrete can be used to beautify literally everything ranging from bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens to living rooms. The right texture and shade and can give you a bright mixture of colors to choose from.

2. Makes Kitchen user Friendly

Concrete countertops can be used in the kitchen to place hot items over them. They can also be used for chopping vegetables, fruits and meat since knife marks are not visible. Concrete can also be used for making tabletops for serving food and beverages since stains are easy to wash away.

3. Concrete Hearths

Are you fond of a contemporary look? If yes, then concrete hearths is what you are looking for. They incorporate beams and pillars and impart a classy look to the surrounding area. The best part about a concrete hearth is that it emanates heat long after the fire has subsided.

4. Concrete Bathroom Fittings

Looking for a stylish and a ritzy look for your bathroom? There is an increase in the demand for concrete utilities such as concrete showers, tubs and wash basins over other regular materials such as marble because it is such a versatile substance that it can be moulded to any size and shape as per the user’s need. It not only imparts a sumptuous and luxurious look to the bathroom but at the same time is also easy on pocket.

5. Concrete Showpieces

Concrete has been used from time immemorial to create monuments that still exist today and are visited by millions of people worldwide like the Colosseum in Rome and Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. It has still not gone out fashion and people are increasingly using concrete showpieces such as concrete lamp, concrete fountains, concrete steps and concrete planter.

Home decor is incomplete without using concrete. It gives you a wide variety of colors and textures and hiring a professional contractor such as Blacktop Paving that specializes in providing decorative concrete of all types including patio, concrete etching, stained floors etc is a great decision.

Parking lot Maintenance

How do you Maintain your Parking lot on a Budget

Parking lots generally serve around 20-40 years but they can deteriorate quickly if not given the required attention. Thus, it becomes very important to build a full-fledged plan for parking lot maintenance to ensure that it last long and does have common problems like asphalt crumbling and potholes.

Below are some ways enlisted to maintain your parking lot on a budget:

1) A Maintenance Plan

A good maintenance plan is required to keep the parking lot functioning for decades. As soon as the majority of the parking lot shows moderate or severe stress, steps must be taken for its reconstruction and rehabilitation. Potholes should be removed and there should be enough slopes for proper drainage so that water does not seep in.

2) Sealing Cracks

You would have often come across a cluster of cracks while driving, especially across a heavy traffic area. Heavy duty vehicles like trucks, lorries and juggernauts, cause dents and cracks especially due to their sheer weight at the entrance and exit of a toll where they have to wait for long periods of time at a stretch. One of the best ways to deal with them is to seal as soon as the first crack appears because if left unrepaired they grow in size over time.

3) Protection from Water

Steps must be taken to avoid water from coagulating at a particular place, because water once clogged can cause freeze-thaw damage. Thus, drainage problems should not be neglected and should be resolved on the first sight so as to avoid water from sweeping inside the ground which can later cause cracks and divots all over the parking lot area.

4) Avoiding Sunlight

A parking lot should always have a hood above which protects it from direct sunlight. The UV rays act as a catalyst and increase the oxidation process which damages the binder that holds the rock, sand and other aggregates together which leads to asphalt deterioration. Thus, it is mandatory to cover the parking lot so that it doesn’t fall under the influence of direct sunlight.

5) Heavy vehicles must be Avoided

Consider not allowing heavy vehicles such in the parking lot. Such massive vehicles exert an enormous amount of pressure while slowing down on the asphalt that leads to its contraction. The constant pressure from heavy vehicles quickly degrades the asphalt.

Well-maintained parking lots project a professional image to your business and should be maintained at regular intervals. Thus hiring professional help is of utmost importance. Fortunately, we at Blacktop Paving provide all the services related to parking lot maintenance ensuring that it remains of top-notch quality.

Concrete Driveway Repair Contractors

Make your Concrete Driveway More Durable

A well-maintained driveway enhances your home’s curb appeal. Concrete is a preferred choice of many homeowners for their driveways. It not only adds to the aesthetics of your house but is a cost-effective and durable option. Apart from this, concrete is also considered a zero maintenance product, making it a popular choice for driveways. Although this is true, your concrete driveway is exposed to damage by sunlight, chemicals, and traffic. Considering this, concrete driveway maintenance is vital to ensure it lasts long. Here are a few concrete driveway maintenance tips that will ensure you have a strong and lasting driveway.

Clean it Regularly

Cleaning your concrete driveway on a regular basis is the easiest way to maintain it. Dust, debris, oil and grease stains, fertilizers, etc can all damage your concrete driveway. Sweep it on a regular basis to keep it free of dust and grime. Any oil and grease stains or spilled fertilizers must be removed immediately. Water it with the use of a power washer occasionally to free your driveway of any damaging particles. Regular cleaning will enhance the lifespan of your driveway and your home’s aesthetics.

Use a Concrete Sealer and Repair Cracks Immediately

Sealants are applied to the concrete to protect it from external damage. These sealants prevent water, dust, oil, etc from seeping in the surface and damaging your concrete driveway. However, your driveway is also exposed to traffic and changing weather conditions. The freeze-thaw cycle during winters can wear off the sealer and cause cracks and potholes. To prevent this, reseal the surface periodically depending on the usage. Any cracks that are seen must also be repaired immediately to prevent water from entering the surface and deteriorating the driveway.

Prevent using Sharp Objects

Sharp objects like shovels with metal blades can chip away the concrete driveway surface. These minor chips when exposed to more abuse due to shoveling, traffic, snow, ice, and chemicals widen to form cracks and potholes. This can cause further damage and shorten the lifespan of your concrete driveway. Prevent this by exercising caution while shoveling snow. Hiring a professional snow removal service will be beneficial in preventing surface damage.

Avoid Salt and De-Icers

Usage of salt and de-icing chemicals to melt ice is common during Canadian winters. But, what homeowners don’t realize is the damage caused on your driveway by use of these products. Salt and de-icers eat away the surface and deteriorate it. They can also enter the surface forcing a free-thaw cycle, resulting in cracks and potholes on your driveway surface. It is recommended to use sand for traction during winters or call a professional snow and ice removal service to help preserve the concrete surface.

Irrespective of the durability of a driveway paving material, maintenance is vital to retain its aesthetics and make it last long. Implementing these concrete driveway maintenance tips will help you retain its durability and save you from costly repairs. While you can do this yourself, consulting a professional paving service for concrete driveway maintenance will prove highly beneficial.

Parking Lot Safety

How to Improve your Parking lot Safety?

If you operate a parking lot, then you wish to ensure the people and the vehicles are safe. So, you may be wondering what can you do to improve parking lot safety.

Car accidents and predators can cause havoc in parking lots. To avoid this, we, at Blacktop Paving Inc have put forward 6 major tips to be followed that will help you maintain the parking lot safety for you and your employees.

1) Educate your Employees about the Threats

You can always start by educating your employees. The safety of the employees should be your top priority. It’s important that your employees limit distractions such as cellphones when at a parking lot and make sure they are aware of their surroundings. Also, make it your responsibility to encourage them walk with others through such spaces and have the parking lots close to areas with enough lights.

2) Create pedestrian walkways

It is essential to have a well-designed pedestrian walkway. When a pedestrian walkway is placed in a busy area of a parking lot, it is for two purposes. First, since the drivers will be aware of the pedestrian walkway, they will anticipate stopping in between the traffic. Second, it will discourage pedestrians to take shortcuts which would lead to conflict with vehicular traffic.

3) Clear the snow from your path

Heavy snowfall and icing will prevent your employees from entering the office premises. Snow makes it difficult to walk and drive on the roads. You obviously do not want your customers or employees to fall apart and break their leg, or for cars to swerve off course.  do you? Hire a snow removal services to regularly remove the snow.

4) Invest in a Security System

It is advisable to fix a security system in the parking lots. Installing security i.e. video cameras and CCTVs will limit any possibility of violent attacks. The presence of cameras and videos can deter the predators. You can check upon with ‘Front point Alarm System Review’ as they are the best security systems provider in Canada.  For some employers, it is not possible to install security systems. In such cases, you can have guards or bouncers in the premises.

5) Ensure that the Area is well Lit

Pitch-black, dark places are enticing for burglars, thieves and other criminals especially when it comes to parking lots. Henceforth, make sure that you have a well-lit parking space. Lighting also allows pedestrians and drivers to safely navigate the parking lot once it’s dark.

6) Put up Parking Bans

On-street parking is never a good idea as it is directly connected to crash risk. Hence, on-street parking has to be removed for parking lot safety reasons. You can do so by erecting parking restriction signs. In some cases, you can also install physical devices such as bollards. Basically, bollards protect sensitive parking areas that ensure safe interaction between pedestrians and vehicles. They create clear barrier for the vehicles and allow free flow of pedestrians.

We, at Blacktop Paving Inc are sure that by following these given tips, you will overcome the parking lot safety problems. Contact us if you have more queries related to parking spaces and we are sure to provide solutions to your problems with our expertise.