Decorative Concrete

Fall Maintenance Checklist For Your Concrete Patio

Fall is here and winter will be arriving soon. While you are busy working on the fall maintenance checklist for your home, do keep in mind the repair and maintenance of your decorative concrete patio. It is important to start prepping your patio for the winter to protect it against damage from snow and harsh weather conditions. Hiring a professional for the same can get the job done correctly and comfortably.

Here are a few things to include in the fall maintenance checklist for your concrete patio:

Clean your Patio

The first step towards maintaining your decorative concrete patio is cleaning it. Get rid of all dirt and litter on your patio, then scrub and wash the entire space using a dishwasher or any other cleaning agent. You can use a garden hose to clean the soapy solution with a steady stream of water. You can alternatively use a natural or synthetic bristle scrub brush to tackle the stubborn, oily stains.

Seal Cracks to Prevent Damage

The next step is to take care of all the cracks and dents on your concrete patio. These cracks might seem harmless during the winter but can damage your patio permanently once it starts snowing. This is because, if the snow deposits in the cracks of your pavement, it seeps inside the base of your decorative concrete patio. This can lead even bigger cracks and potholes on the surface of your pavement. You can avoid this by using sealants and getting your patio repaired timely. Apply a good layer of sealant on the surface to conceal cracks and damages. If there are any major cracks, get them repaired by a pavement expert before the winter starts.

Remove your Patio Furniture

You certainly do not want to leave any furniture or plants out in the open during winter. Remove the barbecue grill and the backyard tools from your patio. If you have an umbrella, then take it down and tidy up the space to remove all the dirt and dust from the summer. Lastly, cover all your furniture with a large plastic bag and store them indoors.

To get a professional on board to do the maintenance work for your decorative concrete patio, get in touch with our experts at Blacktop Paving today.

Concrete Driveway Repair Contractors

5 Warning Signs Your Concrete Pavement Needs Immediate Attention

It is important to make sure that our concrete driveway is built and maintained properly. We make use of this pavement every single day of our lives. It is crucial to protect it from harsh weather conditions and repair any cracks or potholes on its surface. Pavement maintenance not only ensures your vehicles’ safety but also helps you save money in the long run. Here are a few key signs that indicate your pavement needs an inspection from concrete driveway repair contractors:

1) Cracks

Cracks are a common warning sign that your pavement needs repairs. There are various types of cracks that can appear on your concrete driveway. Some are small (measure below half an inch) and easy to repair while others are deep and need immediate attention from a skilled pavement contractor. Here are a few common types of cracks that might appear on your concrete driveway:

  • Longitudinal cracks: These cracks run parallel to the pavement. The reasons for them to originate are poorly constructed pavement joints, simple driveway fatigue etc.

  • Transverse cracks: These fissures are perpendicular to the centerline of the pavement caused due to exposure to extremely low temperatures and hardening of the binder.

  • Alligator cracks: These cracks resemble the scales of an alligator. They can lead to potholes if not treated timely. Caused due to inadequate structural support, moisture damage and stripping at of the base layer.

  • Edge Cracks: These kinds of cracks run along the inside edge of the pavement. Most commonly caused due to a lack of support at the edges and poor drainage conditions.

  • Slippage Cracks: These cracks are found at the surface layer of the driveway and are crescent-shaped. They are caused due to the weakening of the connection between the underlying layer and the top surface.

If you notice any of these cracks on the surface of your pavement, contact one of the reliable concrete driveway repair contractors in Edmonton such as Blacktop Paving.

2) Drainage Issues

The build-up of moisture caused by poor drainage can be detrimental for the strength of your pavement. It can affect the binding of the layers underneath. If you spot puddles on your driveway, then consult a contractor about the issue. Timely repair of drainage issues can save your driveway from potholes, cracks and other damages.

3) Undermining

Undermining occurs when an underground pipe cracks or slips from its joint. When this happens, the newly formed crack allows soil to enter the pipe until the concrete surface above is eroded. A contractor can solve this problem by replacing the damaged base and repaving the depleted concrete.

4) Distortion

Pavement distortion is a type of surface distress caused by the instability of the concrete mix or weakening of the base and the subgrade layers of your pavement. Patching is advised for minor depressions, while complete replacement might be necessary for severe depressions.

5) Sinkage

A concrete pavement sits on a compact base. If this base begins to decline, you may notice sinkage. Sinkage often happens when the downpipe is depositing water too close to the structure, damaging the concrete pavement below. You may need to contact a plumbing expert along with a pavement contractor to fix this issue completely.

Pave to save! While you’re at it, we’re always here to help. Visit our website to request a quote or directly speak with our experts to fix your pavement today.