3 useful acreage driveway maintenance tips

Are you one of those lucky Edmonton residents who have a large lush green acreage? Indeed, it feels amazing to have such a large land. The feeling of driving into your land may be a great one. But do not ignore the driveway that leads you to your acreage. Your driveway equally contributes in making your acreage look beautiful. So why not ensure that your driveway paving in Edmonton is maintained? Here are some useful maintenance tips to help you.

1. Keep the Driveway Clean

For a large acreage, the driveways are generally long. They are also considerably larger as you need to make way for trucks and other heavy vehicles. When you have such a large driveway, it is your responsibility to keep it clean at all times. The most common type of dirt you will find on your driveway is the motor oil or radiator fluid. Such fluids can penetrate your driveway and make it soft, especially if your driveway is made of asphalt. In case you find such stains on your driveway, scrub them out using grease cutting cleaners. For fresh spills try using kitty litter as it quickly absorbs the oil.

2. Keep an Eye for Cracks

The life of your driveway is decreased substantially if cracks start to develop on it. So always be on the lookout for development of cracks on your driveway. To prevent the formation of cracks on your driveway, apply sealant on your driveway annually. This will prevent water penetration and cracking of your driveway. If cracks do appear on your driveway, do not wait for them to get bigger. Fill them up as soon as possible.

3. Practice Safe Snow Removal

Accumulation of snow on your driveway is very common in Edmonton. While you cannot stop snow from accumulating on your driveway, not removing the snow from your driveway safely can be an issue. Plowing is the common choice you will opt for. However, be careful when you plow the snow. Do not scrape the blade of your plow on the surface as it will damage the driveway. Also, refrain from using chemicals and cement salt to melt ice on the driveway as it can penetrate and spoil the surface.

Keeping these ideas in mind, you will be able to maintain your acreage driveway. However, if your acreage driveway is already damaged beyond repairs, then you need to resurface it. To get your driveway resurfaced or to get professional assistance in sealing your driveway get in touch with the professionals of driveway paving in Edmonton.