4 types of road construction equipment

road construction

Roads are the oldest and most preferred means of transportation. According to research, as of April 2018, ridership in Canada was 158.5 million passenger trips. As road transport is so popular, the roads need to be extremely durable for a safe and continuous commute. A road needs to be strong enough to endure the movement of heavy vehicles. The road construction companies in Edmonton understand this necessity, and so they are careful to construct roads perfectly as required with the help of right construction equipment and professionals. Now when it comes to using the right road construction equipment, the following are the most commonly used.

1. Backhoe


A backhoe or an excavator is used to dig the area and clear the debris to create a construction platform. The backhoe consists of a boom, bucket, and a cabin equipped on crawler units for movement. The boom of a backhoe can be extended or withdrawn depending on the nature of the work to be performed. Apart from digging, an excavator is also used in dredging, grading, landscaping, and demolition of structures

2. Bulldozers


A bulldozer has a heavy plate at the front end. With this plate, it can remove large chunks of sand, soil, and other debris and clear the construction area. Also, bulldozers are used to break down or destroy any unwanted structures. Therefore, instead of asking laborers to clear the area or demolish any structures, you can use bulldozers. This will help you to save time.

3. Asphalt mixing machine

Asphalt mixing machine

The asphalt mixing machine mixes the raw materials such as sand, gravel, asphalt cement, etc. to create an asphalt mix which is then laid on the surface of the road. So, if you are constructing asphalt road, then this equipment is a must-have.

4. Compactor


The compactor is an essential type of equipment which is used in road construction. This type of heavy equipment is used after the asphalt is poured onto the road. The compactor compacts and pressurizes each and every layer of the asphalt to ensure that the road is flat and strong. There are different types of compactors. The most commonly used types of compactors are plate compactors, jumping jack compactors and the road roller which is commonly used in road construction.

Apart from these 4 types of road construction equipment, forklift trucks, wheel loaders, cranes, etc. may also be used by road construction companies in Edmonton. If you are considering constructing a road in your vicinity, or a driveway for your home, you should get in touch with a road construction company in Edmonton. Apart from constructing the road, a professional road constructor will also carry out regular maintenance and repair works if required. This will ensure that your roads remain in good condition for a long time.