5 Ways to Make Your Parking Lot Look Better

your parking lot look better

You want to make your parking lot look appealing?

Well, there are a few simple things which can keep your parking lot in good shape as well as make it look better:

Regular Sweeping

Regular sweeping of dirt is necessary as it prevents the dust from settling down. Once dust settles down, it attracts more dirt. Dirt and debris can block drainage and lead to standing water and puddles, which can then lead to asphalt damage. Besides, it’s important to keep your parking lot clean – not only to make a good impression on your customers but also to protect your asphalt. The simple task of sweeping will help make your parking lot look appealing.


Welcome both employees and clients with a stunning and sophisticated entrance to the parking lot. It is important not to go completely overboard here, so be sure to include a few lush, overgrown green filler plants that will serve as a guide to the front door. Making your employees and clients feel good when they come to your parking lot will have a great impact on their mindset. Who would like to go to a place where the parking lot itself says you’re not welcome here?

Fresh Air

Having a few benches strategically placed around the company grounds is a great way to get your employees outside for some fresh air — and as an added bonus, they will enjoy the perfectly laid out commercial landscaping design. Let the outdoor furniture mimic or complement the building’s interior furniture. There are plenty of options from sleek and modern to antique and rustic design. It will make your employees feel that you as an employer are concerned about their comfort.

Upgrade Lighting

Having a lighting system that illuminates the entire parking lot during the evening is a must. Invest in one if you don’t have one. Parking lots are supposed to make your employees and visitors safe when they come to your office. If you can invest in a surveillance system, do so. If you have a video surveillance system watching over your parking lot you will be able to monitor things happening clearly and efficiently.

Growing Plants

If you have plants in or around your parking lot, make sure you leave room for them to grow. Professional landscapers will know to properly space out trees and larger shrubs, yet always ask for a finished layout before giving the go-ahead to start the project. Note that some species of plants or trees are very thick and may obstruct the view of entrances.

Parking lot maintenance should be conducted regularly so that you do not have a parking space that is full of potholes and still water. With the help of the above tips improve the appearance of your parking lot and if you want to any new ideas, you can always consult professionals.

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