Are You Aware Of These Snow Shoveling Safety Measures?

Snow Removal Services

Winters in Canada are a visual treat of snow-clad roads and rooftops. But, they are also synonymous with the inevitable task of snow removal. Driveways and walkways covered by a thick blanket of snow calls for the revival of the good old shovel to initiate the unpopular but unavoidable task of snow shoveling.

Snow shoveling is not just about using the tools to remove snow. It is also about using the right practices for an efficient and safe job. The falling temperatures and the slippery snow can lead to health conditions and injuries if you fail to take safety precautions and do not use the right techniques. So, before moving on to tackling the snow on your driveway, read on these safety measures to avoid potential injuries:

Precautionary Steps before Snow Shoveling

Dress Up Appropriately

When shoveling snow off your driveway and sidewalks, safety should be your priority. You do not want the cold temperatures to add to the tough task and affect your health. Hence, it is vital to dress up in layers. Make sure you also wear slip-resistant boots to prevent injuring yourself.

Warm Up

Stretch yourself by doing some light movements like bending side to side or on the spot jogging to warm up your muscles. The cold weather tightens your muscles and increases the chances of injury. When you warm up, your muscles loosen, reducing the chance of a muscle pull or strain while shoveling.

Snow Shoveling Techniques for a Smooth Task

Choosing the Right Shovel

Using the right shovel is essential for an effective snow removal task. In addition to this, it helps reduce health risks. Ergonomically designed shovels are a great option as they reduce the amount of bending you have to do while shoveling.

Snow Shoveling Tricks

While choosing the right shovel is vital, using the right techniques to shovel snow is equally important. Here are some techniques to help you ease the task:

  • Bend your knees and use your legs to lift your shovel while picking up the snow

  • Make sure you keep the shovel blade close to you to reduce straining your back

  • When the snowfall is heavy, do not try to scoop up too much snow in one go. Instead, skim the top inches and then go for the bottom.

Take Enough Breaks and Stay Hydrated

Doing a strenuous task like snow shoveling without taking a pause will definitely land you in a hospital. It is important to give your body enough breaks in between to prevent tiring your body and burdening your heart. Additionally, it is vital to stay hydrated while shoveling snow.

Hire Snow Removal Services

Although you may be used to shoveling, it is not advisable to do it under harsh weather conditions. Snow removal services offer one-time, as well as full-time services to cater to your individual needs. Hiring professional and trained snow removal services will relieve you of this tedious task while ensuring your driveway stays clear of snow.

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