Best Approach For Asphalt Preservation

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The original construction of asphalt roads can be planned and scheduled for the right time of the year. However, the repair of roads, filling potholes so that traffic can keep moving, is perhaps more challenging than building those roads.

In order to avoid frequent repairs for your asphalt driveway, maintain your asphalt effectively with the help of a professional contractor.

Define your goals

To create a definite plan in order to preserve your asphalt, you need to clearly define your goals. Start with the goals of increased efficiency, reliability and cost-saving. We understand that all projects are not the same, but generally these three goals are what one should keep in mind when structuring a preservation plan. Often it so happens that objectives are not met due to under budgeting, poor time allocation, hidden or unexpected cost, labor and material cost. If these issues spiral out of control then your objectives might not be met. So keep an eye on things from the start.

Inspect and survey pavement

Visual and physical inspections and surveys are key components to developing an effective preservation plan, if you know what to look for. In order to assess the condition of your pavement, inspections and surveys should occur every 2-3 years. Keep a look out for distressed areas which may include alligator cracking, longitudinal and block cracking, weathering, ravelling, patches etc.

Scheduled preventive maintenance

Get in the habit of taking care of your pavement just as you would routinely change the oil in your car > on a schedule. If you neglect the pavement for too long, then there’s a good chance you wind up using more products to fix patch the problem or worse, you may have to repave the whole pavement. The normal average life span of asphalt is 15 years. Going as per industry standards, a sealcoat is recommended every 3-5 years. So, during the entire life span of your road, you would need to sealcoat at least 3 times.

Oil patches

Look for water beads on the surface that indicate oil or gasoline. Remove softened material from these spots and replace it with blacktop patch. You can work around the patch when you apply sealer to give the spots time to cure. If there is no softening, use strong detergent or trisodium phosphate and hot water to scrub away oil or gas residue. Then rinse the area thoroughly. At times cleaning stained patches becomes difficult but it can be managed.

Different types of asphalt repair approaches are taken into consideration when asphalt repair is deemed necessary. Contact a professional contractor if your driveway needs any kind of repair.

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