patch resurface or replace your road

Should You Patch, Resurface Or Replace Your Road

When your driveway starts to show signs of wear and tear you think about patching it up and just fixing the issues that are visible on the surface. But, band-aid fixes aren’t going to make your problems go away.

To elaborate on that, if the problems are really minor, only then will patching work. If you try to fix huge cracks in your driveway without thinking about what the root cause of the problem is, it will only frustrate you, because new issues will

arise as soon as you’ve eliminated the old ones. Unless you’re on a tight budget and replacing the entire driveway is getting costly, we would suggest you replace your driveway.

So how do you tell that you need to replace your driveway? Here are the tell-tale signs.

Large Cracks

The most obvious way to tell that your asphalt needs to be replaced is that it has numerous large cracks. Patching or repairing such damage only delays the inevitable and means you have to address the same problem later—perhaps even in the same year.

Sinking And Misalignment

Misaligned or sinking slabs can cause costly damages to your car or truck. If the slabs of your driveway are sinking and becoming misaligned, you should replace them immediately, or the problem will only worsen.

Crumbling And Pitting

Patching up the holes in your driveway costs you and leaves the problem temporarily solved only for the problem to resurface in a short span of time. If the concrete is crumbling or pitting, it means your driveway has seen its last days and should be replaced with a new pour.

Driveway Hasn’t Been Resealed Regularly

Asphalt driveways need to be resealed regularly every 2-3 years to prevent cracking and breaking around the edges. While sealants are relatively affordable, many homeowners are short on time and forget about doing the required maintenance. If yours has been neglected over the years, the cracks and breakage could be extensive and the whole driveway might need replacement.

Poor Condition Of Base Under Driveway

For example, in areas with clay soil, your driveway is prone to shifting and moving. If you know what kind of base is under your driveway, take that into consideration. In areas where soil is particularly unstable, a geo-textile fabric may need to be put in place. These materials are durable and strong, providing a better base for the asphalt that will be laid over the top.

Age Of The Driveway

The older your driveway is, the lesser basic repairs will help. Asphalt and concrete become more prone to cracking as they age, so if yours is nearing the end of the average lifespan, it’s time to consider replacing it. In the end, the extra effort spent in upkeep isn’t worth it.

If your driveway is exhibiting some of the above signs, you should replace your driveway which will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Always consult a professional when it comes to matters of driveway repair and if you need to get any work done.

How Blacktop is Paving Success in Our Community

At Blacktop Paving it is our belief that any success we realize needs to be shared with our community. As we have grown we have continued to expand on our civic involvement both with real hands on commitment as well as monetary donations. Our primary focus has been on our Youth. Whether through a specific program or through our hiring process we have sought to help youth to gain the skills they need to be successful citizens. All of the employees of Blacktop are a part of us giving back, and they draw a huge sense of pride in doing so.

Career Opportunities

In the Community

Finalist for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award

2009 – Present: The Stars Program
As an active participant in the pre-employment program run by the Youth Emergency Shelter Society Blacktop Paving has attended job fairs and brought 6 youth in on job placements. These youth have been mentored in good work ethic and have learned numerous job skills.

2010: Youth Power Career Event
Blacktop Paving had an active role in the planning of a large-scale career event for our community’s youth providing both sponsorship as well as a planning committee member who also MC’d the event.

2009-Present: Human Resources Committee – Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association
Blacktop Paving has had an active member on the ARHCA’s human resources committee, seeking to better understand the needs of employers and employees.

Free snow removal for the parking lot at a Kids for Cancer House in Edmonton.

2010: Ride to Conquer Cancer
Blacktop Paving has sponsored riders to compete the annual ride to Conquer Cancer in southern Alberta.

2010-Present: Clansmen Rugby Club
Blacktop Paving has been a sponsor of a local sports club, providing concrete and gravel work at no cost. We have also provided staff the needed time off work to volunteer as coaches for both the Clansmen Rugby Club as well as several local high schools.

2010-Present: Youth Emergency Shelter Society
Blacktop has chosen YESS as their primary outlet for charitable donations. It is our belief that we need to give back to the community. At our recent Christmas party in November of 2011 our employees raised over $2000 in support of YESS which the company tripled in donation.

2009-Present: Stan Daniels Healing Center
Blacktop is a firm believer in second chances, and has worked with the Stan Daniels Healing Center to provide viable work for individuals exiting the penal system as well as those on day parole.

2008: Women Building Futures
As part of the Women Building Future’s Heavy Equipment Operators course Blacktop hosted the entire class on one of our jobsites. We provided course training and curriculum to the women, exposing them to the base and asphalt laydown aspects of Equipment operation

Blacktop donated to the Gordie Howe Hockey game for Alzheimer’s Disease