Can I Sandblast Wood Exterior On My Home?

Commercial Sandblasting Companies

Sandblasting consists of using enormous pressure against a surface to smoothen or roughen it. It has numerous industrial applications that help companies in construction and renovation projects. This method is used to get rid of the contaminators or paint on the surface. Even though a sandblasting operation is similar to your requirement, you may want to know whether if you can use it on your wooden exterior or not. Let’s take a look at what is sandblasting and what would happen if you sandblast the wood exterior of your home.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of using a mixture of sand and air and projecting them through a nozzle at high speeds onto the surface. This process is similar to the use of sandpaper, but sandblasting is much more efficient at the corners and assists in providing a finished look. One of the primary applications of sandblasting includes using sandblasting to remove paint and rust from surfaces. Small parts such as nails and bolts are also subjected to sandblasting for proper shaping.

Sandblasting Wood Exterior

Sandblasting is a procedure wherein sand granules are propelled, at tremendously high speeds, onto the surface, doing the same on a wooden surface can eventually result in the wood exterior of your home becoming rough. Even if you succeed in removing the paint from your wooden exterior, the surface becomes such that the new paint job wouldn’t last long. This results in you having to repeatedly spend out money for newer paint job after every few years. As sandblasting the wooden exterior of your home is expensive and can result in substantial damages, commercial sandblasting companies suggest that you opt for another solution for removing the coat of paint from your wood exterior.

These other methods include using sandpaper to remove the paint from your wooden exterior. The sandpaper can effectively remove the paint from a wood surface without damaging the material. An electric sander can also assist you to remove the paint from a wooden surface. An electric sander can help you remove the paint with minimal damage and is much quicker than using sandpaper. A heat gun is also beneficial when you want to remove the paint from a wooden surface. You can project the heat gun onto the wooden surface to remove the paint.

These are some of the steps which can help you to remove paint from a wooden surface. You can also contact a painting company in your vicinity that can assist you in removing old paint and maintaining a new paint job. These companies can also advise you about what are the advantages of sandblasting.

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