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How to keep your Parking Lot Clean

Your parking lot makes a statement to all visitors. If you have a commercial parking lot, then it is making an impression on your customers and employees. This is why cleanliness of your parking lot is crucial. Keeping your parking lot clean is even more important when your parking lot is used for public area such as a mall or a retail store.

Additionally, a clean parking lot extends the life of the asphalt paving and prevents any corrosion.

Having a clean parking lot impresses upon visitors the professionalism of your business. So, how do you keep your parking lot clean?

Sweep away Dirt and Debris

Daily, there is going to be a buildup of dirt and debris. If you do not address this issue, the buildup of dirt and debris will degrade your pavement. Loose dirt and debris will eventually cause your asphalt pavement to corrode even further.

Hence, it is recommended that you sweep away dirt and debris on a weekly basis.

Clean Vehicle Fluids and Oil Stains

Vehicles tend to leak transmission fluid and oils and they will fall on your parking lot. This will cause staining and dark patches. Here’s what we recommend to get rid of fluid and oil stains:

  • Baking Soda Paste: Baking soda is effective for absorbing oil. Mixing it with water helps you create a paste. The moisture helps wash off the oil from the parking lot surface, while baking soda absorbs the oil.

  • Cleaning Liquid: Removing transmission fluid liquid requires cleaning liquid to be sprayed and scrubbed out.

Considering that your parking lot is frequently used, we recommend that you clean your vehicle fluid and oil stains on a bi-weekly basis.

Use High-Pressure Water

One of the easiest and quickest ways to keep your parking clean is to use high-pressure water. Spray sufficient water on your parking lot. This immediately deals with surface dirt and fresh oil stains. This is a step that you can conduct yourself and it isn’t labor intensive.

Having a clean parking lot is just good business practice. It’s a portrayal of the broken window theory where your business showcases how attentive it is.

While these steps will help you clean and extend the life of your parking lot, repair and maintenance work will still be required. Cracks and potholes will eventually occur on your parking lot. This is where Blacktop Paving, asphalt paving contractors, come in. We have the expertise to perform all repair and maintenance services for your parking lot.

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Best Approach For Asphalt Preservation

The original construction of asphalt roads can be planned and scheduled for the right time of the year. However, the repair of roads, filling potholes so that traffic can keep moving, is perhaps more challenging than building those roads.

In order to avoid frequent repairs for your asphalt driveway, maintain your asphalt effectively with the help of a professional contractor.

Define your goals

To create a definite plan in order to preserve your asphalt, you need to clearly define your goals. Start with the goals of increased efficiency, reliability and cost-saving. We understand that all projects are not the same, but generally these three goals are what one should keep in mind when structuring a preservation plan. Often it so happens that objectives are not met due to under budgeting, poor time allocation, hidden or unexpected cost, labor and material cost. If these issues spiral out of control then your objectives might not be met. So keep an eye on things from the start.

Inspect and survey pavement

Visual and physical inspections and surveys are key components to developing an effective preservation plan, if you know what to look for. In order to assess the condition of your pavement, inspections and surveys should occur every 2-3 years. Keep a look out for distressed areas which may include alligator cracking, longitudinal and block cracking, weathering, ravelling, patches etc.

Scheduled preventive maintenance

Get in the habit of taking care of your pavement just as you would routinely change the oil in your car > on a schedule. If you neglect the pavement for too long, then there’s a good chance you wind up using more products to fix patch the problem or worse, you may have to repave the whole pavement. The normal average life span of asphalt is 15 years. Going as per industry standards, a sealcoat is recommended every 3-5 years. So, during the entire life span of your road, you would need to sealcoat at least 3 times.

Oil patches

Look for water beads on the surface that indicate oil or gasoline. Remove softened material from these spots and replace it with blacktop patch. You can work around the patch when you apply sealer to give the spots time to cure. If there is no softening, use strong detergent or trisodium phosphate and hot water to scrub away oil or gas residue. Then rinse the area thoroughly. At times cleaning stained patches becomes difficult but it can be managed.

Different types of asphalt repair approaches are taken into consideration when asphalt repair is deemed necessary. Contact a professional contractor if your driveway needs any kind of repair.

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asphalt driveway paving

Why Hire An Expert For Your Asphalt Driveway Paving

Still not sure if hiring professional asphalt driveway contractors is a good idea? It certainly has a lot of benefits.

The main reason to hire a professional would be their expertise. Since it is not possible to know everything, the services of an expert are required to get the job done.

Here are a few more reasons to convince you to hire asphalt driveway contractors.


When you hire a professional driveway contractor, the most important thing they bring to the table is their experience. Professional asphalt driveway contractors have a lot of experience in this line of work. They are aware of the challenges faced. Hence, they can handle most of the challenges that come across during construction of driveways.

You can save a lot of time

When you decide to hire a professional contractor, instead of DIYing the task, you will save a lot of time. You will be able to perform your usual tasks instead of spending time in the construction of a driveway where you never know you may commit mistakes which may cost you financially as well. The job of the professional asphalt driveway contractors is renovating or building a car park in the house.

Save money

If one does not have any knowledge about road construction or driveway pavement, one may lose a lot of money unnecessarily while attempting to do it. Most home owners think that availing the services of a professional driveway installation company will be costly. It is important to understand that it will definitely help the construction since we, as common people do not have the necessary knowledge or the high end equipment necessary to carry out the task efficiently.

Expert opinions

When you hire a professional contractor, you need not keep wondering which will be the best place to construct a pavement. Before providing the services, the asphalt driveway contractors asses the total area of the house and thereby make a detailed plan for constructing the pavement.

Solve various problems

The professional companies who deal with all these issues are aware of the problems they will have to face during the construction of the driveways in a residential house or commercial property.

We hope we have convinced you about the benefits of hiring an asphalt driveway contractor. Make sure you hire a professional construction agency in Edmonton to complete the whole driveway installation process.

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affects your asphalt

Seasonal Change Affects Your Asphalt

Seasonal changes affect asphalt in different ways. Ultimately you might need repairs depending on the issue at hand.

Here are a few seasonal changes your asphalt pavement goes through:


Potholes are obvious signs your asphalt needs repair. Colder months cause freezing above and below the surface of asphalt which leads to potholes. Warmer months can bring pounding heat and UV rays which over time can crack and strip the asphalt roads, parking lots and driveways, also leading to raveling and potholes.

Asphalt Parking Lots

Conduct preventive maintenance on your parking lot before the rains start or before it starts snowing. Basically conduct proper maintenance before the damage causing seasons set in. Maintenance is generally planned in advance to seal the surface from water, as well as lessen the effects of oxidation and weather. Apply a sealant every few years to keep the surface layer of asphalt protected.

Steep Terrain Asphalt Erosion

If you see the rocks around rivers or in river beds, they corrode slowly over a period of time. Similarly, when it rains in steeper elevations, little by little rain washes(corrodes) away the liquid asphalt leaving bare rock and aggregate. The aggregates and asphalt break away and wind up in runoff, gutters and storm drains.

Hot Temperatures

Heat can cause cracks in the asphalt which can result in water seeping in. The water may not damage the asphalt in the same way when it freezes due to cold temperatures, but it can damage the asphalt by eroding the subsurface layers. This results in an air gap forming within the pavement. If the pavement above these subsurface gaps experiences any pressure, such as the weight of a vehicle passing over it, the top layer of the asphalt will sag, collapse, and then crumble, thereby forming a pothole.

Effect on Asphalt

All hard surfaces, including asphalt, absorb heat. This causes not only the surface temperature to rise, but also causes the ambient temperature to rise. This results in UHI (Urban Heat Island). UHI is basically an effect in which urban environments, which consists of less vegetation and more roads and buildings, have a significantly higher temperature than the rural areas directly around it. This means that when you are installing asphalt, you need an asphalt material that reflects as much heat as possible instead of asphalt that absorbs most heat.

As mentioned in the above points, a lot of things may affect your driveway. Regular maintenance may help in reducing the damage and repairs necessary as well. Altogether, it may prevent seasonal changes from affecting your asphalt road. Hire the services of a professional if you want to keep your asphalt road in the best condition.

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right asphalt mix

Choose The Right Asphalt Mix

Choosing the right asphalt mix can be really confusing. We strongly urge you to consider the advice of a professional when selecting the right type of mix. The type of mix required depends on factors like the purpose of the road being constructed, the types of vehicles that will be parked or driven on it and so on.

To break a common myth about asphalt, we would like to say that all of the asphalt is not the same. It is easy to think so if you never had to mix, roll, or lay it yourself. It is easy to think that because in a finished state, all of the asphalt looks the same. Asphalt, or bitumen, is a type of petroleum that occurs naturally.

Asphalt itself is not always the same. Different types come from different regions, so the properties can vary. In addition, some types have chemicals added in factories or labs that can help bring out certain properties over others. As you know, asphalt pavement consists of the following:

  • Aggregate mix (rocks)
  • Bitumen (a mixture of hydrocarbons)

The method of mixing the aggregate with the bitumen can vary from company to company, region to region. Altogether, there is a tremendous amount of mixes that these disparate things can create. There are mainly two types of mixes.

  • Hot mix
  • Cold mix

A professional will be able to decide which mix will be best for the pavement you need. But it’s not always easy considering that different proprietary blends are out there.

Hot Mix

Hot mixes are the most commonly used mixes. The mix is heated and rolled. This type of mix has a variety of mixes as far as types and uses are concerned. Hence, it is important to use a hot mix which has a proven track record for the purpose it needs to be used for or will be used for. For permanent results, a good premium hot mix will work best.

Cold Mix

Traditionally, cold mix has often been thought of as consumer grade asphalt. Meaning, it is often store-bought, good for DIY tasks. It is not considered as strong and durable as hot mix. But again, as mentioned above for hot mixes, there are many commercial grade cold mix solutions that work as well depending on the intended purpose and use of the driveway or pavement. They work better but not as well as hot mixes. Cold mix patches tend to cost less, and require less time to administer. They are ideal for making repairs during cool, cold, wet, or arid months.

Selecting the right mix for your task is not an easy job and you should most definitely not do it without the help of a professional as you leave a lot of room for mistakes. Consult a professional road construction company which will help you in selecting the right type of mix necessary for your pavement or driveway.

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your parking lot look better

5 Ways to Make Your Parking Lot Look Better

You want to make your parking lot look appealing?

Well, there are a few simple things which can keep your parking lot in good shape as well as make it look better:

Regular Sweeping

Regular sweeping of dirt is necessary as it prevents the dust from settling down. Once dust settles down, it attracts more dirt. Dirt and debris can block drainage and lead to standing water and puddles, which can then lead to asphalt damage. Besides, it’s important to keep your parking lot clean – not only to make a good impression on your customers but also to protect your asphalt. The simple task of sweeping will help make your parking lot look appealing.


Welcome both employees and clients with a stunning and sophisticated entrance to the parking lot. It is important not to go completely overboard here, so be sure to include a few lush, overgrown green filler plants that will serve as a guide to the front door. Making your employees and clients feel good when they come to your parking lot will have a great impact on their mindset. Who would like to go to a place where the parking lot itself says you’re not welcome here?

Fresh Air

Having a few benches strategically placed around the company grounds is a great way to get your employees outside for some fresh air — and as an added bonus, they will enjoy the perfectly laid out commercial landscaping design. Let the outdoor furniture mimic or complement the building’s interior furniture. There are plenty of options from sleek and modern to antique and rustic design. It will make your employees feel that you as an employer are concerned about their comfort.

Upgrade Lighting

Having a lighting system that illuminates the entire parking lot during the evening is a must. Invest in one if you don’t have one. Parking lots are supposed to make your employees and visitors safe when they come to your office. If you can invest in a surveillance system, do so. If you have a video surveillance system watching over your parking lot you will be able to monitor things happening clearly and efficiently.

Growing Plants

If you have plants in or around your parking lot, make sure you leave room for them to grow. Professional landscapers will know to properly space out trees and larger shrubs, yet always ask for a finished layout before giving the go-ahead to start the project. Note that some species of plants or trees are very thick and may obstruct the view of entrances.

Parking lot maintenance should be conducted regularly so that you do not have a parking space that is full of potholes and still water. With the help of the above tips improve the appearance of your parking lot and if you want to any new ideas, you can always consult professionals.

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driveway scams

Beware of Driveway Scams

Have you heard getting scammed by asphalt contractors. They usually come to your door and ask if your driveway needs to be paved since they have extra asphalt from a previous job and that you need to make a decision right away. Sounds familiar to any stories you have heard? Yes. This is a common asphalt scam and in no way a legit driveway contractor.

Read on if you want to avoid bad paving jobs.

Door to Door Selling

Reputable asphalt contractors will sometimes offer their services if they are doing a legitimate job in the immediate area. Always ask for references so that you can verify it. But in most cases, it is a part of the common asphalt scams that you hear of in the news. Do not trust anyone who comes to your door and asks if you need your driveway paved.

Claim They Have Leftover Asphalt From Another Job

Another job? Ask for references as mentioned above. Verify it. Because chances are high that it is a scam. They will try to appear genuine and tell you that they have leftover asphalt from another job. Professional asphalt contractors will know, with great accuracy, how much paving material will be needed to complete a certain project. Rarely, will they have any leftover material. Some of the reasons a contractor might have left over material are due to weather, equipment problems and cancellations. but not enough to pave a whole road or driveway won’t happen.

On Spot Payment

If a contractor states that a price is for “today only,” or “working in your area this week only” that usually means that he is what’s called a “Traveller”. Travellers or more commonly called “Gypsies”, move from state to state and town to town. After they have worn out their welcome, they move to a different state or town. These people usually have out of state license plates, fancy trucks, and areason you need to do the work right now. Always just take a moment to see if they are in the phone book, if they say they are new, call directory assistance. That call worth few cents could save your asphalt from a bad paving job and more importantly, you from being taken advantage of.

Push You To Make A Quick Decision

The ones registered, or the genuine ones will never have a limited time offer. They could but be advised, it will not be for only one single day. Also, reputable contractors will provide a written estimate that will be valid for weeks or months. If the great deal they are offering you today is not available tomorrow or next week it may be a scam. Be wary.

Cash On Sales

If the contractor you hire will only accept cash or wants the check made out to cash, BEWARE. Never make a check out to “cash” and if they insists on using their personal name ask for a valid driver’s license and copy all their information. A reputable contractor will always ask for a cheque made out in the name of the business. Another thing to be aware of is, most reputable contractors accept cheques or credit cards and don’t require ONLY cash payments.

Avoid getting scammed and keep in mind the above mentioned pointers.

Also Keep In Mind:

  • If a contractor wants payment up front, first make sure they are on a list of licensed and bonded businesses at servicealberta.ca or by calling the Consumer Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-427-4088.
  • Contact Service Alberta if you need to report any frauds or scams and if you need help.

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-love asphalt pavements

5 Reasons To Love Asphalt Pavements

Looking for reasons to love asphalt pavements? Well, we have got the perfect set for you. This is everything a person seeks from his driveway. This is how he wishes it would be.

Following are the benefits of asphalt paving and if they don’t make you fall in love with asphalt, we don’t think it is meant to be.

Economic Advantage

The main factor which proves to be the deciding factor in many cases is budget. Asphalt is a low-cost building material. It is less expensive, not just in actual cost, but also in terms of the time it takes to complete construction. In a broader sense, asphalt being quick and easy to use saves the taxpayer’s money, government’s and contractor’s time and money too. Is this not enough a reason to love asphalt?

Asphalt Paving Safety

Asphalt’s safety feature is related to its smooth-like finish. It offers drivers skid resistance, reduced back-splash and better visual distinction between road markings. Asphalt also helps keep roads free from ice and snow. You could say that asphalt is keeping you safe in its own way.

Durability of Asphalt Paving

Durability is another factor which will help us in the task of getting you to love asphalt more than any other alternative by the end of this article. Asphalt is a reliable weather resistant material and can be designed for low and high traffic conditions. It can withstand the harshest of weathers and the heaviest of semi-trailers. Asphalt can also be designed to fit a specific purpose.


If you have done your research, you’ve understood by now that asphalt is quick and easy to repair. By maintaining cracks and resealing roads, driveways and highways regularly, major degradation can be delayed. Although bear in mind whenever resealing your driveway, make sure you know that the root cause of the crack isn’t something which needs immediate attention.


You can use a new asphalt driveway/parking lot usually between 2 – 4 days depending on the time of the year when the driveway was laid. In spring and fall the driveway/parking lot cures faster (hardens) because the days are not as hot and it gets cooler at night. During summers, it takes longer to cure due to the summer heat. Concrete takes 7 days to cure unless you have a high early mix which costs substantially more. We think we know what your obvious choice is going to be for your driveway installation.

When you have some many benefits of asphalt paving, when asphalt is giving you so much than concrete, it is obvious to love asphalt more isn’t it? Jokes apart, depending on your use and needs, consult a professional construction company and get your driveway installation done.

spoils asphalt paving

What Spoils Asphalt Paving?

Does your asphalt driveway show signs of weathering? It is time you figure out what you might be doing wrong and what is causing you to carry out asphalt road repair so often.

Here are the causes as to why an asphalt driveway gets spoiled.


Freshly poured asphalt has a black charcoal color and it tends to flex under varying traffic loads. Ensure you avoid the former. Exposure to oxygen causes color to fade on asphalt from black charcoal to gray. Additionally as the asphalt cement is broken down, your asphalt loses its flexibility and will begin to crack under vehicle pressure.

Excessive Sun Exposure

An uncontrollable factor for asphalt deterioration is sun exposure. Sun exposure accelerates oxidation, which limits the asphalt’s ability to hold its structure together. While it is not always possible to protect the asphalt surface from sunlight, if you want to, you can always apply seal-coating to regularly on your driveway, although we recommend you not to because it has quite a few disadvantages.

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles are a common source of parking lot cracks. The only thing you can do is minimize heavy traffic on your asphalt or you could check with your contractor and apply thicker asphalt on the heavy traffic path in your driveway. Random fact > Did you know that the weight of a garbage truck is equivalent to 2000 cars? That’s a lot of weight for a asphalt driveway.

Poor Drainage

If your parking lot is affected by a poor drainage system or damaged pipes, it likely has areas of surface water that are threatening its condition. If water seeps through to the foundation of the asphalt, it weakens the base layer and greatly increases the chances to form potholes, crumbling and cracking. Depending on the damage, you may have to make a lot of repairs on your driveway. Therefore, it is important that you have a proper drainage system and that you keep up with your parking lot maintenance needs.

Fuel and Oil Spills

Fuel and similar corrosive substances destroy your asphalt if you allow it to build up on your asphalt. You can find that depressions form in these areas. This can be easily avoided with routine inspections and cleaning for spills (if any) on your driveway.

Tree Roots

If you have a tree or many trees growing around your driveways, it is possible that the roots growing below the surface can uproot the concrete and cause considerable damage. To avoid this from happening, get a root barrier installed.

To avoid asphalt paving repair, take care of the above points so that you can avoid long term and considerable damage to your driveway. Get in touch with professionals who will help you spot the signs of asphalt deterioration and help you with driveway maintenance and asphalt road repair if necessary.