types of sandblasting

types of sandblasting

The process of removing impurities from a surface and making it smooth with the assistance of abrasive material such as sand is known as sandblasting or abrasive blasting. People who work in the painting industry know that sandblasting is primarily used in removing a coat or a layer of paint and make the surface smooth. Over the years, commercial sandblasting services have been used for various purposes. Let’s take a look at the 5 common types of sandblasting done today.

Silica Sandblasting

Sandblasting or silica blasting is one of the most common and traditional ways of removing impurities from a surface. This technique has sand granules that can polish a rough surface and make it smooth. This sandblasting is not a common medium anymore as it is replaced by other effective means of sandblasting materials.

Steel Sandblasting

In this type of sandblasting, steel particles are used to remove paint or rust. Steel sandblasting primarily focuses on removing paint shades and are also known to help in adhesion of your next coating. This type of sandblasting leaves a smooth finish onto the surface after the process is complete.

Bead Sandblasting

In this type of sandblasting, the primary material used to sandblast a surface is glass beads. The glass beads are used to give the surface a matte or a satin look. This type of sandblasting is useful for providing a fine finish and are often used on cabinets.

Soda Sandblasting

The soda sandblasting technique requires the usage of washing or bicarbonate soda. Such an abrasive material does not damage the metal or any other material despite being projected at tremendous speeds. Soda sandblasting can help in removing rust from delicate surfaces on which you cannot use rough sandblasting techniques.

Bristle Sandblasting

Metal or steel wires are used in this type of blasting. Instead of projecting, this technique rubs the steel wires across the surface to remove the impurities. This method is extremely beneficial when it comes to eliminating corrosion.

You can get in touch with a commercial sandblasting services providing company in Edmonton to help you to get rid of dirt or corrosion on your commercial properties. Moreover, a professional company will have the right equipment and the expertise to know what type of sandblasting will be effective to clean your commercial properties.

Residential Sandblasting Services

Why is Sandblasting Used

Sandblasting is an abrasive cleaning process of propelling fine bits of materials at a high velocity to clean the surface of pavements or walls. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pavement and parking lot not only extend their life but also reduce the probability of accidents. An effective way of cleaning these surfaces is sandblasting. Let’s have a look at why sandblasting is used as a cleaning method in commercial and residential areas.

To Enhance the Appearance

Residential sandblasting services today is considered as a useful process because it is not only used to remove dust but also to prepare surfaces for high-performance coating. It is also used to restore residential and commercial properties back to their original state. Sandblasting is very useful when it comes to damage restoration.


Sandblasting is affordable. The process of sandblasting requires less equipment, and it is comparatively cheaper than other alternatives of cleaning. There is no additional cost incurred in the cleaning process, and so it is a cost-effective option to have clean surfaces.


Sandblasting is a versatile method that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can also be used as a technique for paint removal apart from cleaning and polishing the pavement. It not only polishes and refines the surface but also removes dirt and other contaminants. It can be a good way to clean large surfaces such as driveways and parking lots, and sometimes even for tables and countertops.

Quick Process

The process of residential sandblasting services isn’t overly strenuous or time-consuming. The process of sandblasting is speedy because dust particles can be removed easily with the help of a single machine hence, making the process a quick one. The clean up required after the process is quick and easy as well.


You can opt for eco-friendly sandblasting which does not have any harmful impact on the environment. Eco-friendly sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting. In this process, jet glass and asilit may be used to clean the surface. Since these elements can be reused, there is no wastage.

Sandblasting is a useful method for cleaning as well as paint removal. Moreover, it can be an economical and ideal process for cleaning your commercial or residential property. If you want to carry out this process to clean your pavement or walls, then you can contact a professional sandblasting service company who will do the work for you.

Commercial Sandblasting Companies

Can I Sandblast Wood Exterior On My Home?

Sandblasting consists of using enormous pressure against a surface to smoothen or roughen it. It has numerous industrial applications that help companies in construction and renovation projects. This method is used to get rid of the contaminators or paint on the surface. Even though a sandblasting operation is similar to your requirement, you may want to know whether if you can use it on your wooden exterior or not. Let’s take a look at what is sandblasting and what would happen if you sandblast the wood exterior of your home.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of using a mixture of sand and air and projecting them through a nozzle at high speeds onto the surface. This process is similar to the use of sandpaper, but sandblasting is much more efficient at the corners and assists in providing a finished look. One of the primary applications of sandblasting includes using sandblasting to remove paint and rust from surfaces. Small parts such as nails and bolts are also subjected to sandblasting for proper shaping.

Sandblasting Wood Exterior

Sandblasting is a procedure wherein sand granules are propelled, at tremendously high speeds, onto the surface, doing the same on a wooden surface can eventually result in the wood exterior of your home becoming rough. Even if you succeed in removing the paint from your wooden exterior, the surface becomes such that the new paint job wouldn’t last long. This results in you having to repeatedly spend out money for newer paint job after every few years. As sandblasting the wooden exterior of your home is expensive and can result in substantial damages, commercial sandblasting companies suggest that you opt for another solution for removing the coat of paint from your wood exterior.

These other methods include using sandpaper to remove the paint from your wooden exterior. The sandpaper can effectively remove the paint from a wood surface without damaging the material. An electric sander can also assist you to remove the paint from a wooden surface. An electric sander can help you remove the paint with minimal damage and is much quicker than using sandpaper. A heat gun is also beneficial when you want to remove the paint from a wooden surface. You can project the heat gun onto the wooden surface to remove the paint.

These are some of the steps which can help you to remove paint from a wooden surface. You can also contact a painting company in your vicinity that can assist you in removing old paint and maintaining a new paint job. These companies can also advise you about what are the advantages of sandblasting.

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Do You Need A Professional Sandblaster?

Sandblasting is a process that involves shooting a combination of sand and air at high pressure to freshen up or change the texture of a surface and blast away debris. If you are looking to refinish your floor or repaint your home, you may be wondering if you need a professional sandblaster. While there are some situations like removing oil spots from a surface that does not require a professional, projects like remodeling your home or cleaning a large surface area calls for a professional touch. The demands of the right kind of materials and equipment in most sandblasting jobs make it necessary to hire a professional sandblaster. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional sandblaster.

Knowledge And Experience

Sandblasting is great for a wide variety of projects, but every sandblasting job is different. Different surfaces call for different methods and varied amount of materials. This is why it makes sense to have a professional on the job. Professionals have a thorough knowledge of the type of materials and methods suited for a particular surface. A professional service provider works with you to identify and offer you the best sandblasting method for your project. Having a professional on the job ensures you achieve your desired results in the best manner.

Professional Surety

A licensed and insured contractor can assure you of a professional service. When you search for sandblasting services, you may find several contractors claiming to provide the best service possible at a very low rate. However, avoid getting fooled by such appealing quotes. Such contractors may not have a license and fail to provide appropriate service. A properly licensed and insured contractor is the best choice. This way, if something goes wrong, the liability insurance saves you the damages. If the professional you hire is using sub-contractors, then make sure the sub-contractors are also licensed and bonded.

High-End Quality Equipment

The job of sandblasting requires high-end, quality equipment, which is not cheap. Not using the right machines and the right technique may lead to more damage and costly repairs. Hence, it is best to hire a professional to get the job done. They have the best machines and tools to take care of the job at hand. They also have the knowledge and skill to handle these machines and are aware of the right techniques for a great finish on your surface.

All the above-mentioned reasons highlight the need for a professional sandblaster. A professional sandblaster’s knowledge and experience combined with the right technology ensures you achieve the best and lasting results.

Sandblasting Applications

4 Industrial Applications Of Sandblasting

It is critical for business owners to make sure their commercial infrastructure including their pavements such as parking strips, driveways, and patios are absolutely spotless. This is because, your commercial setup doesn’t start where your office door opens, but it starts where your gates open to the world.

However, despite the eminent use of the office pavements, these surfaces usually go neglected. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your pavement and parking lot not only extends their life but also reduces the probability of accidents. An effective way of cleaning these surfaces is with the use of sandblasting. Sandblasting is an abrasive cleaning process which uses sand particles to make your surfaces new and polished.

Sandblasting usually occurs in a series of three steps :

Step One: Firstly, the kind of media that needs to be used for sandblasting is determined. Concrete and metal are common media used to perform abrasive blasting. However, for cleaning commercial pavement surface and parking strips sand is usually used for maximum efficiency.

Step Two: The surrounding area must be prepared accordingly to avoid damage. The presence of a sandblasting cabinet ensures that the blasting media does not disperse all over the place. The media is placed in the cabinet in a stable position.

Step Three: Once all the safety equipment is in place, the blasting process can begin. The contractor uses the air compressor to clean and polish the property meticulously.

Common sandblasting applications include:

1) Removing Paint and Corrosion

As sandblasting involves blasting particles of sand at a really high velocity, the process can be used for cleaning many types of dirt particles. It can be used to clean damage caused by a fire and even remove residual paint and corrosion completely. Paint and rust marks are usually quite old and difficult to remove using conventional cleaning techniques. Sandblasting can remove these stubborn blemishes and make your property as good as new.

2) Cleaning Tools

Beyond cleaning commercial and residential surfaces, sandblasting can be used to clean smaller tools and devices such as automobiles and metal tools. The equipment used for sandblasting is really accessible making it a good option for cleaning small tools and machinery quickly and efficiently.

3) Providing Finishing to Devices

Metal machinery and cars can be cleaned by sandblasting as this technique not only cleans the surfaces but also makes them polished and shiny. At times small mechanical parts made of metal and plastic have rough edges which makes them difficult to assemble. Sandblasting can make these edges smooth and ensure successful assembly.

4) Enhancing Aesthetic Value

Sandblasting applications are not limited to commercial cleaning and polishing, this technique can also be used to etch and create impressive patterns on many surfaces including wood, metal, and glass. Although mostly used for artistic purposes, impressions created with sandblasting can also be used to etch the surface of your commercial property.

These were some of the most common sandblasting applications. To know more about the process of sandblasting and its utility for your commercial space, consult our experts at Blacktop Paving Inc. today.

Purpose of Sandblasting

4 Benefits Of Sandblasting Your Commercial Space

Sandblasting is the process of cleaning, smoothening and etching a foreign surface to give it a completely new and fresh look. It’s mostly used to strip pavements and remove rust, paint or any unwanted residue from the surface. The process uses very fine bits of sand (as a media) at a high velocity to ensure a clean, smooth surface. Compressed air to shoot the sand at the desired surface by making it ready for the next layer of coating.

The process is either air driven or water driven depending on the need of the property. The setup involves an air compressor, a blaster nozzle and sand which are then used to fragment the surface layer. Wearing safety goggles, protective hand covers, bodysuit, hearing protection are some other safety measures that are needed while doing sandblasting. Hence, businesses should consider hiring an experienced contractor which can perform the cleaning using necessary measures. It’s also necessary to have a proper air outlet to manage the collection of dust.

Here’s a closer look at the purpose of sandblasting and advantages of opting for it for cleaning your commercial space:

1) Efficacious

Sandblasting your commercial surfaces eliminates fire damages, dust, rust and unwanted particles on the surface. It prepares the surfaces for a high-performance coating and restores commercial properties back to their initial condition. A well-maintained and speckless environment not only boosts the reputation of your company but also increases the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

2) Affordable

Sandblasting requires less machinery and is thus cheaper and more convenient for cleaning large commercial spaces. As the process is really time-effective, you do not have to close down your property for a long time saving your business precious time and money.

3) Accessible

The logistics involved with sandblasting can be made quite simple with the help of an expert. An experienced contractor has access to equipment needed for cleaning and safety. He takes all the necessary procedures to protect your property and ensures there is no need for an additional cleanup post the procedure.

4) Versatile

Sandblasting finds a wide use in ridding driveways and parking lots of dirt and rust and also in paint removal.  It works great for asphalt, concrete as well as decorative concrete surfaces. It also gives a great result on mirrors and other sensitive materials.

The machine can access the nook and corner of every area and reaches many isolated and physically inaccessible areas, thus achieving effective cleaning.It uses different shapes and carvings to clean your surface thoroughly with the help of varied stencils. Also, by adjusting the angle at which the media is launched, sandblasting can be used create different shades and unique art on the surface.

Through sandblasting, one can give their commercial space an attractive and a very clean design. Sandblasting requires proper prior experience and training, knowledge of the equipment and precautionary measures and is best accomplished by an expert or a contractor for the same. A trained professional will get the job done faster and in the safest possible manner. Get in touch with our experts to book a cleaning session for your workspace today.


A Contractor’s Guide To Sandblasting

Sandblasting is an advanced process for cleaning all kinds of sturdy surfaces. It involves tiny pieces of materials such as sand and walnut shells being blasted at a very high velocity to clean surfaces. Sandblasting is a full-fledged service offered by companies and it is done both commercially and residentially. Commercially, sandblasting is done in a variety of places such as machine shops, manufacturing facilities, metal structures, bridges, concrete tilt-ups, factories, and airports. Residentially sandblasting is done on steel surfaces, concrete, log cabins, and walls to name a few.

Types Of Blasting

There are different types of sandblasting, namely wet abrasive blasting, bead blasting, wheel blasting, hydro-blasting, micro-abrasive blasting and automated blasting, dry-ice blasting and bristle blasting. Each of these methods differs based on the mixture used to blast surfaces.

Wet abrasive blasting: This technique uses extremely fine or coarse particles with varying densities. It allows the use of hot water and soap to enable degreasing along with blasting.

Bead blasting: This technique involves using fine glass beads at extremely high pressure to clean the surface. Bead blasting does not cause damage to the surface.

Wheel blasting: This form of blasting uses a wheel to propel particles to the surface.

Hydro-blasting: This is also known as water blasting. It is primarily used to remove old paint, chemicals and build-up on surfaces. Hydro-blasting involves the use of highly pressurized stream of water.

Micro-abrasive blasting: The whole aim of using micro-abrasive blasting is to clean a small part on a larger surface. It is a process of dry abrasive blasting in which small nozzles are used to blast a surface.

Dry-ice blasting: With this type of blasting, air, and dry ice are used to clean surfaces. This is used on surfaces which can get damaged by sandblasting.

Process Of Sandblasting

There is nothing very complex about the process. It is a three-step process which involves, identifying the material of the surface which needs to be cleaned, preparing the area surrounding the region which needs to be cleaned and then the final procedure of sandblasting the surface with the help of appropriate equipment.

Irrespective of whether you are hiring a contractor for the residential or commercial project, it is important to be well-versed with the basics of sandblasting. We hope this guide has given you an in-depth understanding of the technicalities of sandblasting. To know more about our sandblasting projects, get in touch with our experts at Blacktop Paving Inc.

Sandblasting Basics

Sandblasting 101: What You Need To Know

Do you want precise and quality cleaning of your property? If yes, then sandblasting is just the perfect choice for you and your residential hub.

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting is an effective way to get rid of dirt particles and foreign materials that might have accumulated on your residential property. Apart from cleaning, it is also used for the removal of paint. Since sandblasting is a pressure-driven process, it is highly recommended to get it done by a professional expert. It is faster, easier and effective when performed by a professional. The expert also makes sure the cleaning is done correctly and all the dust is cleared post the completion of the process. Here are a few more sandblasting basics to help you understand the process better:

1) Materials that Can be Sandblasted

There are several materials that can be sandblasted. Wood and concrete, however, are the most common materials that are put to use. Here’s a closer look at the types of materials used for sandblasting:

  • Wood – At times, painted wooden surfaces slowly start fading away or peeling off with time. To prevent the chipping of paint, sandblasting is used to give finishing to these wooden items and preserve their lusture.

  • Concrete – When commercial builders want to remove parking lines and refigure a driveway or a parking lot, they use sandblasting.

  • Brick – The technique of sandblasting can make your brick looking new and clean for a longer period of time.

  • Cast iron – When you invest in cast iron railing materials, there is always a risk that its paint might peel or chip off. Sandblasting can be used to prevent the paint from peeling.

2) Process of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is one of the most commonly used procedures for cleaning materials. Here’s a closer look at the process of sandblasting:

  • STEP 1: The first step of sandblasting is identifying the type of material that needs to be cleaned. Also, to determine the equipment that is required like a sandblasting gun, an air nozzle or a hopper.

  • STEP 2: The second step includes preparing the surrounding area that has to be sandblasted. Remove or cover all the delicate surfaces from your property that do not require sandblasting.

  • STEP 3: Once you have figure out the area that has to sandblasted, your contractor will start with the procedure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sandblasting

Sandblasting has numerous benefits. Here are a few of the many advantages of sandblasting:

  • Paint removal – Sandblasting is not only an effective procedure for cleaning but is also useful for the removal of paint. If you do not want to repaint your property, use this method to simply get rid of the old paint.

  • Surface profiling – A metal component in your property usually needs profiling for its surface to preserve its shine. Sandblasting is the ideal way for creating this profile in an efficient manner.

Sandblasting has certain cons too. It is good to evaluate the disadvantages of sandblasting before making an informed decision:

  • Abrasion – If proper care is not taken post-sandblasting, then the substrate material might get damaged.

  • Heat generation – Sandblasting is an act of propelling highly abrasive materials which in turn generate heat, sparking and static electricity. If the heat is not controlled, it can give to breaking out of a fire. Hiring a professional contractor can help you mitigate these problems easily.

Understanding the sandblasting basics is important before you begin the process. If you do not have the appropriate skills, equipment, and expertise, contact a contractor for the same. Our experts at Blacktop make sure your property is cleaned correctly and there is no damage to the surface.

Benefits of Sandblasting

Why Opt For Sandblasting Cleaning For Your Commercial Space?

Using sandblasting to clean or etch a surface is the ideal cleaning process for every commercial property. As a business owner, you know how valuable it is to have a clean and polished office space and parking lot. A burnished and well-maintained commercial space not only reflects well on your company but also increases your employees’ productivity.

So, why is sandblasting the best option for this? Sandblasting as a cleaning technique has many advantages over other alternative cleaning methods. Its process consists of the act of propelling tiny bits of materials at high-velocity on a surface to ensure thorough cleaning. Due to its affordability and versatility, sandblasting is considered by a majority of business owners as the ideal method for cleaning their commercial property. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of sandblasting to help you make the right choice for your space:

1) Affordable

Affordability is one of the major benefits of sandblasting. Since the process of sandblasting requires less equipment, it is comparatively cheaper than other alternatives of cleaning. Moreover, it does not incur any additional costs during the cleaning process.

Blacktop Paving offers with high-quality services at an affordable price range that can fit the budget for any business. Request a quote at our site to get accurate estimates for your commercial space.

2) Versatile

Sandblasting is a versatile method that can be used for a variety of purposes. Apart from cleaning and polishing the pavement, it can be also used as a technique for paint removal. It not only polishes and refines the surfaces but also removes dirt and other contaminants. Sandblasting can be perfect for cleaning large surfaces such as driveways and parking lots as well as delicate ones like tables and countertops.

3) Efficient

Sandblasting is an optimum technique for cleaning commercial properties. This is because finding a cleaning process can be difficult to repair the kind of wear and tear that machinery and surfaces of offices face. But with sandblasting, this cleaning can be made easy. Whether it is dust, rust or grease, it can be efficiently removed from even the hardest of the surfaces using sandblasting.

4) Effortless

Hiring an experienced professional to complete the sandblasting of your property can make sure the process is not overly strenuous or long. Additionally, the expert also ensures the clean-up is quick and easy as well. Since a professional lays a tarpaulin (heavy-duty, waterproof cloth) underneath the surface that is being sandblasted, all you have to do is remove the extra material when you’re finished.

There were just a few of the many benefits of sandblasting which make it the right process for cleaning your office. Contact our team of professionals to get the best out of your sandblast cleaning and get perfect results.

Sandblast Cleaning

5 Advantages Of Sandblast Cleaning

Are you looking forward to getting your home or office cleaned with high efficiency? If yes, then sandblasting is just the right choice for you! Sandblasting, also popularly known as abrasive grit blasting, is the process of propelling fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean a surface.

Sandblasting was introduced in the late 1800s in Permian Basin and since then has become an effective way to get rid of fire damages, molds and debris. Today, it is considered as a useful process to not only remove dust but also to prepare surfaces for high-performance coating. It is also used to restore residential and commercial properties back to their original condition. Sandblasting is a cost effective option when it comes to damage restoration. Here’s a closer look at the 5 main sandblasting advantages:

1. Affordable

Affordability is one of the few key sandblasting advantages. This is because there are no additional costs incurred during this process and it can be optimized to fit your budget perfectly. With Blacktop Paving, you can get quality sandblasting done at a reasonable price. Simply request a quote at our website to estimate the cost of cleaning your property.

2. Needs Less Equipment

Sandblast cleaning only requires the following key components:

  • Sandblasting gun with an air hose – This gun is connected to the air compressor of the sandblaster.

  • An air compressor – It fires the air inside the gun as long as the trigger is held down.

  • Hopper on the gun – When the air passes through the hopper, it gets into action.

Contacting professional contractors makes sure your surfaces get cleaned thoroughly with the right equipment.

3. Fast

The process of sandblast cleaning is not only cost-efficient but also time-saving. As dust particles are removed quickly with the help of a machine, the process is really fast and helps you save a lot of time.

However, it is recommended to get it done by a professional contractor only. This is because there are many precautions that needed to be taken before cleaning an area. An experienced contractor uses tarpaulins to sandblast your surfaces making the process quick and safer.

4. Non-toxic

Sandblasting involves the use of materials like sodium bicarbonate which is not harmful to inhale. These materials do not have an adverse effect on the environment or on your health.

5. Delivers Perfect Results

The sole purpose of sandblasting is to clean the surfaces effectively. Due to its simple and effectual process, sandblasting usually provides the best results. It is an effective method for cleaning as well as paint removal.

These were some of the key sandblasting advantages that make it an economical and ideal option for your property. Consult our experts to get professional and apt services for all your sandblasting needs.