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4 Tips To Handle Snow Emergencies

During winter due to excess snowfall, snow emergencies are common. You should be aware of how you can handle snow emergencies so that your life is not in danger. In order to ensure that you are able to handle snow emergencies, here are a few tips that you need to follow.

1) Plan Your Snow Removal Work

As and when the government declares a snow emergency, it is better to get prepared for the snow removal process. For this purpose, you first need to plan your snow removal process. Based on what the weather conditions are, you might need to shovel the same place several times. Make sure you are aware of the areas where there are punctures and where there are more chances of traffic. These are the areas where you need to first focus on while snow shoveling. Also, look for a place where you will keep the shoveled snow beforehand. Try to find a place where the melted snow can get drained easily.

2) Carry Emergency/Survival Kit

There is a high chance that due to heavy snowfall, you might get stuck somewhere outside. Hence, it is very important to carry an emergency kit along with you when going out for snow removal process. Your emergency kit should have extra warm clothing, blanket, flashlight, shovel, gloves, plenty of water, and eatables. In eatables, carry snacks that provide instant energy like granola, power bars, beef jerky, etc.

You might even get hurt while shoveling the snow, or your body might start to pain. Carrying a first aid box with essential medicines and bandages can be beneficial in such cases. They provide instant help when you cannot get to the doctor’s place.

3) Inspect The Vehicle

When going out on your vehicle, make sure that the vehicle is in proper working condition. Check for the brakes, fluid levels of the vehicle, tire pressure, windshield washer, and other parts of the vehicle. If you have snow melting chemicals or salt kept in your vehicle, make sure to cover them properly to avoid the salt to clump up. Also, drive slowly to avoid any accidents.

4) Other Safety Measures

Along with following the above tips, here’s something more that you can do to protect yourself from snow emergencies when you step out of your house or commercial property. There are two basic safety measures you need to follow here:

Dress Up Appropriately: You do not want the cold temperature to affect your health or the shoveling process to cause any injury. Cover yourself properly and wear warm clothes when going outside for snow removal. Also, wear non-slippery boots to avoid injuries.

Warm Up: Snow shoveling is a very tiring process and causes your whole body to pain. It is always recommended that you should do a basic stretching so that your body can get ready to perform such the tedious job of removing the snow.

Sometimes the snowfall may be too heavy, and it may be nearly impossible for you to shovel the snow. In such cases, you can call a commercial snow shoveling company to remove the snow quickly and without any problem.

Snow Removal Companies

4 Reasons To Hire Snow Removal Companies

To say snow removal is a strenuous process would be telling you half the story. Snow removal is a labor-intensive process that needs to be completed regularly as this is the only way to keep up with municipal regulations and maintain accessible driveways and walkways.

Failing to remove the snow regularly will naturally lead to the accumulation of deep layers of snow which not just makes it hard to remove but also makes accessibility difficult. When we find ourselves constantly short of time, why invest time for such a redundant chore? Why not opt for the professional snow removal services instead? There are other good reasons as well to hire these services, read on:

1) The Convenience

Shoveling away through the snow for an hour is certainly not how you would like to spend your Saturday afternoon. Not only is it physically demanding, but it also comes with its fair share of back problems. Needless to say, you would much rather stay indoors and admire the view sipping on coffee while the heat pipes warm your home. To make sure the snow doesn’t accumulate, you can simply entrust the responsibility to a reliable snow removal company who can deliver professional results with the use of advanced equipment.

2) The Equipment

Nobody is going to fault you for not being equipped with the latest equipment for snow removal. It is the responsibility of professionals. This is why most reliable snow removal companies are expected to have just the right tools which are sure to get the work done in the fastest way possible. Alongside the industrial snow blowers, snow removal companies also have the perfect tools to deice the snow which stops the deposition of snow in its tracks.

3) The Efficiency

Even the most spirited effort to remove snow will not be comparable to the acute perfection that snow removal companies bring to the table. To achieve the best results, one must be fairly regular with the snow removal process. But, this is a difficult proposition for most of us. However, one has the option of hiring snow removal companies for periodic services, which makes sure snow does not accumulate and the task is completed with efficiency.

4) Safety Standards

Slipping on snow and ice leads to a fair share of injuries each year, and most of our attempts at snow removal are completed without keeping in mind the appropriate safety standards required. This is especially true for commercial spaces where snow removal can be difficult due to the expanse of the space. However, it is unprofessional to not regularly remove snow for the benefit of your clients and customers. And,  if one invests time in snow removal activities in these areas, their commercial productivity would suffer. It is for this reason that hiring a snow removal service is a suitable option.

It is recommended that you give professional snow removal companies such as Blacktop Paving a chance to tackle the challenge of snow removal with complete accuracy. Blacktop Paving has been successfully extending their snow removal services for many years and their expertise ensures a thorough job every time.

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What To Expect With Residential Snow Removal In Edmonton

Winters brings along with it the beautiful snow covered view as well as the indispensable task of snow removal. The task of snow removal in Edmonton is taxing in the freezing temperatures. The struggle to wake up early, the slippery ice or fatigued muscles does not make plowing away snow an enjoyable experience. The task is best outsourced to experienced professionals in snow removal. Hiring snow removal services not only saves you time and labor but also ensures your property is free of piled up snow for the entire duration. There are several benefits that you can reap by hiring a professional snow removal in Edmonton. Here’s what to expect from them:


Piled up snow is hazardous. You or your family members are exposed to the risk of slipping and injuring yourself. With the change in temperatures, the snow melts and freezes, turning the walkway and driveway into a slippery ice platform. If you try to shovel away the snow, you might risk injuring yourself. In addition to that, you risk damaging or missing out on tricky areas. Snow removal service providers have an experienced and trained team to deal with piled up snow. After mapping the area, they use the right equipment to clean the area with snow. With professionals hired to do the job, you ensure your property is safe and free of piled up snow.


A shovel or even a snow blower may not be enough to deal with snow, especially in rough temperatures. Snow removal service providers use right and advanced heavy duty equipment that ensures a clean task. A reliable snow removal service provider also ensures that your needs are taken care of 24/7. With a well-trained team handling the job, you need not worry about piled up snow during storms and blizzards. You can also contact them on a seasonal or monthly basis to ensure a snow-free property during winters.

Site Patrolling

A snow removal service that includes site patrolling is beneficial during rough weather conditions. Snowstorms cover your driveways and walkways within hours. The piled up snow blocks your entrance and hinders your daily routine. When you schedule for snow removal, they ensure there is no accumulation of snow and blocked access to your property.


The freeze-melt cycle is an ongoing process during winters. The snow melts and freezes turning into slippery ice. Because of continuous snowfall, it might stay hidden beneath the pile of snow. This ice formation poses dangerous and leads to injuries. Apart from removing snow, professionals also deal with ice. With the use of de-icing products, they ensure that your drives, walkways, sideways and steps are not slippery.

Piled up snow is bothersome, while the task of snow removal is toiling. Both can ruin your holiday season. The benefits of hiring professional snow removal in Edmonton can be immediately allowing you to have a safe and fun winter.

Snow Removal

Should You Shovel Snow While It is Still Snowing?

The sight of white blankets of snow everywhere is a scenic treat to your eyes. But snowing also brings the backbreaking task of snow shoveling after that. Shoveling snow isn’t fun in most cases, especially when you have to do it on your own. But it is something you cannot overlook or avoid if you want your life to function smoothly. As a citizen of areas with heavily laden snow like Edmonton, it is your duty to clean the snow piles as soon as possible to ensure convenience for your fellow-citizens.

Often people have a common question about snow removal, ‘Can we shovel while it is still snowing?’ The answer is yes, but only if the snowfall is very scarce. Practically speaking, it depends on various scenarios. Here are a few cases when snow shoveling can be considered while it is still snowing.

Quantity of Snow Accumulation

Look out of your window and find out the quantity of snow accumulated. If the blankets of snow are too dense and thick and your yard is covered with snow to a great height, consider shoveling the snow out as soon as possible. The more you delay removing the snow, the severe problems you will have to face till you clear your lot.

Days of Continuous Snowing

Sometimes, it will snow for several days in a row and accumulate a lot of snow. If you delay the snow removal task, feets of snow will accumulate and make your daily chores difficult. If it has been snowing for many consecutive days, and the snowfall is slightly less, go out and shovel as soon as possible. If the forecast calls for 3″ – 5″ of snowfall, with the bright sun the next day, you can postpone your shoveling to the next day and get rid of all of the snow at once.

Intensity of Wind and Snow

If it’s not windy outside and it is moderately snowing straight down, you can shovel the snow. Don’t hovel if the winds are too intense even if it is not snowing, or if it is snowing heavily and there are no strong winds. In both these cases, you will keep shoveling for hours and intense winds and snowfall will just bring back all the snow.

Your Efficiency for Snow Removal

You must also consider your efficiency and safety for shoveling. If you are physically and mentally fit for the same, only then consider stepping out. If you have a large property, you will need a helping hand for snow removal. Consider the size of your lot and how many family members will help you clear the snow. If all the members are physically fit for shoveling the entire area, only then plan to shovel while it is still snowing.

Not clearing your lot in time can prevent you from moving in and out of your house at your ease. Not only this, letting layers of snow to pile up in your yard can harm your plants and trees and also freeze your car parked outside. Therefore, if the above-mentioned scenarios fall in your favor, shovel the snow while it is still snowing. If you can’t manage the snow removal of your entire property on your own, hire residential snow removal service providers.

Snow Removal

5 Best Practices For Safe Snow Removal

Winter is here, and so is the routine of snow removal. If you prefer clearing your property on your own, or with the help of a family member, you must take extreme precaution and care to be safe. Below is a list of things you must consider for safe snow removal.

1) Find The Right Time

It is crucial to decide the right time to remove snow. Look out of the window and also keep track of the weather forecast. If it is snowing heavily or there are strong winds outside, avoid stepping out. Unless there’s a thick blanket of snow accumulated, wait for the snowfall to stop and the weather to become favorable. Going out and removing snow in bad weather can lead to severe mishaps.

2) Prepare For Snow Removal

When it’s the right time to remove snow, prepare yourself for the task. It is obvious that you will cover yourself with layers of warm clothes as it will be colder outdoors. Also, make sure you warm up first and be mentally prepared for hours of snow removal. If you have too much snow to clear, then it is going to be a time-consuming and tiring task. Therefore, don’t forget to hydrate yourself before stepping out.

3) Choose The Right Equipment

Depending on the quantity of snow accumulated, choose the right equipment for snow removal. Decide whether you will use a shovel or a snowblower. If you have light and dry snow, you can use a medium-sized hand shovel. Make sure it is easy for you to use it and it is sturdy enough to clear the lot at the same time. When snow is too wet and heavy, use a snowblower. If your property is large, you may consider calling a residential snow removal service provider for their high-end equipment.

4) Pile Snow Safely

When you are done cleaning the entire area, pile the raked snow safely in one corner. Don’t pile it randomly, especially on your lawn as accumulated snow sitting in one area can damage that patch of your yard. Not only this, strong winds can blow the snow back, and all your efforts will go in vain. Pile snow in an area where the melted snow run-off will drain away.

5) Remove Icicles Too

Snow doesn’t only accumulate in the front and backyard of your house. It also settles on your house roof. And if you don’t clear your roof, the snow can melt and result in leaks in your house. Therefore, pay attention to the roof and clear it too. You might see conical icicles hanging from the roof edge and eavestrough. Remove them first to prevent any injury when they fall.

Remove the snow when the lot is lightly covered and do it often to reduce the accumulation of heavy, packed snow. If you find it difficult to remove or shovel snow from the entire lot, you can ask for assistance. Call the professional snow removal service providers and let them do the clearing for you with their designed equipment and smarter techniques.

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5 Types Of Salt Used To Melt Ice

The snow gathered around your commercial property can affect the commercial space and business in many ways. Therefore, getting it cleared in time is always a good idea. When you clear the snow every day, it helps save time and the labor. Along with this, snow removal also helps in smooth functioning of your business, preventing accidents, and giving way to your employees and customers to enter your store or business outlet. While there are many snow removal techniques available, salt is the most widely used to melt the snow quickly. Below are some of the salts which are used for commercial snow shoveling.

1) Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride or halide is the most common type of salt used. Along with table salt or rock salt, using some amount of prewetting agent reduces the salt from scattering. This combination also uses less amount of salt for melting the snow. Sometimes, sodium chloride is mixed with different kinds of salt so that it increases the speed of snow melting process.

2) Potassium Chloride

Potassium or potash is generally in the form of red or white granules. The red one derives its color from the contamination of iron present in it, while the white one is free from any iron residue. Potassium chloride is available naturally in plants, but it is not as effective as other road salts. This is the reason that there is a need for mixing other melting materials to help melt the snow melt faster.

3) Calcium Magnesium Acetate

The most environment-friendly salt to be used for snow removal is the calcium magnesium acetate. The cost of this salt is 30 times higher than the other road salt used to melt snow. It is non-corrosive and does not damage any vegetation and wildlife. Hence, this is mostly used in places that are environmentally fragile.

4) Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is also a naturally found salt and is more effective than sodium chloride. It melts snow faster even at extremely low temperatures. Although calcium chloride is very safe to use, due to its high price, it is not a commonly used for snow removal.

5) Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride is used in liquid form and is inexpensive to use. When it is in liquid form, it has a prewetting agent which melts the snow faster. This salt releases heat which melts the snow. Later, the solution of melted ice and magnesium chloride makes the road slippery.

Now that you know the different kinds of salt which are used for snow removal, you can plan the snow shoveling process at your commercial space. Hiring professionals to carry out the snow shoveling process will make your work easier. But before hiring, there are various things to look for in a commercial snow removal company. So, make sure you are aware of the basic things that a snow shoveling firm should have and select the right snow shoveling firm to help you get rid of the snow on your commercial property.

Snow Removal Services

5 Trends in Snow Removal

Regular snow removal is a must. After all, it facilitates mobility and makes sure our driveways, walkways, and roads are safe to walk on. If you’ve lived in Alberta for long, snow removal and its struggles have been an ever-present part of your life.

Snow removal has gradually improved with the availability of professional snow shoveling services and technological innovations. These innovations have made our struggles easier to manage. Here are a few popular trends in snow removal, this winter, treat yourself the luxury of convenience.

1) Melting the Ice

Ice melting has been particularly successful in containing the extents of our problems. Due to lack of better options in the past, ice melting products that have dangerous toxic chemicals that affect our environment have been used. Technological progress has made sure environmentally friendly products are available. These greener alternatives are safer.

2) Specially Designed Lightweight Shovels

Make no mistake, manually shoveling is physically tiring work, and we only recommend shoveling for smaller patches of shallow deposits of snow. The problem with shoveling is that it leads to several back injuries and spasms. The new-age lightweight shovels are easy on your back and hardly affect performance.

3) Adjustable Snow Blowers

Snow Removal

The accumulation of a deep layer of snow needs a more effective method of snow removal; this is something that brushes wouldn’t be effective at. Adjustable snow blowers, on the other hand, come with the added advantage of being equipped with adjustable nozzles and directional chutes. This gives you the luxury of picking up snow in sizeable chunks and throwing it elsewhere. The directional element of these blowers let you have greater control while depositing snow. This would prevent quarrels with your neighbor as you wouldn’t dump snow onto their driveway.

4) In-Ground Heating Cables

Installing in-ground heating systems need the professional services of a radiant heat expert and perhaps a licensed electrician. These cables are effective because they manage to melt away the snow regardless of the shape of the area where it is installed. These cables virtually eliminate the need of shoveling altogether; the only downside to this would be how expensive these systems are.

5) Professional Snow Removal Services

Do you know what‘s really trending? Specialization! People now realize the value of industry specialists. It is simply convenient to rely on the professional services of said specialists. Here, these professionals offer their effective snow removal services that have the essential expertise one needs alongside the tools or equipment through which this efficiency is maintained.

The snow removal services that experts such as Blacktop Paving offer are comprehensive. There is a reason why the Cities of Edmonton and Leduc would prefer to hire their services.

Snow Removal Services

Commercial Snow Shoveling 101

Regular, manual snow removal is the only solution to the problem of snow that piles up around our homes. However, things are different when it comes to snow removal in a commercial setting. Due to the extensiveness of the area and an unavailability of time, there are very few solutions available to commercial property owners that can resolve this problem independently. This is where commercial snow removal services come in. But, to understand the ways in which they help us, it would help to understand what commercial snow shoveling is in the first place:

What is Commercial Snow Shoveling?

In the regions that are prone to accumulation of great levels of snow, day-to-day work life can get affected as it is difficult to remove the snow in a timely fashion. To counter these difficulties, several professional enterprises provide snow removal services. These companies have the expertise and the necessary equipment without which large-scale snow removal would be difficult. Commercial snow shoveling help us get rid of the snow that accumulates in our driveways, walkways, and parking lots among other places.

How Commercial Snow Shoveling Works

One has the option of hiring snow removal services on a full-time basis so there is a continual snow removal. Alternatively, there is also an option of hiring them for a one-time service. Snow removal services make use of equipment that is especially adept at clearing out large chunks of snow. The equipment that these companies utilize includes snow blowers, hand shovels, truck plows, smaller tractors, heavy front-end loaders, and skid-steers. Contractors also utilize salt to deice the accumulated snow. Salt helps make sure further ice does not get easily accumulated.

Importance of Snow Shoveling Services

Commercial snow shoveling services are vital because they make sure your operations are running smoothly, and the onslaught of snow does not affect your productivity.

Snow removal services make sure your parking lot is clear of snow and ice without which, it would be difficult for drivers to spot the parking guidelines. Furthermore, getting ice cleared regularly also helps you avoid unfortunate accidents and slip-ups in your parking lot and driveway. This helps maintain safety standards for which you are certainly responsible as a commercial property owner. Additionally, an ill-managed parking lot would certainly lead to a poor early impression on your the potential customers and clients while a well-plowed parking lot would help you make a positive one. Since safety is imperative in this process, here are a few snow shoveling safety tips.

By this time you probably do realize the importance of hiring a snow shoveling service. It would be better to hire a company that has the essential experience as well. Blacktop Paving, with its prior experience of working with the city authorities of Edmonton and Leduc, would certainly be a reliable choice for your snow shoveling requirements. Their list of projects certainly inspires confidence.

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4 Things To Look For In A Commercial Snow Removal Company

Temperatures in Edmonton haven’t been friendly since the last couple of weeks. This combined with heavy snowfall can take a toll on your business. The piled up snow and ice can wreak havoc on your property. In addition to this, clients face difficulty visiting you and employees may suffer slip and fall injuries. And, the loss of business and personal injury liabilities are the last things you want, when you already have enough things to worry about.

Snow removal services can take care of this problem efficiently and prevent the weather from disrupting your routine. While hiring snow removal services is essential, it is equally important to choose the right company. This is because hiring an inefficient snow removal team will be equal to not having a service on board. So, how do you know whether you are hiring the right firm? Here are a few things you should look for when hiring snow removal services:

1) The Level of Experience

Imagine that you hired a snow removal service, but they are not responsive and their work is not up to the mark. You certainly do not want a team that is unprofessional and has inadequate skills. Professionalism comes from training and experience. While looking for a good snow removal service, inquire about their team, whether they are trained, and the level of experience they possess.

2) Preparation and Turnaround Time for Urgent needs

A professional snow removal service knows the importance of planning and preparation for emergencies. You want the team you hired to be there after a snowstorm or blizzard to clear your commercial compound of snow. A good snow removal company will be able to handle 5-50 cm of snow and will provide you with an estimated time of arrival and other details of the work to be done. The right snow removal service is the one on which you can rely.

3) The Tools and Equipment they use

With the right equipment, work gets done efficiently, irrespective of the weather conditions. You should ask snow removal services about the equipment they use. The good ones are equipped with heavy duty and advanced tools to handle any amount of snow and any kind of weather condition. You can check their website or enquire with ex-customers to know more about their work.

4) Insurance of the Snow Removal Contractor and their Team

It is important to make sure that the snow removal contractor is insured. Most often this is taken care of by the contractor themselves. But, if it isn’t, then that’s a red flag to watch out for. You may be held responsible for slip and fall accidents occurring with the snow removal team on your property. Enquire about the type of insurance they have to eliminate such liabilities.

Enquiring about these aspects will help you choose the right snow removal company. If you are looking for effective commercial snow removal services, then get in touch with us at Blacktop Paving.