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Are You Aware Of These Snow Shoveling Safety Measures?

Winters in Canada are a visual treat of snow-clad roads and rooftops. But, they are also synonymous with the inevitable task of snow removal. Driveways and walkways covered by a thick blanket of snow calls for the revival of the good old shovel to initiate the unpopular but unavoidable task of snow shoveling.

Snow shoveling is not just about using the tools to remove snow. It is also about using the right practices for an efficient and safe job. The falling temperatures and the slippery snow can lead to health conditions and injuries if you fail to take safety precautions and do not use the right techniques. So, before moving on to tackling the snow on your driveway, read on these safety measures to avoid potential injuries:

Precautionary Steps before Snow Shoveling

Dress Up Appropriately

When shoveling snow off your driveway and sidewalks, safety should be your priority. You do not want the cold temperatures to add to the tough task and affect your health. Hence, it is vital to dress up in layers. Make sure you also wear slip-resistant boots to prevent injuring yourself.

Warm Up

Stretch yourself by doing some light movements like bending side to side or on the spot jogging to warm up your muscles. The cold weather tightens your muscles and increases the chances of injury. When you warm up, your muscles loosen, reducing the chance of a muscle pull or strain while shoveling.

Snow Shoveling Techniques for a Smooth Task

Choosing the Right Shovel

Using the right shovel is essential for an effective snow removal task. In addition to this, it helps reduce health risks. Ergonomically designed shovels are a great option as they reduce the amount of bending you have to do while shoveling.

Snow Shoveling Tricks

While choosing the right shovel is vital, using the right techniques to shovel snow is equally important. Here are some techniques to help you ease the task:

  • Bend your knees and use your legs to lift your shovel while picking up the snow

  • Make sure you keep the shovel blade close to you to reduce straining your back

  • When the snowfall is heavy, do not try to scoop up too much snow in one go. Instead, skim the top inches and then go for the bottom.

Take Enough Breaks and Stay Hydrated

Doing a strenuous task like snow shoveling without taking a pause will definitely land you in a hospital. It is important to give your body enough breaks in between to prevent tiring your body and burdening your heart. Additionally, it is vital to stay hydrated while shoveling snow.

Hire Snow Removal Services

Although you may be used to shoveling, it is not advisable to do it under harsh weather conditions. Snow removal services offer one-time, as well as full-time services to cater to your individual needs. Hiring professional and trained snow removal services will relieve you of this tedious task while ensuring your driveway stays clear of snow.

Snow Removal Services

Mind Your Step: 4 Winter Walking Safety Tips

No doubt, winter is one of the best seasons of the year. The sharp chill in the air and the snow-covered grounds are a beautiful sight to enjoy. It makes you want to go out for a stroll or for a nice brisk walk to warm up yourself.  Although it is a good way of enjoying the weather, one wrong move and you can hurt yourself real hard.

Walking on a snow-covered path is no easy task. Irrespective of all the work snow removal services do, there will be some amount of snow on the roads. This can be risky for pedestrians who will traverse the path. It is, therefore, important for you to be careful while walking on the roads in winter. The federal website of the City of Calgary and the Canada Safety Council have listed a few safety tips for winter walking. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1) Use ice Grippers

Ice grippers are devices that are attached to your shoes to help you walk on thick layers of snow. They aid people of all age groups to walk on snow. But, sometimes ice grippers can get slippery. So, be careful while walking on surfaces with less friction like stone, tile, and ceramic. And, before you buy ice grippers, make sure you can detach and attach them to your boots.

2) Use Winter Boots

Irrespective of how much we love our shoes, during winter opt for winter boots. Winter boots are usually warm, slip resistant, waterproof, and sturdy. They are specifically designed to handle the harsh winters. Hence, always use winter boots while walking on snow.

3) Use your Presence of Mind

Although this safety tip might seem silly, many people fail to adhere to this one and end up having a great fall. While walking on the road, you need to be mindful of your environment. Avoid listening to music or engaging in conversation that may prevent you from hearing the oncoming traffic or snow removal equipment. This should ideally be followed not just during winter, but otherwise as well.

4) Keep your Balance

Sometimes, even after snow removal services do their job, walking on the roads can be difficult. With thick layers of snow, it might be difficult to keep your balance while walking. Avoid carrying a lot of weight as it might affect your balance. Spread your feet out slightly while walking. This will increase the center of gravity and help in maintaining your balance. Also, make sure to take small steps or shuffle your feet on snowy roads.

Follow these safety tips to prevent accidents and injuries while walking during winters. And, don’t forget to hire snow removal services to keep the snow levels in check. You can get in touch with us to get rid of snow on your driveway or sidewalks.

Edmonton City Snow Bylaws

Edmonton City’s Snow Bylaws

While snow brings with it scenic views to behold, it also brings along the daunting task of snow removal. If not removed, the blanket of snow may result in injuries and inconvenience. Hence, snow removal becomes essential in areas with heavily laden snow like Edmonton. When dealing with snow, there are certain Edmonton City snow bylaws that must be kept in mind. The bylaws contain the role of the city, as well as yours as a citizen, in dealing with snow. These Edmonton city snow bylaws not only make the task of dealing with snow easier but also ensure safe conditions and mobility for citizens. Here is what you need to know about it.

Edmonton City Snow Bylaws

City’s Role in Snow Removal

The city plays its part in dealing with snow by providing snow and ice control for smooth mobility and safety of the citizens. When it snows, the city has a priority cleaning system to keep the traffic flowing smoothly. Freeways, arterial roads, and business districts are given a high priority, bus routes, transit parks, and ride access roads are cleared next, which is followed by local industrial roadways, and residential street and alleys. Usually, the officials clear the main roads within 48 hours after the end of snowfall. However, only maintenance activities are carried out when the snowfall ranges 0-3cm. Snow plowing begins on main roads when 3cm of snow has accumulated. In the case of a heavy snowfall of 10cm-30cm and above, a major plowing event is declared and overnight parking bans may also be applicable. Hence, you must keep a watch on parking bans whenever it snows.

Additionally, the city applies a mixture of sand and salt combined with other materials to maintain road traction or melt ice. For those living in city’s neighborhoods, the areas are bladed to a 5cm snow pack in the event of accumulated snow. You must also note that while the roads may be cleared in your neighborhood area on the snow day, the cleared snow may not be removed until a later day. The city updates the Major Roads Plowing Map in the case of heavy snowfall for your convenience and safe commuting.

Your role as a Citizen

While the city plays its part, as a citizen it is also your duty to follow certain rules including parking bans, clearing sidewalks, etc while dealing with snow. As a citizen, you can ensure safe conditions by clearing your sidewalks within 48 hours after the end of snowfall. If not, you may be charged with a fine of $100. You must also maintain any awning or roof, extending over the highway, free of snow and ice. Additionally, the piled up snow must be shoveled into the yard and not the street. You can also buy sand for free from the city’s roadway maintenance yard to maintain road traction. Furthermore, you must lend a helping hand to seniors or those with limited mobility and disabilities in snow shoveling.

By doing your part as a faithful citizen, you ensure safe conditions for everyone in the city during winters. You can learn more about your and the city’s role by visiting the city’s official website. Snow removal can seem daunting, especially in harsh weather conditions. You may hire a snow removal company to make sure your property is free of snow the entire winter.

Local Snow Plowing Service

When Should You Hire A Local Snow Plowing Service?

A blanket of snow is often unwelcome when it falls on a daily basis. Though it may be a sight to behold, piled up snow is troublesome. Apart from causing injuries, piled up snow is also an obstacle in your daily routine. To get rid of the snow, most of them shovel away snow on a daily basis. However, snow plowing is a tiresome job and also poses safety hazards. Moreover, snow plowing may not be the right choice under various conditions. Hence, it is best to hire a local snow plowing service, especially under the following conditions:

If You Suffer Any Health Conditions

Piled up snow poses safety risks, but snow plowing can be even more hazardous if you already suffer from a medical condition. While you may prefer shoveling to save money, it may end up costing a fortune on medical expenses. If you have any health issues, you must abandon your shovel now! The freezing temperature and the effort that goes into shoveling can worsen your health and even lead to an injury. Hiring a snow plowing service is a safer option that saves you from severe health consequences.

Under Extreme Weather Conditions

Snow storms and blizzards are a common sight during winters. It is difficult to get rid of snow during such weather conditions, resulting in hindrances in your daily routine. A snow removal service takes care of their client’s needs 24/7. They have a well-trained operational team and the right equipment to cater to emergencies. Moreover, you can hire them seasonally. Hiring a snow removal service ensures your property stays free of piled up snow for the whole season.

Getting Rid Of Ice

Freeze and melt cycles are common during winters, resulting in slippery walkways. The most common and the most inexpensive way to melt ice is using rock salt. While rock salt exists in nature, it also poses safety hazards. It tends to slowly melt the snow. This results in you using a large amount of rock salt to melt snow faster. When you dump a large input of rock salt, it disturbs the balance and causes problems for plants and animals. Additionally, rock salt has corrosive properties that can damage your pathways. Snow removal professionals are experienced in combating the issue of ice and guide you with safety tips to prevent issues.

Damage to Property

Piled up snow tends to cover tricky areas, which may be either missed or damaged while shoveling. A snow removal company begins before snow fall. They visit your property and map the area, including the tricky ones.  In addition to that, the equipment used, allows walkways, drives, and patios to be cleared without damaging the landscape. Hence, snow removal is done in a safe and effective way by hiring a professional.

In a region where you are continually bombarded with snow and ice, hiring a local snow plowing service is the best investment. Hire a local snow plowing service that not only saves time and effort but also keeps your property safe and free of snow.


Why Should You Contract For Snow Removal Service?

Winters are synonymous with snowfall and low temperatures. This excites many and while the blanket of snow is a sight to behold, piled up snow can be troublesome. It causes not only injuries, but snow piled up on your driveways and at the entrance can be an obstacle in your daily routine. Snow removal can also be a tiresome job in freezing temperatures. It is a struggle to wake up and shovel away the snow. In addition to that, your shovel may not be helpful during storms and blizzards. Hiring a snow removal service eases all such worries. Various benefits come along when you contract for snow removal services.


Piled up snow can be hazardous, leading to injuries. The piled up snow melts and freezes again turning the walkway into slippery ice platform. This can cause you to fall and injure yourself. It also makes driving difficult on such slippery paths. Apart from this shoveling can also cause a muscle pull or back pain. This can be harmful for you and your family. Hiring a professional snow removal service is a safer option. Their experience combined with the right equipments will ensure a snow free and safe property.


You may not be able to shovel away snow each day, especially during extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This can cause a hindrance to your daily routine. A reliable snow removal service provider will take care of his client’s needs 24/7. They also have a well run operational team to serve the clients and cater to emergencies. Moreover, you can hire them seasonally. This ensures your property stays free of snow and ice during winters.


Your shovel may not be of use in rough weather conditions.Furthermore, if you have a large property, a shovel would take you hours. It is also a tiring job and you may risk damaging or missing out on certain areas.  A professional contractor maps the area, identifies the tricky corners and then commences the task. They also have the right equipment needed for snow removal. Their skill and experience combined with the right equipment ensures a clean job. By hiring a professional for snow removal, you ensure the job is done right.


The melting and freezing cycle is an ongoing process during winters. The melting and refreezing process causes the walkways and driveways to become slippery. A professional snow removal contractor not only takes care of the piled up snow but also removes the ice. By hiring a professional snow removal service provider, you can combat such dangerous issues.

You reap all these benefits when you contract for snow removal services. The process of snow removal requires skill and experience. A quick search will ensure you hire the best snow removal service provider.

Snow Removal Services in Edmonton

4 Tips To Hire A Good Snow Removal Company In Edmonton

Winters are synonymous with the scenic views of rooftops blanketed with snow and also the tedious task of snow removal. Snow piled up in your commercial premises acts as an obstacle in your daily routine and can be risky for your employees and customers. And, you certainly do not want to lose businesses or be liable for injuries to your employee or customers due to tardiness in snow removal.

Business owners are therefore recommended to hire snow removal services in Edmonton. These professionals are skilled in dealing with heavy snow, as well as situations like snow storms. However, you do not want to hire just any commercial service who doesn’t have the right equipment or expertise to complete the job efficiently. Here are some factors to be considered when hiring snow removal services in Edmonton:

1) Skills and Experience

Effective snow removal requires the right techniques and skills that come with years of experience. You want to hire a snow removal company that has been in business for long. Hence, prior to hiring ask them how long have they been providing these services? How skilled is their snow removal team? You may also check their website, and customer reviews and testimonials online. Ideally, you should hire a company with at least five plus years of experience.

2) Equipment used

Professional snow removal services in Edmonton must be well-versed with the latest tools and techniques required for the process. Unlike the traditional snow removal equipment, heavy duty, professional equipment help carry out the task more efficiently. These tools make the process quick and easy. Make sure the snow removal company you hire has the right equipment to offer you good service.

3) Cost of Services

Everyone wants to avail reasonably priced services. Many business owners end up going for the lowest quote provided by various contractors. Remember, that prices should be affordable but not extremely low. There are countless stories about the hiring of inexpensive services that don’t show up or do a good job. It is best to go to a quality service provider, even if it means spending a few more dollars.

4) Reliability

Heavy snowfalls and snow storms do not come with a warning. Hence, you need commercial snow removal services that are available round-the-clock whether you have 5 cm snowfall or a 50 cm snowfall. Professional snow removal services in Edmonton offer a full-time as well as one-time service. Depending on your requirements, check whether or not you can rely on them during heavy snowfall. Additionally, ask them how they plan for snowstorms. Having this information helps in making an informed choice.

These were some of the factors to bear in mind when hiring snow removal services in Edmonton. Once you hire a company, make sure you read the contract thoroughly before signing it. If you are looking for good snow removal services in Edmonton, then reach out to us today.

Snow Removal in Edmonton

4 Snow Removal Tips For Home And Driveways

Snow removal isn’t fun, but it is a necessity when you live in the northern climes. And, while the white blanket of snow is a treat to the eye, it is ill-advised to allow even a meager amount of ice on your driveway to go unshoveled. Deep feets of piled up snow not only obstruct your daily routine but also cause injuries. The inevitable task of snow removal in Edmonton can be a backbreaker and can also cause damage to your home’s exteriors. To prevent muscle pulls and scratches on your property, utilize these tips for snow removal in Edmonton:

1) Prep yourself for Snow Removal

Commencing snow removal as soon as you wake up in the morning can cause harm to your body. Some amount of preparation is necessary for safe and efficient snow removal. Check the forecast at night to be well-prepared for clearing deep feet of snow in the case of a heavy shower. Dressing up in layers is vital to prevent the weather from affecting your health. Warm up by stretching your muscles to prepare your body for the tedious task of removing snow.

2) Pick the Right Tools and use the Right Techniques

There’s no doubt that snow removal is taxing and using the wrong tools can worsen the procedure for you further, resulting in pain and injury. Various types of shovels are available to make this process easier. Choose a shovel in consideration with your comfort and strength. Additionally, make sure the tool is not very sharp to avoid damaging your exterior landscape. Apart from the shovel, using the right techniques for snow removal is vital. Bend your knees and keep the blade close to you to reduce back strain. To deal with deep feet of snow, skim the top inches and then scoop up the bottom to ease the process. Furthermore, take frequent breaks while shoveling to curb health hazards.

3) Invest in a Snow Blower

Although shovel is a common snow removal tool, it may not be apt for piles of snow resulting from blizzards and snowstorms. Plus, shoveling is also time-consuming. If you live in a region with heavy snowfall, then it is best to invest in a snow blower. Make sure you keep your hands and feet away from moving parts when using the blower. A snow blower may demand some extra investment but will ensure a smooth and hassle-free snow removal.

4) Melt the Ice

The thawing cycle is an ongoing process during winters. The freezing and melting of snow results in a slippery ice sheet on your drives and sidewalks. This can be hazardous as anyone can slip and get injured. Hence, it is vital to melt the ice. Use salt or chemical deicers to unfreeze the ice. However, salt, as well as some chemical deicers, can have negative side effects on your landscape. Consider the weather and the products’ side effects, and use the one that best fits your situation.

5) Hire a Professional Service for Snow Removal Edmonton

Since Edmonton experiences a fair amount of snowfall each year, it is wise to hire a snow removal service. These professionals offer one-time as well as seasonal snow removal services to ensure your home and driveway are clear of snow during winters.

Edmonton snow and ice removal

Edmonton Snow And Ice Removal Tips For Your Driveway

Snow removal is no fun, but you can’t avoid it, especially when you live in a place that experiences heavy snowfall. Unshoveled snow not only causes inconvenience, but is also a hazard. While the task of snow and ice removal seems daunting, if done the right way, the job can go smoothly. Here are a few Edmonton snow and ice removal tips to make the task easier.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead ensures a safe and efficient snow removal process. This becomes vital, especially during rough weather conditions. You cannot prevent a snowstorm, but you can try minimizing its effects. Checking the forecast each night before you get to bed helps you schedule your day, and avoid delays and frustration. Make sure you warm up your muscles before commencing the task to prevent injuries. Dressing is equally important. Dress in layers to keep yourself warm and put on slip-resistant boots for a better grip.

Pick The Right Shovel

An already tedious task, snow shoveling can be much harder if you don’t have the right shovel. It is best to choose a quality shovel with an appropriate blade size for best results. Also, bear in mind that large shovels aren’t always helpful. Hence, it is best to choose a shovel as per your strength and comfort.

Shovel Safe

Shoveling becomes quick and easy when done in the right way. Keep the following tips in mind for safe shoveling.

  • Bend your knees and lift your legs. Keep the shovel blade close to you as you lift the snow to prevent back strain.

  • Keep switching between shoveling right-handed and left-handed to avoid muscle fatigue.

  • If there is a foot or more of snow, avoid getting it all in one scoop. Try skimming a few inches before getting to the bottom.

  • It is best to shovel the path to your car first. This way you can start your car and turn on the defrosting mechanisms.

  • You must pay attention to where to pile the shoveled snow. Piling at the end of the driveway is not a great idea. This will result in doubling your work.

  • Do not rush. Vow to take breaks every few minutes and make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

  • Shovel often. Avoiding snow removal can lead to dangerous, icy driveway.

Invest In A Snow Blower

Snow blowers are worth considering, especially if you reside in a region with heavy snowfall. Snow blowers take away a lot of tedious aspects of snow removal. Removing huge piles of snow becomes quicker and easier with a snow blower. They are available in different types, so choose the pick the one that suits your needs.

Melt The Glossy Sheet Of Ice

The thawing cycle is an ongoing process during snowy winters. The snow melts and freezes, resulting in slippery drives that pose risks. Anti-icers are a type of chemical applied before snowfall begins, to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the pavement. De-icers are chemicals used to melt the ice after snow removal. Both come in different varieties, so you may select the one that fits your requirements.

While it is taxing, snow removal also seems burdensome in today’s hectic lifestyle. Moreover, shoveling might not always help during heavy snowfalls and storms. It is best to outsource the task to an Edmonton snow and ice removal service provider and ensure a relaxed and fun winter.

Snow Removal in Edmonton

6 Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

As the winter arrives, so does the snow, followed closely by your shovel that finally comes out from the seldom visited store-room. Snow-clad roads and pavements become a common sight in Canada this time around the year. And, it is important for residents and business owners to make sure that their pavements are free of snow and ice to avoid unnecessary accidents and penalties. However, often, due to a lack of awareness and the proper precautions, this trivial task of cleaning up the snow and ice can end up with an unfortunate visit to the hospital. To make sure, you avoid any of these accidents, here are a few safety tips for snow removal in Edmonton:

Prerequisites for Snow Shoveling

1) Consult a Physician:

  • The activity of shoveling snow is highly vigorous and energy draining and it causes stress to develop in your lower back and neck. Hence, make sure you consult a physician before picking up the shovel.

  • Give up when necessary. Assess your physical health before embarking on this vigorous task. In case of a medical condition, feel free to approach a team of reliable snow shoveling contractors to get your job done.

2) What to Wear:

  • Wear light, preferably loose and layered clothing

  • Do not forget to wear the safety equipment – gloves, socks, mittens, mufflers to protect yourself from the chills of the snow shoveling.

3) Warm up:

  • Many accidents happen during the course of snow shoveling. Hence, light exercise is required before starting off, to get into the momentum. Prepare your muscles for this vigorous activity by doing simple warm-up exercises.

During Snow Shoveling

1) Appropriate Choice of Shovel:

  • The shovel should be suitable for your height and strength

  • It should prevent excessive stooping and bend

  • Opt for ergonomically-designed shovels, made of light materials like plastic rather than heavy shovels made of metals

  • Space out your hands on the tool grip to increase your leverage of the shovel.

2) Push, not Lift:

  • This step needs to be kept in mind. Wrong technique can lead to severe injuries. Try working at a slow yet steady pace, in order to avoid damaging your back

  • If you must lift the bundle of snow, squat with your legs, bend your knees and use your legs as much as possible

  • Lift the bundle by straightening your legs and without bending at the waist.

3) Take Breaks

  • Frequent breaks while snow shoveling help you rejuvenate yourself

  • Pay multiple visits to the site of the snow, rather than collecting all the snow at once and risking your balance

  • Stay hydrated all the time and replenish yourself with continuous intake of fluids.

These were a few safety tips for snow removal in Edmonton that one should keep in mind during shoveling ice. Additionally, it is not advisable to engage in this activity on a regular basis especially during the colder months. For more information regarding snow-shoveling, reach out to our experts at Blacktop Paving Inc. today.