Snow Removal Bylaws Edmonton

Bylaws Governing The Removal Of Snow And Ice In Edmonton

With the arrival of winter, sidewalks and pathways will soon be covered with a thick blanket of crusted snow. While the whole town will be busy preparing for Christmas and enjoying this beautiful weather, property owners need to be mindful of the snow removal bylaws in Edmonton. In a cosmopolitan city like Edmonton, snow removal is a serious business.

The municipal authorities expect residents to keep the sidewalks in front of their house free of snow and ice during winter time. Most people understand the weighty consequences of not adhering to the snow removal bylaws Edmonton. But, very few people are aware of the nitty-gritty of these bylaws. In this article, we will discuss these bylaws governing snow removal Edmonton in detail –

1) The 48 hours Deadline

The common belief among most Edmonton residents is that there is a 24-hour limit to clearing the ice and snow from the sidewalks surrounding your property. But, the city allows a grace period of 48 hours to get rid of all the snow. It is solely your responsibility and it needs to be taken care of at the earliest. If you have the health and the inclination you can take charge of clearing away all the snow yourself or you can hire a snow removal contractor while you prepare for the upcoming festivities indoors.

2) Snow Removal is Regulated Through Complaints

No, there are no policemen who will patrol your property to check if the snow has been removed. Still, snow removal is regulated through complaints. If you notice your neighbor has not cleared the ice around his property, then you can call the City of Edmonton and lodge a complaint. The city has employed a number of inspectors who come by to check if the registered complaint is true.

3) When Warnings are Issued

When the city of Edmonton receives a complaint, an inspector is sent out to investigate the situation. If the snow is still not removed, then a warning is issued to the resident. The resident is then supposed to get rid of the snow at the earliest. After seven days, the inspector will visit again to check if the snow is removed. If the resident fails to do so, then a ticket is issued against them.

4) Bylaws Governing Roofs and Awnings

When it comes to snow removal, some people tend to ignore their roofs and awnings. But, if you have roofs and awnings that hang over your sidewalk or pathway, then you have to get snow removed from these areas as well. The snow from your roof can cause injury to the pedestrians who walk on your sidewalks. Hence, you need to make sure that you get rid of the snow from these areas from time-to-time.

These were the snow removal bylaws in Edmonton. We hope this knowledge will help you avoid any snow-related issues this winter. Get in touch with us to hire a snow removal contractor. Together, we can keep snow removal issues at bay.

Snow Removal Tips

4 Eco-friendly Tips for Snow Removal

No matter how romantic or festive the season of winter may seem, it comes with its share of frigid temperatures and snow removal prerequisites. We cannot imagine Christmas celebrations without friends and family. But, for your guests to arrive at the party your driveway needs to be snow free. In fact, to ensure your driveway is functional throughout the season and your car can be driven from the garage, snow needs to be shoveled on a regular basis. You can either do this yourself or avail a professional snow removal service. Timely snow removal keeps slippery conditions in your neighborhood in control and reduces the probability of accidents. These 4 eco-friendly snow removal tips will help you get through the process efficiently:

Opt for Eco-friendly Ice Melt Products

There are many ice melt products available in the market. But, a majority of them consist of harsh chemicals such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium salts. These chemicals enter your home through your shoes and can come in contact with toddlers and pets. Harsh chemical products also corrode the surface of your driveway and can lead to fissures and cracks on its surface. This also poses a grave risk for plants and the water which reaches our homes. Hence, be careful while choosing your ice melt product. Read the list of ingredients carefully and choose a product which is less harmful. You can also use coffee grounds to melt the snow in your driveways and sidewalks.

Choose Battery or Electric Powered Snow Blowers

This winter say no to using gasoline-powered snow blowers. They produce emissions that pollute the air we breathe. Using electric powered snow blowers instead will help you get rid of snow in an eco-friendly way. So, make sure you use snow blowers which are either electric or powered by batteries.


Another eco-friendly snow removal tip is to take sand, woodchips or birdseed and sprinkle them on your driveway and sidewalks. This will not melt the snow but it will increase the traction of your surface. This is an eco-friendly way of dealing with slippery pavements. But, be careful and use these things sparingly.

Hire an Eco-friendly Snow Removal Service

It is always recommended to hire a professional snow removal company to get the job done. When it comes to snow removal in your neighborhood, you need to opt for a professional service provider. While making your choice, see to it you select an eco-friendly snow removal service provider.

Blacktop paving uses eco-friendly snow removal tips and techniques to get rid of snow on your pavements. With experienced professionals and specialized equipment, our services can ensure easy snow removal this winter. Get in touch with our experts to know more about our services.

Snow Removal Contractor

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Snow Removal Service

In Edmonton, winter temperatures can go as a low as minus 10 degree Celsius. This means there’s going to be heavy snowfall certainly blocking roads, driveways, gardens and commercial entry points. However, this cannot come in between the smooth functioning of your business. Because, at the end of the day, you do not want anything to prevent customers and company employees from coming to office.

It is for this reason that businesses should consider hiring snow removal service professionals from reputed companies. They provide prompt, thorough and on-time services which help in keeping your businesses running. If you are reading this article, you are surely on the lookout for a good snow removal service company. Take a look at these tips to hire a snow removal contractor to ensure you make the right choice:

1) Get a Written Contract

No matter which company you hire, make sure you get a written contract mentioning the quote and the terms and conditions of the service. This will help you maintain transparency and you won’t stand a risk of being cheated. And before you sign the contract, go through the documents thoroughly. Read all the fine print, disclaimers and waiver sections to avoid difficulties at a later stage.

2) Look for the Best Quote

Snow removal can be an expensive affair. Hence, it is recommended to get multiple quotes before you finalize on the contractor. Make sure you compare the prices as well the quality of service being offered. This is going to use a significant part of your capital, so take your time and make an informed decision while choosing a snow removal contractor.

3) Check for References

In the digital age, every business has user reviews. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to look for customer feedback for a particular snow removal company. You can also ask the concerned snow removal company for references that you can contact to get an accurate feedback. Testimonials and reviews should be an important deciding factor while choosing a snow removal contractor.

4) Response Time

One of the key distinguishing factors of a good snow removal company is the time it takes to respond to your request. In times of emergency, quick response time is essential for commercial businesses. The best way to find out about response time is by checking for references and testimonials about the service.

5) Enquire About the Equipment Used

Snow removal companies use different types of equipment based on the location and the customer requirement. For example, Bobcat skid steers are used to clear driveways whereas snow blowers are used to clear downhill sloping drives and walks. Snow removal is a labor-intensive process and can even damage your property. So you should always find out the about the type of equipment being used by the snow removal company to ensure a good service.

These were a few tips to hire a snow removal contractor that you should keep in mind before engaging a contractor. Reach out to us to ensure good snow removal services for your business in Edmonton.

Snow Clearing Edmonton

Snow Clearing Edmonton: How Do You Do It?

Winters are synonymous with a beautiful blanket of snow and the inevitable task of snow clearing. While snow removal seems daunting, it is unavoidable. Avoiding snow removal leads to injury and inconvenience in your daily schedule. Use of the right tools and techniques make the task of snow removal easy and smooth. Here are a few tips for snow clearing Edmonton that will make your job easier.

Be prepared

Snow hides tricky corners that may get damaged or missed out while removing snow. Hence, it is vital to map the area before commencing the task. Snow removal is a tedious job hence, before heading out make sure you stretch your muscles well and warm up yourself. This is vital to prevent injuries. It is equally important to dress appropriately in layers to keep yourself warm. Slip-resistant boots are recommended to avoid injuring yourself.

Use the Right Equipments

Using the wrong equipment makes the process of snow removal more tiring. Several types of snow shovels are available to choose from. It is vital to invest in a quality shovel with an appropriate blade. Test the shovel in the store by holding it in a snow pushing position. The handle must rest near your belt buckle. If it rests above you, the task will be difficult with that shovel. The right shovel is the one that matches your strength and comfort.

Instead of a shovel, you may also consider a snow blower. Snow blowers are worth the investment in regions with heavy snowfall. Snow blowers make the task of removing huge piles of snow quick and easy. You must select the best, depending on usage and budget, from the different varieties available.

Your shovel and snow blower might not be useful always. Moreover, you might not able to do the job during rough weather conditions. It is best to hire a snow removal service that has the skills and equipments to ensure your property stays free of snow for the entire season.

Use the Right Shoveling Techniques

Shoveling snow becomes easy if done in the right manner. When shoveling snow, bend your knees and lift your legs. Make sure you keep the blade close to you while lifting snow to prevent back strain. It is best to remove snow in parts instead of scooping too much together. You must take breaks every few minutes and keep yourself hydrated to avoid fatigue. Bear in mind to pile the snow at a place that does not double your work.

Melt the Ice

Ice melting is a vital part of snow removal process. The sheet of ice that forms due to continuous freeze and thaw cycle poses several hazards. While rock salt is an inexpensive and easy way of melting ice, it can be risky for pets and kids. It is best to hire a snow removal service that have the perfect materials for ice melting and also ensures your safety.

Snow removal is a tiresome process and requires skills and right tools for an efficient task. Hence, it is best to hire a professional snow clearing Edmonton service whose expertise let you enjoy your holiday season without worrying about snow.

Snow Plowing Contracts

4 Things Your Snow Plowing Contracts Should Cover

With snow fall comes the indispensable task of snow removal. While your old shovel can help you carry out the task, it might not be of much use during heavy snow falls. In addition to that, carrying out the task on your own may lead to pain and injury. Hiring a snow plowing service is a wise choice to keep your house and commercial outlet free of snow for the entire season. But hiring a snow plowing service has its own unique issues. Snow plowing contracts are an essential part of such services. If not given a considerable amount of thought, it could invite unnecessary legal hassles. Before finalizing snow plowing contracts, make sure you pay heed to these key factors.

  1. Liability

Defining liability on the part of both parties must be an important part of your contract. This is especially needed in the case of possible damages or conflicts. What if the sidewalk is damaged or a family member slips and gets injured, who will be liable in such cases? You or the contractor? Define accountability on the part of both parties to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

By being honest and specifying the areas with pre-existing damages can save you from this issue. You must also go through the contractor’s policies and discuss with them any questions on liability issues. Deliberating over before drafting the contract will save both parties from disputes.

  1. Contemplate weather

The weather has been unpredictable in recent years, so it is essential to take it into account and outline any extra charges that may occur. Weather does not remain constant each day, so will you be required to pay additional compensation in case of extreme temperatures or blizzards. If so, clearly define this as well as the compensation charges in your contract. Apart from this, the time period within which they are required to work, overtime charges if any, factors beyond anyone’s control and conditions that might not allow work to be carried out must be clearly outlined in the contract. Specifying contingencies and limitations will avoid frictions.

  1. Scope of work

Is the contractor responsible for shoveling the whole area or just the parking lot? Which sidewalks come under their care? Which areas need special attention? Specify your needs and allow the contractor to map the area. Specify every location that needs work, those which need special attention or priority. Together with this, also define the depth of snow to be cleared taking into consideration weather conditions.

As a contractor, if you are providing snow and ice management services then you must not the use word snow removal in the contract. For example, you probably are not removing the snow, just pushing the pile from a specific area to another and dealing with ice. Clear definition of the scope of work and services will provide clarity and avoid possible conflicts.

  1. Specifying what is NOT included

It is equally important to define in the contract, the services that will not be provided. For example, the contractor may not be responsible for sweeping up the sand. Specifying these things in a contract is essential for the smooth execution of the contract.

Contemplating over these factors will assist you while drafting snow plowing contracts. Before drafting a contract, discussions with the snow plowing service provider is crucial to protect and provide clarity to both parties.

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Parking Lot Snow Removal Techniques

A blanket of snow may be a sight to behold, but snow fall often results in cancelled meetings, dangerous conditions, and long commutes, which can be frustrating. Piled up snow in parking lots can be a huge disadvantage for commercial outlets. It not only leads to injuries, but can also turn away customers, leading to a loss of potential business. Snow removal is therefore a necessary task. Snow plowing is a hassle for many, especially to first timers. But, if done with the right techniques parking lot snow removal can be a trouble free task. Here are a few tips for parking lot snow removal that will help make the job effortless.

Map the Area and Plan Efficiently

Snowfall can hide certain areas such as speed bumps, curbs, and sidewalks, which can be dangerous if not noticed. You can bump into these structures and injure yourself during the snow removal process. Map the area before commencing the task. Go around the area or get a blueprint, this will help you identify these structures and expose tricky corners. It will also assist you in devising a plan for efficient snow removal.

Parking lot snow removal tips

Parking lot snow removal is different from the usual snow removal. Therefore, you need to keep in mind certain tips that will make the job easier for you.

  • You must keep a weather check to estimate if there is any snow fall on the day you are going to carry out the snow removal process. If a significant amount of snow is expected, plow with the storm. If snow piles up more than 4 inches, it can be dangerous and also make it difficult to plow.

  • Water drains and basins must be kept clear as much as possible.

  • Certain areas like sidewalks and areas near the building must be plowed first.

  • You need to apply the back dragging technique to plow snow away from the building. To clear snow near the building, drive up to the building with the blade raised and in a straight position. Drop the blade and pull the snow once you reach the building. Turn your vehicle around and push the snow to the outer edges of the lot.

  • Be cautious to not pile snow near the handicapped parking areas. Also, do not pile it in the middle of the parking lot as it will make it difficult to remove later.

  • Plow in straight lines when possible and push to the outer edges of the lot. It is important to keep the wind direction in mind. Piling snow downwind makes the task easier.

  • Carry the task during low traffic hours and do not stack snow on roads so as not to block the visibility of vehicles.

  • Be aware of cars going out and entering your parking lot.

  • Once you are done with snow removal, clean up the area by plowing near curbs, cleaning up corners and clearing away the pile of snow to allow easy access to people.

These parking lot snow removal tips can guide you and ease your task of snow removal. Snow plowing is tiring process and also requires skill and knowledge. It is best to hire a snow removal service that will ensure your parking lot stays free of snow for the entire season.

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Concrete Companies Edmonton

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Commercial Snow Removal

Winters are here bringing with it freezing temperatures and snowfall. While snow may be a beauty to behold it can be hazardous leading to injuries. As the owner of a commercial property, the piled up snow can lead to interruptions in your business operations causing loss of potential opportunities. Snow removal is a labor intensive job that requires precision. Instead of getting out the old shovel, hire a commercial snow removal service to ensure a safe and profitable winter for your business.

  1. Accessibility

Piled up snow can lead to a blocked entrance and slippery driveway. If your customers can’t reach you they will turn away to competitors who might have plowed properties. No customer will want to risk their safety or damage their vehicles to enter a commercial property that isn’t cleared of snow. To avoid losing on potential business, hire a commercial snow removal service to keep your property snow free.

  1. Reduced Injuries

Trying to carry on the snow removal work can lead to injuries to your employees. This in turn will affect your business. Snow removal is a difficult job that can lead to back pain and expose you to the risk of slipping and injuring yourself. Snow also melts and freezes turning the walkway icy. This can be dangerous for your as well as your employees. It is safer to leave the task of snow removal to professionals who have the right skill and training to carry out the job safely.

  1. Dependable Services

A professional snow removal company will have the right experience and knowledge in the field. These companies take care of the needs of the customers 24/7. They usually have a well-run operational team to serve their customers timely and also during emergencies. Moreover, you can hire them seasonally to ensure your property is free of piled up snow during winters.

  1. Right Equipment

Your old shovel might be of little use if you own a huge commercial property and in the case of an unpredictable weather. Moreover, the task of snow removal is tedious and requires the right equipment. Handling these equipment require training and experience otherwise, it can lead to property damage. Professional snow removal agencies will have the latest equipment and tools to carry out the task safely. Therefore, ensuring a safely snow plowed field.

  1. Melting Services

Most of the times the piled up snow tends to melt and refreeze causing the walkways and drives to become slippery. A professional not only cleans the blanket of snow but also takes care of the ice. They can combat the issue of melting snow to prevent the icy walkways that are dangerous. Hiring a professional with the right products for dealing with snow as well as ice can ensure you a safe and profitable winter.

While the blanket of snow is a sight to behold, it can have a negative impact on your business. It would be in your best interest to hire a professional commercial snow removal company who can ensure your property is free of snow and ice.

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