Decorative Concrete Mistakes You Must Avoid

Decorative concrete mistakes you must avoid

The growing trend noticed these days is the rise in the use of decorative concrete services in Edmonton by many residents. Decorative concrete is used not only for home exteriors but also home interiors. The reason for this sudden increase in demand is the level of aesthetic appeal that decorative concrete gives to the floor. Decorative concrete comes in different colors and designs, which makes an appealing addition to your construction or homes. While decorative concrete is appealing, there are certain mistakes that can spoil its appeal. Some of them are listed below.

Water Errors

The base of a good decorative concrete depends on how well you make the mixture. If you add too much of water, the surface will become porous with the color having a bleached effect. Excess water in the mixture can also lead to cracks on the surface in cold weathers. Apart from that, even a light cleaning session might cause scratches and leave a mark of discoloration.

Stamping Errors

Stamping is a crucial process in decorative concrete. This process includes the use of rubber stamps to create patterns on the concrete. When stamping is done on the concrete, the contractor has to be really careful. If the correct amount of pressure is not applied on all sides, the pattern can form unevenly. Also, when scrubbing the roller across the stamp, do it evenly.

Coloring Errors

When mixing color in the concrete mix, you need to be careful. Make sure you mix the color evenly or else the pigment will look uneven. Also, when you are applying the color coat make sure it is even. Spread the pigment in each section and keep a measure of how much pigment you have used in each section.

Sealant Errors

In every concrete job, sealing the concrete after completion is an essential process. The process of sealing the concrete is done using a special type of sealant. If you apply a very thick coat of sealant, it will cause a buildup on your decorative concrete and cause the concrete to look whitish. Sometimes it also makes the concrete slippery. On the other hand, if you apply less sealant, the concrete will not be well protected, and the pigment of the concrete will become dull eventually. Also, damages will appear sooner on the surface.

Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure that you get the best decorative concrete. Apart from these, the biggest mistake would be to create your own decorative concrete without the help of experts. Projects like these require expertise, so do not try it on your own and contact your nearest decorative concrete services in Edmonton.