Difference Between Asphalt and Bitumen

asphalt and bitumen

Asphalt is the most commonly used raw material by asphalt services in Edmonton for constructing pavements and roads. As asphalt is solid and reliable, several road contractors use it for their construction. Apart from asphalt, there are several other raw materials which are used in the construction of roads. These materials include gravel, concrete, asphalt, and bitumen. Bitumen is a raw material that is used in the construction of roads. People often get confused between asphalt and bitumen. Let’s understand both these road construction materials in detail.

What is bitumen?

Bitumen is a cementitious material found in different forms. Bitumen is a naturally occurring raw material, and almost a significant chunk of the road construction work need this type of raw material. It is a liquid binder that ensures the asphalt becomes strong enough and holds together. When you construct roads using bitumen, a layer of bitumen is applied on the surface of the road. The layer of bitumen spray is then covered with the aggregate. The aggregate is then again covered with bitumen spray.

What is asphalt?

Asphalt is a type of raw material primarily used in the construction of roads. In fact, as mentioned before, asphalt is recyclable and the most commonly used road materials because of its durability and low cost. Asphalt roads are preferred as they are cost-effective and are extremely durable provided timely asphalt road maintenance is performed.

Road Construction Process

When constructing a road using asphalt as the raw material, the professionals initially clear the road from all the dirt and dust particles. After the cleaning process, the road is then layered with asphalt. The raw material is then compacted with a roller or any other type of equipment. After the compacting process, the asphalt road is then treated with a cover of glass powder filler that strengthens the raw material.

In order to make your asphalt roads last longer, you should ensure that timely maintenance is carried out with the help of companies providing asphalt road repair services. During the maintenance process, the contractors repair the cracks or potholes that begin to appear. Also, the road is leveled so that there’s no water accumulated over it. All these maintenance measures ensure that your asphalt road remains in good condition.

If you want to construct a road, you can get in touch with companies providing asphalt services in Edmonton. A professional firm knows what kind of raw materials are needed to construct a road and they will ensure that the constructed road lasts long.