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Edmonton International Airport

Blacktop Paving has completed several asphalt projects at the EIA, with 2011 being our busiest season. Collectively we spent about 12 weeks at the Airport in the 2011 season working on the following projects in conjunction with MMM Group, Dufferin Construction, PCL, Stuart Olson and the EIA directly:

  • South terminal expansion (Hammerhead) – increased the terminal size by 60%. Blacktop is responsible for all the asphalt paving that connects the new terminal to the existing concrete runway slabs, approximately 6000t of ACO was placed.
  • Lot 55 Hanger – Entails several airside roadways that lead to various hangers from the airport apron approx. 2000t of ACO was placed.
  • The Loading dock road – This is the airports’ primary access to the loading dock. Approximately 1000t of ACO was placed.
  • EIA Charter parking lot will serve as one of the airports larger parking lots for chartered flight customers Approximately 2200t of ACO was placed.
  • We were involved in 2 emergency runway repairs as well as the 2011 paving program which entailed a large scheduled maintenance to various areas of the airport through SODCL and EIA directly.

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