5 Best Practices For Safe Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Winter is here, and so is the routine of snow removal. If you prefer clearing your property on your own, or with the help of a family member, you must take extreme precaution and care to be safe. Below is a list of things you must consider for safe snow removal.

1) Find The Right Time

It is crucial to decide the right time to remove snow. Look out of the window and also keep track of the weather forecast. If it is snowing heavily or there are strong winds outside, avoid stepping out. Unless there’s a thick blanket of snow accumulated, wait for the snowfall to stop and the weather to become favorable. Going out and removing snow in bad weather can lead to severe mishaps.

2) Prepare For Snow Removal

When it’s the right time to remove snow, prepare yourself for the task. It is obvious that you will cover yourself with layers of warm clothes as it will be colder outdoors. Also, make sure you warm up first and be mentally prepared for hours of snow removal. If you have too much snow to clear, then it is going to be a time-consuming and tiring task. Therefore, don’t forget to hydrate yourself before stepping out.

3) Choose The Right Equipment

Depending on the quantity of snow accumulated, choose the right equipment for snow removal. Decide whether you will use a shovel or a snowblower. If you have light and dry snow, you can use a medium-sized hand shovel. Make sure it is easy for you to use it and it is sturdy enough to clear the lot at the same time. When snow is too wet and heavy, use a snowblower. If your property is large, you may consider calling a residential snow removal service provider for their high-end equipment.

4) Pile Snow Safely

When you are done cleaning the entire area, pile the raked snow safely in one corner. Don’t pile it randomly, especially on your lawn as accumulated snow sitting in one area can damage that patch of your yard. Not only this, strong winds can blow the snow back, and all your efforts will go in vain. Pile snow in an area where the melted snow run-off will drain away.

5) Remove Icicles Too

Snow doesn’t only accumulate in the front and backyard of your house. It also settles on your house roof. And if you don’t clear your roof, the snow can melt and result in leaks in your house. Therefore, pay attention to the roof and clear it too. You might see conical icicles hanging from the roof edge and eavestrough. Remove them first to prevent any injury when they fall.

Remove the snow when the lot is lightly covered and do it often to reduce the accumulation of heavy, packed snow. If you find it difficult to remove or shovel snow from the entire lot, you can ask for assistance. Call the professional snow removal service providers and let them do the clearing for you with their designed equipment and smarter techniques.

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