5 Decorative Concrete Ideas For Your School Property

Paving Services

If you’re planning to renovate the paved surfaces of your commercial property or school, in addition to durability and safety, you also want your concrete pavings to be aesthetically pleasing. A visually appealing pavement on your driveway or lobbies will make a better impression on your visitors. When it comes to decorative ideas, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and the skill and experience of your paving services company. Following are five decorative concrete ideas to get you started:


Stamped concrete patterns can give your paved surface a neat yet unique look by emulating the textures of different types of materials. Plain concrete surfaces are layered with stamped overlays in any pattern as per your preference. The pattern can be uniformly stamped all over your paved area to give it a consistent texture throughout your property. Stamped surfaces can also be textured to provide better grip and prevent sliding due to extreme smoothness. This can be especially useful in schools where there is a higher likelihood of kids slipping and injuring themselves.


Concrete surfaces can be colored in more than one way.  A simple method is to paint the surface,  just like any other surface. This allows you to create as elaborate or as intricate designs on your paved concrete surfaces as you want. Another common coloring method is to dye it using a mixture of a solvent and color which penetrates the concrete surface, giving it the desired color. A painted texture or design may fade as the color only makes up the top layer of the paving. A dyed concrete surface which has absorbed the color beyond its surface holds the color even after the outermost surface has worn off with time.


If you want a smooth and shiny finish on your paved surface, you should invest in a polished concrete pavement. The surface of a concrete pavement can be made smooth with the use of a grinder. You can polish surfaces to give a luxurious yet friendly look to your school’s entrance lobbies, reception areas, and other areas frequented by external visitors.


You can get extremely unique and stunning patterns on your paved surfaces by engraving. Just like painting, there is virtually no limit to what you can engrave on your school pavings. Engraving is done using special tools by skilled paving services professionals to give you any pattern you desire. You can also engrave your school’s logo or name onto the paved surface to truly make the design unique.


Acid-staining is another way of making your concrete pavements decorative and uniquely appealing. The process is similar to dying except that the color and solvent mixture is replaced by strong acids that penetrate the concrete to stain it and give a slightly glossy, marble-like texture.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your pavement decoration. You can use different types of decorating for different areas on your school property. Irrespective of your plan, make sure you hire experienced paving services professionals who are skilled in making decorative concrete pavements.