4 Benefits Of Sandblasting Your Commercial Space

Purpose of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is the process of cleaning, smoothening and etching a foreign surface to give it a completely new and fresh look. It’s mostly used to strip pavements and remove rust, paint or any unwanted residue from the surface. The process uses very fine bits of sand (as a media) at a high velocity to ensure a clean, smooth surface. Compressed air to shoot the sand at the desired surface by making it ready for the next layer of coating.

The process is either air driven or water driven depending on the need of the property. The setup involves an air compressor, a blaster nozzle and sand which are then used to fragment the surface layer. Wearing safety goggles, protective hand covers, bodysuit, hearing protection are some other safety measures that are needed while doing sandblasting. Hence, businesses should consider hiring an experienced contractor which can perform the cleaning using necessary measures. It’s also necessary to have a proper air outlet to manage the collection of dust.

Here’s a closer look at the purpose of sandblasting and advantages of opting for it for cleaning your commercial space:

1) Efficacious

Sandblasting your commercial surfaces eliminates fire damages, dust, rust and unwanted particles on the surface. It prepares the surfaces for a high-performance coating and restores commercial properties back to their initial condition. A well-maintained and speckless environment not only boosts the reputation of your company but also increases the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

2) Affordable

Sandblasting requires less machinery and is thus cheaper and more convenient for cleaning large commercial spaces. As the process is really time-effective, you do not have to close down your property for a long time saving your business precious time and money.

3) Accessible

The logistics involved with sandblasting can be made quite simple with the help of an expert. An experienced contractor has access to equipment needed for cleaning and safety. He takes all the necessary procedures to protect your property and ensures there is no need for an additional cleanup post the procedure.

4) Versatile

Sandblasting finds a wide use in ridding driveways and parking lots of dirt and rust and also in paint removal.  It works great for asphalt, concrete as well as decorative concrete surfaces. It also gives a great result on mirrors and other sensitive materials.

The machine can access the nook and corner of every area and reaches many isolated and physically inaccessible areas, thus achieving effective cleaning.It uses different shapes and carvings to clean your surface thoroughly with the help of varied stencils. Also, by adjusting the angle at which the media is launched, sandblasting can be used create different shades and unique art on the surface.

Through sandblasting, one can give their commercial space an attractive and a very clean design. Sandblasting requires proper prior experience and training, knowledge of the equipment and precautionary measures and is best accomplished by an expert or a contractor for the same. A trained professional will get the job done faster and in the safest possible manner. Get in touch with our experts to book a cleaning session for your workspace today.

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