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For three years now Blacktop Paving has been completing various asphalt and concrete projects for Capital Power at the Genesee Power Plant just west of Edmonton. In 2009 we paved their entire staff parking lot. In 2010 we constructed approximately 700m² of a haul road for that would be utilized by mining trucks to haul flyash and a number of other materials.

In addition to the asphalt paving, the concrete roadway that was poured was quite unique for Blacktop: 550mm depth with concrete that was testing upwards of 60MPA. This is one serious road! In 2011 Blacktop added another 1500m² to the haul road with the same concrete structure.

We have enjoyed working closely with the engineering consultants Genivar, as well as the engineers from Capital Power in order for each project to come to fruition in an efficient and effective manner.

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