How Do You Maintain A Concrete Driveway

you maintain a concrete driveway

Maintaining a concrete driveway takes a little effort if not much but mostly it’s about remembering a few things.

So, how do you maintain a concrete driveway? Here are some points for that.

Clear Concrete Driveway On A Regular Basis

How often you clear your concrete driveway really depends on how much use the driveway gets and how much road traffic and other pollutants the said area has. A pressure washer is the best tool for the job. You can hire a professional company. If your driveway has a lot of stains or other discoloration, this may be the best option since they’ll have special products for stain removal.

Don’t Change The Oil With Car Parked On The Driveway

If you’re like a lot of people, you may do at least some maintenance on your own vehicle when it’s parked on the driveway. But whenever you change the oil there’s a high risk that it may spill onto the driveway. If you have no other option, use a large drip pan available at an automotive store. They’re intended for just that purpose. Or altogether, you could avoid changing the oil on the driveway.

Clean And Reapply Sealer As Needed

How often do you clean and reseal will depend on the weather conditions the concrete is exposed to and the amount of vehicle traffic it receives. Usually, you should reseal a concrete driveway every two years or so, or when the finish begins to show wear. Clean your concrete driveway and reseal it when needed, which will aid you in your concrete driveway maintenance. Also, never hire crews that go door-to-door offering to seal your driveway. This is a common scam used to con you out of some of your hard earned cash.

Avoid Parking Heavy Vehicles

Yes, concrete is one of the toughest types of construction material you can use to build roads and driveways. But the residential driveway is not equipped to withstand frequent parking of garbage trucks or other types of heavy trucks. Avoid putting large construction equipment or parking large vans on the driveway.

Get Rid of Spills And Stains Right Away

You don’t want any water seeping into your concrete lying around or any oil spills causing damage to your driveway. When water starts seeping into the ground, it will spoil the foundation of the driveway slowly deteriorating the whole driveway.

Concrete driveway maintenance is an important thing you should avoid overlooking. If you carry out regular maintenance, then the chances of needing concrete driveway repair are less. Consult a professional construction company today.

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    Oil spills on concrete are the worst… cat litter actually works wonders on old stains!

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