3 Materials For Your Acreage Driveway Paving

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Having a private farmland of your own? Well, you want to be able to drive through your property easily. Unless, you have a four-wheel drive Humvee, you want to have a road that makes your property accessible. So, regardless of if you have a car, a pickup truck or an SUV, you want to have a driveway on your acreage property. Not only does it simply ensure that you can drive easy, it also prevents your vehicle from breaking down.

So, when you decide to build a driveway on your acreage property, you have three types of materials to pick from. Which you one pick will directly relate to your budget and the quality you want.

Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways are the easiest and quickest to construct. Gravel driveways are made of loose rock and crushed concrete. Acreage driveways that expand across large properties can become quite expensive for the property owner. However, because of the cheap materials required to make a gravel driveway, it is a cost-effective option.

The biggest disadvantage of a gravel acreage driveway is snow removal. Because a gravel driveway does not have a permanently solid surface, getting rid of ice and snow can be difficult without damaging the driveway itself. You’d have to heavily depend on salt as your only means to prevent snow from turning into ice.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is one of the most durable materials in the world, so having a concrete driveway gives you access to a long-lasting driveway. A well-maintained driveway can easily last for 20 to 30 years. This also means that you have low-maintenance costs as cracks and potholes don’t occur easily. Additionally, unlike gravel or asphalt driveway options, a concrete driveway has a number of color options that you can pick from.

Concrete’s durability also works against it. If a crack or a pothole occurs on your concrete driveway, there is no patch to fix it. That section of the driveway will have to be broken down and be built again. However, the good news is that cracks and potholes don’t occur easily.

Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways are a middle ground between gravel and concrete driveways. It’s affordable, yet high in quality. Building and installing an asphalt driveway can be done relatively quickly. This is because asphalt is an oil-based product that can be molded as required. Furthermore, asphalt is flexible during winters when snowfall is heavy.

The downside to an asphalt driveway is that it requires regular maintenance. Cracks and holes will occur, which need to be repaired immediately. The good news is that repairing and maintaining your driveway is easy. The materials are easily available and you can repair the asphalt driveway on your own.

These are the three driveway materials you have to pick from when building your acreage driveway. It’s best you not only consult with professional pavers, but also have professional paver build your acreage driveway.

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