Paving For Better Roads In Schools

Canada has one of the highest literacy rates in the world with 97%. Our nation offers an excellent education quality to the residents with public schools being the primary form of education.

In 2014, the Government of Alberta decided to revamp and renovate Edmonton’s aging schools. A school’s education is only as good as the facilities and infrastructure it has.The Government of Alberta had set a massive 45 million dollar budget for a three year renovation plan of schools. One of the schools being renovated was Ross Sheppard High School.

The School Thunderbird Emblem

The school caters to the educational needs of over 2,000 students and one of its most notable alumni is Wayne Gretzky.

Blacktop Paving was subcontracted to assist the government in the renovation of the Ross Sheppard High School.

The Scope

Blacktop was hired to install a new parking lot, driving lanes, sidewalks, curbs and commercial crossings. Here are the challenges we faced:

  • Since we were part of a larger schedule, we had to thoroughly ensure that timelines were maintained

  • The school continued to run during the renovation project. This meant that we had to ensure that the students and staff still had easy access to the school and were able to park vehicles.

The Fix

Edmonton Paving

Coordinating closely with the contractors, the City of Edmonton and other subcontractors, we scheduled the work such that we strictly adhered to the project timeline. Constant communication was key to keep the work moving forward.

We put in extensive work hours to ensure that the paving was completed as soon as possible. We gave the Ross Sheppard school fresh pavement when the school opened by Monday.

The Continuation

The three year project will be completed at the end of 2016. We look forward to working the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton in bettering the infrastructure of our country.

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