Prevent Potholes During Winters

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Potholes are a common sight on roads. They are depressions on the pavement surface. Several reasons such as water, freezing, excessive heat, and wear and tear are causes of potholes. In spite of regular inspections, potholes can develop daily.

During winter, water beneath the asphalt surface freezes and thaws. This freeze-thaw cycle makes the surface unstable, resulting in cracks. This cycle gradually leads to gaps between surfaces, leading to the development of potholes. It is difficult to make permanent repairs during winters. Generally, a temporary method is used by adding cold mix asphalt to fill the potholes and cracks.

 We cannot ignore potholes but we can try to prevent them by taking certain measures:

Regular Inspection

Timely inspection of roads can help reduce potholes. Defects such as alligator cracking; which are characterized by a lot of cracks and holes, depressions, aging of the road, are signs that  foretell pothole formation. Getting them inspected and repaired can help prevent potholes. If you want to avoid potholes, repair your road before winter approaches.

It is a good idea to get roads repaired before winter approaches. This will strengthen your roads, prevent any further asphalt degradation, and minimize pothole formation.

Snow Removal

During colder months, freezing above and below the surface of asphalt leads to pothole formation. The repetitive freeze-thaw cycle widens the cracks on the road resulting in big potholes. The traffic on the roads does further damage. Regular snow removal can help minimize the effect and reduce potholes. You can identify potholes once snow is removed and temporarily fix it.

Improved Drainage System

A poor drainage system contributes to pothole formation. Water flows through sides and cracks underneath the surface and weakens it. This results in potholes. Maintenance of drainage includes clearing debris and foliage from ditches, culverts or drains, and underdrains along shoulders. A good drainage system ensures that a less amount of water on the road, reducing potholes.

Seal the Cracks

Cracks let water enter the layers below the asphalt surface. As traffic hits the road and passes over these cracks, it weakens the surface allowing more water to enter and freeze beneath. This eventually leads to potholes. Sealing the cracks is a preventive measure to avoid pothole formation. Cold mix asphalt is used as a temporary method of sealing cracks in winters.

Scheduled Maintenance

To prevent potholes, it is best to have maintenance at regular intervals. Potholes can be dangerous. If not repaired, it can lead to fatal accidents. You cannot expect your roads to be strong forever. With time, traffic pressure and weather temperatures roads eventually start to age. Maintenance will ensure long-term strength of roads. The strengthened surface will prevent potholes from forming in spite of traffic and temperatures.

One must not neglect factors that contribute to the creation of potholes. Pothole repair services must be called for if they exist in large numbers on any roads. It is better to contact professionals in asphalt maintenance before the onset of winters to avoid any inconvenience. Observation and timely measure can prevent potholes and its effects in the long run.

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