For three years now Blacktop Paving has been completing various asphalt and concrete projects for Capital Power at the Genesee Power Plant just west of Edmonton. In 2009 we paved their entire staff parking lot. In 2010 we constructed approximately 700m² of a haul road for that would be utilized by mining trucks to haul flyash and a number of other materials.

In addition to the asphalt paving, the concrete roadway that was poured was quite unique for Blacktop: 550mm depth with concrete that was testing upwards of 60MPA. This is one serious road! In 2011 Blacktop added another 1500m² to the haul road with the same concrete structure.

We have enjoyed working closely with the engineering consultants Genivar, as well as the engineers from Capital Power in order for each project to come to fruition in an efficient and effective manner.


LRT - North Link Partnership


In 2013 Blacktop Paving was a subcontractor of the North Link Partnership, a joint venture between SNC Lavelin and Graham Construction, for the Edmonton LRT City Line. Our contract was to install the concrete plazas and sidewalks for the MacEwan Station Plaza, the Kingsway Station Plaza and the NAIT Station Plaza.

The Problem:

We had to take the time to produce the specific finishes to the concrete, while still managing to pour over 2200 cubic meters of concrete with one concrete crew in the 2013 construction season.

The Solution:

Some of the concrete finishes we had never installed before and the saw cuts were extensive and yet precise. We had to create samples and work with the architects of the project to deliver the finishes they had in mind. The amount of saw cutting was quite large, with a very high tolerance for their location and execution. We worked very closely with the Contractor’s management team in order to keep the production and project schedule requirements.

The Return:

This project carried over into the fall and winter of 2013/14, where we finished in the early spring of 2014. This was a flagship project for Blacktop’s concrete division, both in terms of volume and aesthetics. Ultimately the City of Edmonton was the owner and we feel we executed our scope of this project excellently creating beautiful and structural concrete that will be enjoyed by many Edmontonians for years to come

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LRT Station
Industrial Paving

NWR Refinery

NWR Refinery From the end of 2014 to the first four months of the 2015 construction season Blacktop was tasked with installing all of the hardscape items, asphalt and concrete, for the Central Administration Building and Firehall at the NWR Sturgeon Refinery Project. Both of these buildings were crucial to the site being constructed and as a result they were driven forward to have them functional as soon as possible so the construction of the rest of the plant could occur smoother and safer. Blacktop Paving was a subcontractor to PCL for this project and built 14,500m2 of asphalt parking lot, 2100 lineal meters of curb and 2200m2 of concrete sidewalk and pads.

The Problem:

Without question the biggest challenge of this project was dealing with the stringent safety expectations that exist when working on an industrial plant site. A site of this nature is deemed as high risk and as a result all trades working on the site are expected to participate and enforce the site’s health and safety plan. While Blacktop is used to working on sites where safety is the primary objective, productions and expectations had to be adjusted to adapt to this site’s policies. The Solution: As always, Blacktop’s strong group of managers and employees came together to embrace the heightened safety culture of the plant site instead of fighting it. We dedicated numerous resources to this project, including moving our HSE Officer to be on site full time and bolstering our manager presence as well. This allowed for our crews to focus more on the installation of materials instead of being bogged down with excess paperwork and red tape.

The Return:

As a company we had many trying moments while on this project. When it was all said and done we had learned a lot about our own safety program and how we can adapt our operation to be more safety conscious on all of our jobs, not just those in the industrial sector. Some of the measures that were forced upon us while on this site are now a part of our daily safety practices and procedures. We are pleased to say we finished this project on schedule and with no man hours lost due to injury. We proved to ourselves that we could still achieve our high standards of quality and schedule while at the same time operating in one of the most safety oriented working environments.

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Edmonton Clinic South

In the summer of 2011 Blacktop Paving completed its largest scale concrete project to date at the Edmonton Clinic South for PCL Construction.

The massive medical professional building in the heart of the University of Alberta, has over 2300m² of decorative concrete surrounding it.

Various colours, finishing techniques and sandblasting were used to complete the concrete flatwork under a watchful eye of Alberta Health Services and a couple of different architectural consultants.

Blacktop managed to finish the project ahead of schedule despite a very wet July, and with less than 1% of the total concrete area in deficiencies.


Edmonton International Airport

Blacktop Paving has completed several asphalt projects at the EIA, with 2011 being our busiest season. Collectively we spent about 12 weeks at the Airport in the 2011 season working on the following projects in conjunction with MMM Group, Dufferin Construction, PCL, Stuart Olson and the EIA directly:

  • South terminal expansion (Hammerhead) – increased the terminal size by 60%. Blacktop is responsible for all the asphalt paving that connects the new terminal to the existing concrete runway slabs, approximately 6000t of ACO was placed.
  • Lot 55 Hanger – Entails several airside roadways that lead to various hangers from the airport apron approx. 2000t of ACO was placed.
  • The Loading dock road – This is the airports’ primary access to the loading dock. Approximately 1000t of ACO was placed.
  • EIA Charter parking lot will serve as one of the airports larger parking lots for chartered flight customers Approximately 2200t of ACO was placed.
  • We were involved in 2 emergency runway repairs as well as the 2011 paving program which entailed a large scheduled maintenance to various areas of the airport through SODCL and EIA directly.

Ross Sheppard High School

Ross Sheppard High School:

In January of 2014 the government of Alberta announced “significant” renovations for nine of Edmonton’s aging schools. Ross Sheppard being one of these, taking on a three year renovation with a 45 million dollar budget.

June 2015 Blacktop Paving was pleased to find out from Chandos Construction that they had been awarded the contract as the asphalt and concrete subcontractor for the Ross Sheppard High School.

The scope of our contract was to install all new parking and driving lanes, all sidewalks, curbs and commercial crossings.

The Problem:

Blacktop had a large scope of work to do, with extremely tight construction space on a very critical schedule; making sure staff and students of Ross Sheppard High School still had access to the school and parking.

The Solution:

We worked very closely with Chando’s site supervisors, the City of Edmonton and other subcontractors to schedule Blacktop’s work, mobilizations and deliveries. On site communication was key. Blacktop’s base and asphalt crew’s worked some extensive hours right up until the last Friday night before school started the following Monday. Thus allowing Chandos to turn over Phase I of the exterior work to Ross Sheppard on schedule.

The Return:

This project has continued into the 2016 construction season where the final phase of the exterior asphalt and concrete will be complete. We look forward to completing this job and turning all work over to Chandos and the Edmonton Public School Board. With Ross Sheppard being such a prominent school in Edmonton it has been a great working alongside Chandos on this project.

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MacEwan Plaza

Hwy 770 & Hwy 627 Intersection

A spring time overlay and milling job complete. Blacktop was a subcontractor for Black & McDonald on this particular Alberta Transportation job done at the Highway 770 & 627 Intersection in Parkland County. Due to high traffic this intersection will be getting traffic lights.

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Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton Zoo paving
Edmonton Zoo paving