Protecting Your Pavement During Winters


Have you taken the necessary measures to protect your pavement from winter? Well, if not, then there’s still time for you to do so before the season sets in. The damages that your pavement may suffer due to the cold weather can be expensive for you to repair. Moreover, you would not want to risk the safety of yourself or the other person. To avoid such situations, here are a few tips for maintaining pavement during winter.

Use Sealants

One of the easiest tips for maintaining pavement during winter is to use sealants. Apart from protecting older roads, sealants are highly effective when it comes to protecting your pavement. A layer of sealants over your pavement is good enough to prevent the stones from getting scraped, chipped or damaged due to the cold weather.

Avoid Rock Salt

Want to protect your pavement from winter? Then do not use rock salt. While rock salt melts the snow, it affects the pavement surface. Salt has a corrosive effect that makes the pavement surface weak. This leads to the development of cracks and as a result, the water and salt both can seep through these cracks. Thus, as the temperature drops even further, it results in flaking and discoloration of your pavement.

Use a Plastic Shovel

Metal blades on plows can scratch the pavement surface; therefore, it is better to use a plastic shovel. Another alternative is to use a snow blower to clear the snow over the pavement. Do not allow the snow to accumulate for long. The lesser the snow, the lesser is the chance of snowmelt refreezing and widening of the cracks.

Clean Your Pavement

Make sure you keep your pavement clean. It helps maintain the condition of your pavement. The more time you take to clean them, the more damage can occur.

Don’t Over De-ice

In order to protect your pavement from winter, you may use excess de-ice to melt the snow. The excess use of de-icing can erode the asphalt or the concrete of your pavement. Therefore, it is important to know the ground temperature where you are going to use de-ice. Ensure you read the instructions provided on the de-ice product and use it accordingly.

These are some of the tips for maintaining pavement during winter so that there’s no damage to your pavement. However, there can be more paving problems in winter if you do not take precautionary measures now. Moreover, if the condition of your pavement has become worse, then it is better to get your pavement maintained by an expert paver in your area. Taking the help of an expert paver professional will ensure that your pavement is maintained well until the next winter season.

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