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Ross Sheppard High School

In January of 2014 the government of Alberta announced “significant” renovations for nine of Edmonton’s aging schools. Ross Sheppard being one of these, taking on a three year renovation with a 45 million dollar budget.

June 2015 Blacktop Paving was pleased to find out from Chandos Construction that they had been awarded the contract as the asphalt and concrete subcontractor for the Ross Sheppard High School.

The scope of our contract was to install all new parking and driving lanes, all sidewalks, curbs and commercial crossings.

The Problem:

Blacktop had a large scope of work to do, with extremely tight construction space on a very critical schedule; making sure staff and students of Ross Sheppard High School still had access to the school and parking.

The Solution:

We worked very closely with Chando’s site supervisors, the City of Edmonton and other subcontractors to schedule Blacktop’s work, mobilizations and deliveries. On site communication was key. Blacktop’s base and asphalt crew’s worked some extensive hours right up until the last Friday night before school started the following Monday. Thus allowing Chandos to turn over Phase I of the exterior work to Ross Sheppard on schedule.

The Return:

This project has continued into the 2016 construction season where the final phase of the exterior asphalt and concrete will be complete. We look forward to completing this job and turning all work over to Chandos and the Edmonton Public School Board. With Ross Sheppard being such a prominent school in Edmonton it has been a great working alongside Chandos on this project.

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