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When your driveway is in need of repair, instead of paying to have it completely replaced, Blacktop provides driveway resurfacing and restoration services at a more affordable cost than new installations.

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Residential Concrete Driveway Restoration

Over time your home’s driveway will inevitably begin to shift in appearance. The earth beneath it may move, and chips, stains, and cracks will eventually start to appear. And remember, Alberta’s long winter seasons will also test the durability of your property’s concrete driveway.

That’s why Blacktop Paving offers reliable residential driveway resurfacing and restoration services. You will be happy with our expert driveway repair solutions and enjoy the cost savings compared to completely replacing your current driveway.

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When you hire Blacktop for your asphalt and concrete paving work, you get more than just a finished project, you get a business fully committed to delivering it all:

Enhance Appearance & Durability

Restore The Look Of Your Driveway

Blacktop can help you save money by updating and repairing the look of your home's driveway, without having to completely replace it.

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Blacktop Paving has provided commercial asphalt and concrete paving services to Edmonton & Area for over the past 15 years. Check out some of our work.