Commercial asphalt paving necessitates that a professional firm perform the task. Why is that necessary?

  • Employees and customers need to have easy access to your business location. If they are unable do so, your business operation suffers.
  • You have a commercial parking lot that is crucial for your business to generate revenue.

When your asphalt pavement is directly related to your business profit, you do not want to take risks. Blacktop Paving is an asphalt paving company in Edmonton. We are reliable and offer quality services that you can trust.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Service

Have a quick look at the asphalt paving services which Blacktop Paving offers:

Full Service Installation

Our full service asphalt pavement installation includes more than just leveling a piece of ground and installing asphalt. Carefully planning is taken to ensure that your needs are met. A manufacturing, retail or corporate business has different requirements and we make sure that they are taken into account.

Asphalt paving for parking lots requires us to perform a complete striping and marking to keep the parking lot safe and easily navigable. We also provide services to rework the sidewalks, walkways and asphalt curbs so they go along with the new road.

Asphalt Maintenance

Your asphalt pavement only last as long as it is maintained. Blacktop Paving offers a host of asphalt maintenance services such as crack filling and sealcoating. By availing these services, the life of your asphalt surface is extended.

Asphalt Repair

Potholes and the like can cause serious problems for your business. It affects your brand image and gives the impression that your business does not pay attention to the small details. Not to mention, it causes an inconvenience for people to access your business.

At Blacktop Paving, we offer a quick asphalt repair services to solve such problems and ensure your business functions with no problems.

Overview of Commercial Locations we Serve

  • Shopping Mall
  • Golf Course Paving
  • Corporate Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouse and Truck Terminals
  • Apartment Complex
  • Municipal Projects

Choose Blacktop Paving

Let’s Give you a Few Reason to Choose us.


We pride ourselves in catering to the needs of local Edmonton businesses. We have a strong standing in the community and are ready to cater to your needs.


ou do not wish the asphalt paving project to obstruct access to your business. We plan the project so your business continues to operate with little interference. This is done by choosing the right time and selecting the appropriate part of your driveway or parking lot to work on.

Long Lasting Asphalt Paving

You will discover that we are an asphalt paving company that does not skimp on quality. We choose the material for the job and the project is conducted by experienced professionals. We also utilize heavy equipment to perform a thorough job.

Whether your commercial location has a parking lot or a driveway which needs repair or requires a full service installation, you will not be disappointed with the service Blacktop Paving provides.