Decorative Concrete Edmonton

Decorative concrete is an excellent option for commercial locations. There is a wide range of styles available to pick from, so regardless whether you are crafting a pallid, chic or posh theme, you will discover that you don’t have to choose from just one.

With Blacktop Paving, we don’t just offer you the best choice in decorative concrete for your commercial property, but also install the product too. We are an Edmonton-based company and our team of professional experts have the experience and training to provide for all your needs.

Why choose decorative concrete for your commercial property?

Structurally Flexible

As an additional material, decorative concrete can be applied to new or existing floor structures. This is critical if you are just renovating your commercial property and don’t want the renovation project to take longer.


Concrete is a durable material and does not degrade easily. Additionally, the layer of decorative concrete will also improve your floor’s durability.

Low Maintenance

Decorative concrete looks good on its own and does not require frequent polishing or coating. It can easily be cleaned with soap and water.


Decorative concrete is more affordable than it looks. Your commercial location acquires premium style and your business does not overextend the budget.

These are just some of the benefits of decorative concrete for your commercial property.
Why should you contract Blacktop Paving?

We’re Trustworthy

We have provided our services to many residential and commercial complexes across Edmonton. Many customers often return due to our excellent services; not just for the quality of decorative concrete installed, but also for our hassle free customer experience.

We’re there Every Step of the Way

When you contract Blacktop Paving, you will discover that our customer service is unique. We take you through the process of selecting the appropriate decorative concrete for your business location, and if need be, even offer suggestions. The installation is planned in a manner so as not to inconvenience your business. Finally, we don’t disappear once the project is over. We provide adequate support to make certain there is no issue with decorative concrete installation.

We’re Professional

Our employees, right from the lowest to the highest rung are professional. You will find our method of open conversation to be quite suitable to you.

Installing decorative concrete on your commercial premise is an effective way to enhance your business appeal. This is a crucial factor when you wish to create the right impression with all who visit your business. By contracting Blacktop Paving, you access a team of highly trained and experienced professional who will simply perform the job correctly.