Commercial Sandblasting

Sandblasting is one of the most effective cleaning methods in the industrial sector. Essentially tiny pieces of material are blasted at high velocity and directed at a surface. Performing sandblasting requires special equipment and trained expertise. And, both of these are available with Blacktop Paving. Sandblasting is a versatile cleaning method that makes it appropriate for many industries. Commercial and industrial businesses require specialized sandblasting and we have extensive experience in providing such services.

Industries for Sandblasting

Here’s a quick look at the industries Blacktop Paving has performed sandblasting for:

  • Machine shops
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Metal structures
  • Silos
  • Bridges
  • Concrete tilt-ups
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Parking garages

Why Pick Sandblasting?

Industrial equipment needs to be in pristine condition for it to function efficiently. Problems like dirt, rust and grime can cause serious problems for your equipment.

Get Rid of Dirt

If an equipment hasn’t been used for prolonged periods of time, dirt and dust build up on the exterior surface of the equipment. Ordinary methods of removing the dust can lead to damaging the equipment. Sandblasting utilizes tiny materials of silica sand, baking soda, and plastic beads, which cleans the equipment without damaging it.

Removes Corrosion and Rust

Any metallic equipment is prone to corrosion and rust. This further increases during rains and snowstorms. With Blacktop Paving’s sandblasting service, we ensure that rusting isn’t affecting the life of your industrial equipment. Rust and corrosion are removed without harming your equipment.

Why Pick Blacktop Paving?

Blacktop Paving is a thoroughly professional team. We comprehend the special requirements for your business and are able to deliver accordingly. From scheduling an appropriate time to ensuring that your business operation is not interrupted, we execute a carefully laid out plan.

We are upfront about our cost and there is no hidden cost. Unlike many other contractors in the market, Blacktop Paving does not change the set price once the project is underway.

Finally, with Blacktop Paving, you get professionals who are trained and experienced. Furthermore, all safety compliance are maintained when we perform sandblasting.

Whether you wish to sandblast your parking lot, factory or manufacturing unit, you will discover that Blacktop Paving can perform an exceptional job. We provide sandblasting services in Edmonton which is simply reliable.

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