Gravel Base

Gravel Base is the backbone of good civil construction in the Edmonton area. Our fleet of equipment allows us to perform gravel installation of any size scope. From large scale roadways and parking lots to small gravel lot repairs and residential driveways, all of our gravel base is treated with the importance we know it carries.

Using the best quality gravel sources available with products ranging from standard 20 mm Road Crush to 63 mm Recycled Concrete we are able to assess and advise on the best possible materials for the projects. Blacktop also endorses the use of a range of geotextile products to improve poor subgrade conditions and provide a long lasting stable product.


At Blacktop we have built our company around quality work and equipment. The pride we take in our work is equivalent to the pride we take in maintaining and servicing our fleet of machinery. At Blacktop we possess machinery and tools that allow us to perform to necessary conditions with accuracy, efficiency and quality.

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