Sandblasting is the act of propelling very fine bits of material at a high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Residential surfaces do not remain new forever and hence, in order to enhance the aesthetic look, residential sandblasting is done. If you are looking for a residential sandblasting, then Blacktop Paving is glad to help you.

For residential sandblasting, we use different levels of intensity from light to heavy applications to obtain an array of visual and textural finishes. We also use silica free, sand/glass mixtures for all common horizontal and vertical blasting. In fact, we are the premier outfit in Edmonton that uses glass and walnut shells as an alternate medium to attain unique finishes and textures in concrete. Therefore, we are an expert firm for sandblasting service in Edmonton. Moreover, you will discover that our team is highly skilled and provides quality services.

Why Sandblasting?

Perfect Cleaning

Sandblasting can be used for every material that requires cleaning. Even if you have delicate structures or surfaces, it can be used effectively provided the technician knows how to use the equipment. Blacktop Paving’s team is trained to handle this process effectively.

Easy Process

The process of sandblasting is easy to handle, however; it is recommended that a professional is called to do the job for you. Sandblasting is not a long process. Additionally, it has a quick and easy clean-up process because tarpaulins are laid underneath the sandblasted surface. As a result, you just need to remove the extra material once the process is completed.

Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic

Sandblasting is environment-friendly and is safer and healthier as it uses materials that are not dangerous to the environment. The materials include sodium bicarbonate, which is non-toxic when inhaled. This ensures your safety as well as the safety of our team.

Multiple Uses

Apart from strip pavement, sandblasting is used for multiple purposes like paint-removal, and polishing and refining surfaces along with removing dirt. It is also used for both delicate surfaces like tables as well as strong surfaces like parking lots and pavement.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Service

Blacktop Paving has the right expertise to provide you with excellent sandblasting service. This includes both the service and the equipment that are used for the process. The service team is also well-versed to consult you with the right process of sandblasting based on different types of residential structures and surfaces. So you are sure to receive expert service from our end.

Timely Service

When you call or book an appointment with us, we are quick to respond. Our customer friendly service will ensure that we send our service team at your residence as per your convenience. Moreover, we value our customer’s time and hence, seek to complete the sandblasting in a timely manner.

Affordable Service

With Blacktop Paving, you get quality service at reasonable price. There is no additional cost incurred and more often than not, it is sure to fit your budget.

Blacktop Paving has all the capabilities and skills for residential sandblasting. By availing our service, you are certain to get professional and apt service for your sandblasting needs. You can send in your inquiry via email or telephone and our customer team will respond immediately. In case, you want to visit us personally, we are located at 6230 100 ST NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 3X4.