Concrete Edmonton Alberta

Subgrade Preparation & Stabilization

Subgrade conditions are a vital consideration when installing any concrete or asphalt products. At Blacktop we are fully equipped to deal with any subgrade construction, from basic grading to full Cement Stabilization.

Our equipment fleet includes all the necessary equipment to scarify, hydrate, grade and compact subgrades and incorporate cement if the additional strength is required. Many of the soil conditions in the Edmonton area require attention prior to the large capital investments that come with civil construction and our knowledgeable staff are fully prepared to make recommendations for your project needs.


At Blacktop we have built our company around quality work and equipment. The pride we take in our work is equivalent to the pride we take in maintaining and servicing our fleet of machinery. At Blacktop we possess machinery and tools that allow us to perform to necessary conditions with accuracy, efficiency and quality.

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