asphalt road maintenance

5 Tips for Asphalt Road Maintenance

Known for its strength and durability, asphalt is the most popular option for paving roads and driveways. However, roads are prone to degradation due to a variety of reasons. Temperature, harsh weather conditions, ineffective drainage system, and heavy traffic result in cracks and potholes, eventually degrading the road. While asphalt is known for surviving harsh temperatures and the heavy load, improper maintenance might reduce its lifespan. Hence, regular asphalt road maintenance is vital to reap the benefits of its long-lasting nature. We give you 5 tips for asphalt road maintenance.

1. Regular Inspection

While asphalt can survive heavy traffic, without proper maintenance a load of traffic can deteriorate your asphalt pavement. The best way is to reduce the load of heavy vehicles like garbage and delivery trucks on your driveway. However, that is not always possible. Hence, regular inspection is the best way to increase the span of your asphalt roads. Regular inspection allows timely detection and repair of any damage to the roads. You can hire asphalt maintenance service for regular inspection and repair.

2. Fix Drainage Problems

A poor drainage system can damage your road, costing you heavy repair or replacement. A poor drainage system allows water to reach the base surface and weaken it, resulting in cracks and potholes. Fixing these drainage problems by installing a drain inlet or underdrain may help. A good drainage system ensures a lasting asphalt road.

3. Snow and Ice Removal

During winters, the freeze-thaw cycle can crack your asphalt pavement. The accumulated water beneath the surface, resulting from the freeze-thaw cycle, combined with the weight of the traffic and high temperatures can degrade the road. Regular snow and ice removal is hence a vital requirement for maintaining asphalt roads. While you may not be able to regularly shovel snow, you must hire a professional snow and ice removal service for the best results.

4. Crack Filling and Sealcoating

If your asphalt roads have cracks, water can run through it and weaken the road. Moreover, heavy load of vehicles can also cause the cracks to widen. The crack filling can help combat this problem. It can be done by yourself, or you may hire a professional if the damage is severe. Sealcoating your asphalt surface every few years also helps in increasing its lifespan. It protects the surface from harmful elements and water seepage.

5. Sweeping

Apart from inspection and damage maintenance, regular cleaning also helps in maintaining your asphalt road. If not cleaned regularly, debris may accumulate within cracks and result in severe damage. Furthermore, regularly sweeping your asphalt pathways protect it from harmful elements. Hence, you must sweep your asphalt pavement on a regular basis to maintain its durability.

While asphalt is known for its long-lasting quality, all these asphalt road maintenance tips allow you to retain the strong and durable nature of asphalt. You can consult a professional asphalt paving service to help you with maintenance for your asphalt pavement.