potholes quickly

4 Reasons To Fix Potholes Quickly

Imagine you’re cruising along a freeway at 100-120 km/hour, and you hear a loud bump all of a sudden and your car breaks down. What happened? Your car ran over a pothole and now it wont start.

Potholes are an unnecessary nuisance which you can get rid of with simple driveway maintenance measures. Here are a few reasons why you should consider pothole repair.

1. To protect pedestrians (if it is on the roads)

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of pothole repair, but it is truly one of the most important aspects to consider. Anyone who drives a vehicle also has to walk through it at times, especially if it is on your driveway or parking lot. Cracks and holes in the pavement can cause serious injury to people on foot who may trip and fall. In fact, this is such a common occurrence that entire law firms exist to serve clients in suits related to pothole injuries. Would you want to be the accused in one of these cases?

2. To protect drivers

People driving on roads are more prone to accidents if a pothole goes unnoticed and they drive over it and lose control of their vehicle. Fatal accidents could happen or people could get injured seriously. As mentioned before, if the driver loses control, it could prove dangerous for the pedestrians walking on the sidewalks, other cars, etc. To avoid such damages, it is important to fix potholes and ensure the safety of drivers and public at the same time.

3. To prevent damage to the car

While hitting one pothole one time is not enough to cause problems in vehicles, driving over potholes repeatedly can seriously damage a car, resulting in punctured tires or issues with the steering system alignment. Whether yours is the hole that caused the initial problem or not, if a customer or employee’s car sustains damage after hitting a pothole in your parking lot of your commercial complex, or your driveway, you could easily be held liable. Although it’s unlikely that you would be forced to pay a vehicle damage claim, it is still possible. It could also tarnish your business’s reputation if the customer makes their complaint public.

4. To prevent further damage

When potholes are left untouched, they tend to grow. Water continues to seep in, weakening the surrounding asphalt. When traffic drives over it, the pavement crumbles and the hole expands. It’s cheaper for you to perform asphalt pothole repair with a simple patch when you first notice the hole, rather than waiting until it’s so big that you’ll need to purchase additional supplies to fill it or even resurface your whole lot well before you planned to do so.

If you have any potholes on your driveway, or parking lot, contact a professional who will be able to gauge the damage incurred by the road and also be able to fix the problem at hand. Do not procrastinate.

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spoils asphalt paving

What Spoils Asphalt Paving?

Does your asphalt driveway show signs of weathering? It is time you figure out what you might be doing wrong and what is causing you to carry out asphalt road repair so often.

Here are the causes as to why an asphalt driveway gets spoiled.


Freshly poured asphalt has a black charcoal color and it tends to flex under varying traffic loads. Ensure you avoid the former. Exposure to oxygen causes color to fade on asphalt from black charcoal to gray. Additionally as the asphalt cement is broken down, your asphalt loses its flexibility and will begin to crack under vehicle pressure.

Excessive Sun Exposure

An uncontrollable factor for asphalt deterioration is sun exposure. Sun exposure accelerates oxidation, which limits the asphalt’s ability to hold its structure together. While it is not always possible to protect the asphalt surface from sunlight, if you want to, you can always apply seal-coating to regularly on your driveway, although we recommend you not to because it has quite a few disadvantages.

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles are a common source of parking lot cracks. The only thing you can do is minimize heavy traffic on your asphalt or you could check with your contractor and apply thicker asphalt on the heavy traffic path in your driveway. Random fact > Did you know that the weight of a garbage truck is equivalent to 2000 cars? That’s a lot of weight for a asphalt driveway.

Poor Drainage

If your parking lot is affected by a poor drainage system or damaged pipes, it likely has areas of surface water that are threatening its condition. If water seeps through to the foundation of the asphalt, it weakens the base layer and greatly increases the chances to form potholes, crumbling and cracking. Depending on the damage, you may have to make a lot of repairs on your driveway. Therefore, it is important that you have a proper drainage system and that you keep up with your parking lot maintenance needs.

Fuel and Oil Spills

Fuel and similar corrosive substances destroy your asphalt if you allow it to build up on your asphalt. You can find that depressions form in these areas. This can be easily avoided with routine inspections and cleaning for spills (if any) on your driveway.

Tree Roots

If you have a tree or many trees growing around your driveways, it is possible that the roots growing below the surface can uproot the concrete and cause considerable damage. To avoid this from happening, get a root barrier installed.

To avoid asphalt paving repair, take care of the above points so that you can avoid long term and considerable damage to your driveway. Get in touch with professionals who will help you spot the signs of asphalt deterioration and help you with driveway maintenance and asphalt road repair if necessary.