Edmonton City Snow Bylaws

Edmonton City’s Snow Bylaws

While snow brings with it scenic views to behold, it also brings along the daunting task of snow removal. If not removed, the blanket of snow may result in injuries and inconvenience. Hence, snow removal becomes essential in areas with heavily laden snow like Edmonton. When dealing with snow, there are certain Edmonton City snow bylaws that must be kept in mind. The bylaws contain the role of the city, as well as yours as a citizen, in dealing with snow. These Edmonton city snow bylaws not only make the task of dealing with snow easier but also ensure safe conditions and mobility for citizens. Here is what you need to know about it.

Edmonton City Snow Bylaws

City’s Role in Snow Removal

The city plays its part in dealing with snow by providing snow and ice control for smooth mobility and safety of the citizens. When it snows, the city has a priority cleaning system to keep the traffic flowing smoothly. Freeways, arterial roads, and business districts are given a high priority, bus routes, transit parks, and ride access roads are cleared next, which is followed by local industrial roadways, and residential street and alleys. Usually, the officials clear the main roads within 48 hours after the end of snowfall. However, only maintenance activities are carried out when the snowfall ranges 0-3cm. Snow plowing begins on main roads when 3cm of snow has accumulated. In the case of a heavy snowfall of 10cm-30cm and above, a major plowing event is declared and overnight parking bans may also be applicable. Hence, you must keep a watch on parking bans whenever it snows.

Additionally, the city applies a mixture of sand and salt combined with other materials to maintain road traction or melt ice. For those living in city’s neighborhoods, the areas are bladed to a 5cm snow pack in the event of accumulated snow. You must also note that while the roads may be cleared in your neighborhood area on the snow day, the cleared snow may not be removed until a later day. The city updates the Major Roads Plowing Map in the case of heavy snowfall for your convenience and safe commuting.

Your role as a Citizen

While the city plays its part, as a citizen it is also your duty to follow certain rules including parking bans, clearing sidewalks, etc while dealing with snow. As a citizen, you can ensure safe conditions by clearing your sidewalks within 48 hours after the end of snowfall. If not, you may be charged with a fine of $100. You must also maintain any awning or roof, extending over the highway, free of snow and ice. Additionally, the piled up snow must be shoveled into the yard and not the street. You can also buy sand for free from the city’s roadway maintenance yard to maintain road traction. Furthermore, you must lend a helping hand to seniors or those with limited mobility and disabilities in snow shoveling.

By doing your part as a faithful citizen, you ensure safe conditions for everyone in the city during winters. You can learn more about your and the city’s role by visiting the city’s official website. Snow removal can seem daunting, especially in harsh weather conditions. You may hire a snow removal company to make sure your property is free of snow the entire winter.