LRT – North Link Partnership

LRT: In 2013 Blacktop Paving was a subcontractor of the North Link Partnership, a joint venture between SNC Lavelin and Graham Construction, for the Edmonton LRT City Line. Our contract was to install the concrete plazas and sidewalks for the MacEwan Station Plaza, the Kingsway Station Plaza and the NAIT Station Plaza. The Problem: We […]

Ross Sheppard High School

In January of 2014 the government of Alberta announced “significant” renovations for nine of Edmonton’s aging schools. Ross Sheppard being one of these, taking on a three year renovation with a 45 million dollar budget. June 2015 Blacktop Paving was pleased to find out from Chandos Construction that they had been awarded the contract as […]

Air Liquide New Parking Lot

Roughly 4600m2 of untouched grass land was converted into a Heavy Duty Parking lot that now serves as a parking space, and loading/unloading area for heavy tanks and other cargo. In addition to heavy trucks, the asphalt must withstand heavy forklift traffic. The raw land was first cut down roughly 650mm in depth. Cement powder was then […]