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What To Expect With Residential Snow Removal In Edmonton

Winters brings along with it the beautiful snow covered view as well as the indispensable task of snow removal. The task of snow removal in Edmonton is taxing in the freezing temperatures. The struggle to wake up early, the slippery ice or fatigued muscles does not make plowing away snow an enjoyable experience. The task is best outsourced to experienced professionals in snow removal. Hiring snow removal services not only saves you time and labor but also ensures your property is free of piled up snow for the entire duration. There are several benefits that you can reap by hiring a professional snow removal in Edmonton. Here’s what to expect from them:


Piled up snow is hazardous. You or your family members are exposed to the risk of slipping and injuring yourself. With the change in temperatures, the snow melts and freezes, turning the walkway and driveway into a slippery ice platform. If you try to shovel away the snow, you might risk injuring yourself. In addition to that, you risk damaging or missing out on tricky areas. Snow removal service providers have an experienced and trained team to deal with piled up snow. After mapping the area, they use the right equipment to clean the area with snow. With professionals hired to do the job, you ensure your property is safe and free of piled up snow.


A shovel or even a snow blower may not be enough to deal with snow, especially in rough temperatures. Snow removal service providers use right and advanced heavy duty equipment that ensures a clean task. A reliable snow removal service provider also ensures that your needs are taken care of 24/7. With a well-trained team handling the job, you need not worry about piled up snow during storms and blizzards. You can also contact them on a seasonal or monthly basis to ensure a snow-free property during winters.

Site Patrolling

A snow removal service that includes site patrolling is beneficial during rough weather conditions. Snowstorms cover your driveways and walkways within hours. The piled up snow blocks your entrance and hinders your daily routine. When you schedule for snow removal, they ensure there is no accumulation of snow and blocked access to your property.


The freeze-melt cycle is an ongoing process during winters. The snow melts and freezes turning into slippery ice. Because of continuous snowfall, it might stay hidden beneath the pile of snow. This ice formation poses dangerous and leads to injuries. Apart from removing snow, professionals also deal with ice. With the use of de-icing products, they ensure that your drives, walkways, sideways and steps are not slippery.

Piled up snow is bothersome, while the task of snow removal is toiling. Both can ruin your holiday season. The benefits of hiring professional snow removal in Edmonton can be immediately allowing you to have a safe and fun winter.

Snow Removal in Edmonton

4 Snow Removal Tips For Home And Driveways

Snow removal isn’t fun, but it is a necessity when you live in the northern climes. And, while the white blanket of snow is a treat to the eye, it is ill-advised to allow even a meager amount of ice on your driveway to go unshoveled. Deep feets of piled up snow not only obstruct your daily routine but also cause injuries. The inevitable task of snow removal in Edmonton can be a backbreaker and can also cause damage to your home’s exteriors. To prevent muscle pulls and scratches on your property, utilize these tips for snow removal in Edmonton:

1) Prep yourself for Snow Removal

Commencing snow removal as soon as you wake up in the morning can cause harm to your body. Some amount of preparation is necessary for safe and efficient snow removal. Check the forecast at night to be well-prepared for clearing deep feet of snow in the case of a heavy shower. Dressing up in layers is vital to prevent the weather from affecting your health. Warm up by stretching your muscles to prepare your body for the tedious task of removing snow.

2) Pick the Right Tools and use the Right Techniques

There’s no doubt that snow removal is taxing and using the wrong tools can worsen the procedure for you further, resulting in pain and injury. Various types of shovels are available to make this process easier. Choose a shovel in consideration with your comfort and strength. Additionally, make sure the tool is not very sharp to avoid damaging your exterior landscape. Apart from the shovel, using the right techniques for snow removal is vital. Bend your knees and keep the blade close to you to reduce back strain. To deal with deep feet of snow, skim the top inches and then scoop up the bottom to ease the process. Furthermore, take frequent breaks while shoveling to curb health hazards.

3) Invest in a Snow Blower

Although shovel is a common snow removal tool, it may not be apt for piles of snow resulting from blizzards and snowstorms. Plus, shoveling is also time-consuming. If you live in a region with heavy snowfall, then it is best to invest in a snow blower. Make sure you keep your hands and feet away from moving parts when using the blower. A snow blower may demand some extra investment but will ensure a smooth and hassle-free snow removal.

4) Melt the Ice

The thawing cycle is an ongoing process during winters. The freezing and melting of snow results in a slippery ice sheet on your drives and sidewalks. This can be hazardous as anyone can slip and get injured. Hence, it is vital to melt the ice. Use salt or chemical deicers to unfreeze the ice. However, salt, as well as some chemical deicers, can have negative side effects on your landscape. Consider the weather and the products’ side effects, and use the one that best fits your situation.

5) Hire a Professional Service for Snow Removal Edmonton

Since Edmonton experiences a fair amount of snowfall each year, it is wise to hire a snow removal service. These professionals offer one-time as well as seasonal snow removal services to ensure your home and driveway are clear of snow during winters.

Snow Removal in Edmonton

6 Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

As the winter arrives, so does the snow, followed closely by your shovel that finally comes out from the seldom visited store-room. Snow-clad roads and pavements become a common sight in Canada this time around the year. And, it is important for residents and business owners to make sure that their pavements are free of snow and ice to avoid unnecessary accidents and penalties. However, often, due to a lack of awareness and the proper precautions, this trivial task of cleaning up the snow and ice can end up with an unfortunate visit to the hospital. To make sure, you avoid any of these accidents, here are a few safety tips for snow removal in Edmonton:

Prerequisites for Snow Shoveling

1) Consult a Physician:

  • The activity of shoveling snow is highly vigorous and energy draining and it causes stress to develop in your lower back and neck. Hence, make sure you consult a physician before picking up the shovel.

  • Give up when necessary. Assess your physical health before embarking on this vigorous task. In case of a medical condition, feel free to approach a team of reliable snow shoveling contractors to get your job done.

2) What to Wear:

  • Wear light, preferably loose and layered clothing

  • Do not forget to wear the safety equipment – gloves, socks, mittens, mufflers to protect yourself from the chills of the snow shoveling.

3) Warm up:

  • Many accidents happen during the course of snow shoveling. Hence, light exercise is required before starting off, to get into the momentum. Prepare your muscles for this vigorous activity by doing simple warm-up exercises.

During Snow Shoveling

1) Appropriate Choice of Shovel:

  • The shovel should be suitable for your height and strength

  • It should prevent excessive stooping and bend

  • Opt for ergonomically-designed shovels, made of light materials like plastic rather than heavy shovels made of metals

  • Space out your hands on the tool grip to increase your leverage of the shovel.

2) Push, not Lift:

  • This step needs to be kept in mind. Wrong technique can lead to severe injuries. Try working at a slow yet steady pace, in order to avoid damaging your back

  • If you must lift the bundle of snow, squat with your legs, bend your knees and use your legs as much as possible

  • Lift the bundle by straightening your legs and without bending at the waist.

3) Take Breaks

  • Frequent breaks while snow shoveling help you rejuvenate yourself

  • Pay multiple visits to the site of the snow, rather than collecting all the snow at once and risking your balance

  • Stay hydrated all the time and replenish yourself with continuous intake of fluids.

These were a few safety tips for snow removal in Edmonton that one should keep in mind during shoveling ice. Additionally, it is not advisable to engage in this activity on a regular basis especially during the colder months. For more information regarding snow-shoveling, reach out to our experts at Blacktop Paving Inc. today.