Snow Removal Services

5 Trends in Snow Removal

Regular snow removal is a must. After all, it facilitates mobility and makes sure our driveways, walkways, and roads are safe to walk on. If you’ve lived in Alberta for long, snow removal and its struggles have been an ever-present part of your life.

Snow removal has gradually improved with the availability of professional snow shoveling services and technological innovations. These innovations have made our struggles easier to manage. Here are a few popular trends in snow removal, this winter, treat yourself the luxury of convenience.

1) Melting the Ice

Ice melting has been particularly successful in containing the extents of our problems. Due to lack of better options in the past, ice melting products that have dangerous toxic chemicals that affect our environment have been used. Technological progress has made sure environmentally friendly products are available. These greener alternatives are safer.

2) Specially Designed Lightweight Shovels

Make no mistake, manually shoveling is physically tiring work, and we only recommend shoveling for smaller patches of shallow deposits of snow. The problem with shoveling is that it leads to several back injuries and spasms. The new-age lightweight shovels are easy on your back and hardly affect performance.

3) Adjustable Snow Blowers

Snow Removal

The accumulation of a deep layer of snow needs a more effective method of snow removal; this is something that brushes wouldn’t be effective at. Adjustable snow blowers, on the other hand, come with the added advantage of being equipped with adjustable nozzles and directional chutes. This gives you the luxury of picking up snow in sizeable chunks and throwing it elsewhere. The directional element of these blowers let you have greater control while depositing snow. This would prevent quarrels with your neighbor as you wouldn’t dump snow onto their driveway.

4) In-Ground Heating Cables

Installing in-ground heating systems need the professional services of a radiant heat expert and perhaps a licensed electrician. These cables are effective because they manage to melt away the snow regardless of the shape of the area where it is installed. These cables virtually eliminate the need of shoveling altogether; the only downside to this would be how expensive these systems are.

5) Professional Snow Removal Services

Do you know what‘s really trending? Specialization! People now realize the value of industry specialists. It is simply convenient to rely on the professional services of said specialists. Here, these professionals offer their effective snow removal services that have the essential expertise one needs alongside the tools or equipment through which this efficiency is maintained.

The snow removal services that experts such as Blacktop Paving offer are comprehensive. There is a reason why the Cities of Edmonton and Leduc would prefer to hire their services.

Snow Removal Services

Commercial Snow Shoveling 101

Regular, manual snow removal is the only solution to the problem of snow that piles up around our homes. However, things are different when it comes to snow removal in a commercial setting. Due to the extensiveness of the area and an unavailability of time, there are very few solutions available to commercial property owners that can resolve this problem independently. This is where commercial snow removal services come in. But, to understand the ways in which they help us, it would help to understand what commercial snow shoveling is in the first place:

What is Commercial Snow Shoveling?

In the regions that are prone to accumulation of great levels of snow, day-to-day work life can get affected as it is difficult to remove the snow in a timely fashion. To counter these difficulties, several professional enterprises provide snow removal services. These companies have the expertise and the necessary equipment without which large-scale snow removal would be difficult. Commercial snow shoveling help us get rid of the snow that accumulates in our driveways, walkways, and parking lots among other places.

How Commercial Snow Shoveling Works

One has the option of hiring snow removal services on a full-time basis so there is a continual snow removal. Alternatively, there is also an option of hiring them for a one-time service. Snow removal services make use of equipment that is especially adept at clearing out large chunks of snow. The equipment that these companies utilize includes snow blowers, hand shovels, truck plows, smaller tractors, heavy front-end loaders, and skid-steers. Contractors also utilize salt to deice the accumulated snow. Salt helps make sure further ice does not get easily accumulated.

Importance of Snow Shoveling Services

Commercial snow shoveling services are vital because they make sure your operations are running smoothly, and the onslaught of snow does not affect your productivity.

Snow removal services make sure your parking lot is clear of snow and ice without which, it would be difficult for drivers to spot the parking guidelines. Furthermore, getting ice cleared regularly also helps you avoid unfortunate accidents and slip-ups in your parking lot and driveway. This helps maintain safety standards for which you are certainly responsible as a commercial property owner. Additionally, an ill-managed parking lot would certainly lead to a poor early impression on your the potential customers and clients while a well-plowed parking lot would help you make a positive one. Since safety is imperative in this process, here are a few snow shoveling safety tips.

By this time you probably do realize the importance of hiring a snow shoveling service. It would be better to hire a company that has the essential experience as well. Blacktop Paving, with its prior experience of working with the city authorities of Edmonton and Leduc, would certainly be a reliable choice for your snow shoveling requirements. Their list of projects certainly inspires confidence.

Snow Removal Services

Why Is Salt Used To Melt Ice On Roads?

Each winter, we face the inescapable struggle of finding snow and ice on our roads and our driveways. Hence, you probably know that salt is commonly used to get rid of this ice. But, did you ever question just why that is the case? As this is the time of the year where we have to remove a lot of snow, it would be a good option to know why salt is used to melt snow on driveways and pavements:

Importance of Snow Removal

There is a reason why it is mandatory for property owners and members of commercial buildings to clear out snow that has accumulated after the snowfall. It is a good idea to be regular with snow removal. As not doing so would only mean there would be more ice to remove later on. It is also done because the presence of ice directly increases the risk of slipping and with that the subsequent possibility of an injury.

How Salt Helps in Snow Removal

Wintertime snowfall eventually leads to slick roads which is most likely going to result in injuries both minor and severe. Even car accidents become common when our roads and driveways become slippery. Clearing snow in these scenarios is essential.

However, snow removal is time-consuming and needs a lot of physical energy. But, there is always the option of deicing these surfaces instead. Salt is a commonly used substance that is sprinkled over the snow to ensure its easy removal. The reason salt is used because it has the capacity to manipulate the freezing point of water. Hence, water with a presence of salt has a lower freezing point than water without it.

Salting the accumulated ice in the driveways and walkways helps it melt faster. Additionally, salting also helps make sure that the further snow or rain that accumulates does not have the chance to freeze.

Snow Removal Services

It is important for us to remove the ice that accumulates on our driveways and walkways because a lack of it not only leads to the violation of many municipal codes but can also result in injuries. And, there is still always the option of clearing the snow through designated snow removal services that use professional means to clear your walkways. Service providers such as Blacktop Paving with their experience and efficiency can help you in dealing with the snow on driveways and walkways. Consult our experts to avail these snow removal services today.

Snow Removal Services

4 Things To Look For In A Commercial Snow Removal Company

Temperatures in Edmonton haven’t been friendly since the last couple of weeks. This combined with heavy snowfall can take a toll on your business. The piled up snow and ice can wreak havoc on your property. In addition to this, clients face difficulty visiting you and employees may suffer slip and fall injuries. And, the loss of business and personal injury liabilities are the last things you want, when you already have enough things to worry about.

Snow removal services can take care of this problem efficiently and prevent the weather from disrupting your routine. While hiring snow removal services is essential, it is equally important to choose the right company. This is because hiring an inefficient snow removal team will be equal to not having a service on board. So, how do you know whether you are hiring the right firm? Here are a few things you should look for when hiring snow removal services:

1) The Level of Experience

Imagine that you hired a snow removal service, but they are not responsive and their work is not up to the mark. You certainly do not want a team that is unprofessional and has inadequate skills. Professionalism comes from training and experience. While looking for a good snow removal service, inquire about their team, whether they are trained, and the level of experience they possess.

2) Preparation and Turnaround Time for Urgent needs

A professional snow removal service knows the importance of planning and preparation for emergencies. You want the team you hired to be there after a snowstorm or blizzard to clear your commercial compound of snow. A good snow removal company will be able to handle 5-50 cm of snow and will provide you with an estimated time of arrival and other details of the work to be done. The right snow removal service is the one on which you can rely.

3) The Tools and Equipment they use

With the right equipment, work gets done efficiently, irrespective of the weather conditions. You should ask snow removal services about the equipment they use. The good ones are equipped with heavy duty and advanced tools to handle any amount of snow and any kind of weather condition. You can check their website or enquire with ex-customers to know more about their work.

4) Insurance of the Snow Removal Contractor and their Team

It is important to make sure that the snow removal contractor is insured. Most often this is taken care of by the contractor themselves. But, if it isn’t, then that’s a red flag to watch out for. You may be held responsible for slip and fall accidents occurring with the snow removal team on your property. Enquire about the type of insurance they have to eliminate such liabilities.

Enquiring about these aspects will help you choose the right snow removal company. If you are looking for effective commercial snow removal services, then get in touch with us at Blacktop Paving.

Snow Removal Services

Are You Aware Of These Snow Shoveling Safety Measures?

Winters in Canada are a visual treat of snow-clad roads and rooftops. But, they are also synonymous with the inevitable task of snow removal. Driveways and walkways covered by a thick blanket of snow calls for the revival of the good old shovel to initiate the unpopular but unavoidable task of snow shoveling.

Snow shoveling is not just about using the tools to remove snow. It is also about using the right practices for an efficient and safe job. The falling temperatures and the slippery snow can lead to health conditions and injuries if you fail to take safety precautions and do not use the right techniques. So, before moving on to tackling the snow on your driveway, read on these safety measures to avoid potential injuries:

Precautionary Steps before Snow Shoveling

Dress Up Appropriately

When shoveling snow off your driveway and sidewalks, safety should be your priority. You do not want the cold temperatures to add to the tough task and affect your health. Hence, it is vital to dress up in layers. Make sure you also wear slip-resistant boots to prevent injuring yourself.

Warm Up

Stretch yourself by doing some light movements like bending side to side or on the spot jogging to warm up your muscles. The cold weather tightens your muscles and increases the chances of injury. When you warm up, your muscles loosen, reducing the chance of a muscle pull or strain while shoveling.

Snow Shoveling Techniques for a Smooth Task

Choosing the Right Shovel

Using the right shovel is essential for an effective snow removal task. In addition to this, it helps reduce health risks. Ergonomically designed shovels are a great option as they reduce the amount of bending you have to do while shoveling.

Snow Shoveling Tricks

While choosing the right shovel is vital, using the right techniques to shovel snow is equally important. Here are some techniques to help you ease the task:

  • Bend your knees and use your legs to lift your shovel while picking up the snow

  • Make sure you keep the shovel blade close to you to reduce straining your back

  • When the snowfall is heavy, do not try to scoop up too much snow in one go. Instead, skim the top inches and then go for the bottom.

Take Enough Breaks and Stay Hydrated

Doing a strenuous task like snow shoveling without taking a pause will definitely land you in a hospital. It is important to give your body enough breaks in between to prevent tiring your body and burdening your heart. Additionally, it is vital to stay hydrated while shoveling snow.

Hire Snow Removal Services

Although you may be used to shoveling, it is not advisable to do it under harsh weather conditions. Snow removal services offer one-time, as well as full-time services to cater to your individual needs. Hiring professional and trained snow removal services will relieve you of this tedious task while ensuring your driveway stays clear of snow.

Snow Removal Services

Mind Your Step: 4 Winter Walking Safety Tips

No doubt, winter is one of the best seasons of the year. The sharp chill in the air and the snow-covered grounds are a beautiful sight to enjoy. It makes you want to go out for a stroll or for a nice brisk walk to warm up yourself.  Although it is a good way of enjoying the weather, one wrong move and you can hurt yourself real hard.

Walking on a snow-covered path is no easy task. Irrespective of all the work snow removal services do, there will be some amount of snow on the roads. This can be risky for pedestrians who will traverse the path. It is, therefore, important for you to be careful while walking on the roads in winter. The federal website of the City of Calgary and the Canada Safety Council have listed a few safety tips for winter walking. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1) Use ice Grippers

Ice grippers are devices that are attached to your shoes to help you walk on thick layers of snow. They aid people of all age groups to walk on snow. But, sometimes ice grippers can get slippery. So, be careful while walking on surfaces with less friction like stone, tile, and ceramic. And, before you buy ice grippers, make sure you can detach and attach them to your boots.

2) Use Winter Boots

Irrespective of how much we love our shoes, during winter opt for winter boots. Winter boots are usually warm, slip resistant, waterproof, and sturdy. They are specifically designed to handle the harsh winters. Hence, always use winter boots while walking on snow.

3) Use your Presence of Mind

Although this safety tip might seem silly, many people fail to adhere to this one and end up having a great fall. While walking on the road, you need to be mindful of your environment. Avoid listening to music or engaging in conversation that may prevent you from hearing the oncoming traffic or snow removal equipment. This should ideally be followed not just during winter, but otherwise as well.

4) Keep your Balance

Sometimes, even after snow removal services do their job, walking on the roads can be difficult. With thick layers of snow, it might be difficult to keep your balance while walking. Avoid carrying a lot of weight as it might affect your balance. Spread your feet out slightly while walking. This will increase the center of gravity and help in maintaining your balance. Also, make sure to take small steps or shuffle your feet on snowy roads.

Follow these safety tips to prevent accidents and injuries while walking during winters. And, don’t forget to hire snow removal services to keep the snow levels in check. You can get in touch with us to get rid of snow on your driveway or sidewalks.


Why Should You Contract For Snow Removal Service?

Winters are synonymous with snowfall and low temperatures. This excites many and while the blanket of snow is a sight to behold, piled up snow can be troublesome. It causes not only injuries, but snow piled up on your driveways and at the entrance can be an obstacle in your daily routine. Snow removal can also be a tiresome job in freezing temperatures. It is a struggle to wake up and shovel away the snow. In addition to that, your shovel may not be helpful during storms and blizzards. Hiring a snow removal service eases all such worries. Various benefits come along when you contract for snow removal services.


Piled up snow can be hazardous, leading to injuries. The piled up snow melts and freezes again turning the walkway into slippery ice platform. This can cause you to fall and injure yourself. It also makes driving difficult on such slippery paths. Apart from this shoveling can also cause a muscle pull or back pain. This can be harmful for you and your family. Hiring a professional snow removal service is a safer option. Their experience combined with the right equipments will ensure a snow free and safe property.


You may not be able to shovel away snow each day, especially during extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This can cause a hindrance to your daily routine. A reliable snow removal service provider will take care of his client’s needs 24/7. They also have a well run operational team to serve the clients and cater to emergencies. Moreover, you can hire them seasonally. This ensures your property stays free of snow and ice during winters.


Your shovel may not be of use in rough weather conditions.Furthermore, if you have a large property, a shovel would take you hours. It is also a tiring job and you may risk damaging or missing out on certain areas.  A professional contractor maps the area, identifies the tricky corners and then commences the task. They also have the right equipment needed for snow removal. Their skill and experience combined with the right equipment ensures a clean job. By hiring a professional for snow removal, you ensure the job is done right.


The melting and freezing cycle is an ongoing process during winters. The melting and refreezing process causes the walkways and driveways to become slippery. A professional snow removal contractor not only takes care of the piled up snow but also removes the ice. By hiring a professional snow removal service provider, you can combat such dangerous issues.

You reap all these benefits when you contract for snow removal services. The process of snow removal requires skill and experience. A quick search will ensure you hire the best snow removal service provider.