Things to consider before installing decorative concrete designs

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What all do you would consider if you wished to install a decorative concrete pavement or driveway? Do you only consider the services provided and equipment used by various paving companies? If yes, you are making a mistake. To ensure that your decorative concrete surface looks appealing for decades and doesn’t require frequent repairs, you must consider the following things as well.

DIY or Take Professional Assistance

The process of installing stamped or decorative concrete is quite simple. You can, in most cases, manage to do it on your own. However, it is always better to hire professional assistance for accurate installation and design precision. Professionals know the right technique to install any type of concrete surfaces and they also have high-end tools to complete the process in less time. So, depending on the size of your lot and how intricate the detailing you wish to have on your concrete surface, you can decide whether you want to install it or hire one of the paving companies.

Designs Available

If you do your research, you will find that endless stamping options are available in the market. This means that you have a wide range of decorative concrete surface designs to choose from. Do your bit of research, compare various designs and patterns, narrow down your options, and then decide which design would enhance the aesthetics of your property. Accordingly, select a paving company if you opted for professional assistance. Some decorative concrete pavers are more creative than others. So, compare various paving companies and then select a company that can provide you with your desired concrete design.

Coloring Technique

While selecting the color of your pavement or driveway, you might only consider the right shade so that it matches with the theme of your house. But you must also consider the coloring technique so that you can suggest the paving companies. There are two methods of coloring concrete surfaces – integral coloring and broadcast method. In the integral method, the liquid or powder color is mixed into the cement mixture before pouring the paste in place. Whereas in the broadcast method, a dry-shake color hardener powder is directly applied to the freshly poured concrete surface. Color hardener then penetrates the top of the concrete slab 1/8″.

Type of Decorative Concrete

There are thousands of blends of concrete available to consumers for residential use. The most common type of mix used for driveways, walkways, patio, parking lots, etc. is known as ready-mix. For the concrete patio, porch, deck, walkways, and other external spaces, a mixture of 4 inches in thickness is the usual requirement. The 4-inch layer of the standard slab concrete is recommended for both garage floors and driveways. Stamping can be done over this layer of basic concrete.

When you hire one of the reliable paving companies, they will help you make the right choice. Therefore, do your research, ask your friends who got paving services done, consider online reviews, and only then select a reliable company.