Tips to protect your concrete roads

concrete roads

Roads are built with two primary raw materials, i.e., concrete and asphalt. Concrete roads are known for their strength and durability and last longer when compared to asphalt roads. But that does not mean that your concrete road cannot be damaged. Eventually, due to extreme weather, continuous movement of vehicles, etc. concrete roads can weaken. Now there are some ways to protect your concrete roads and increase its lifespan by following these tips.

Carry Out Regular Maintenance

If your concrete road is freshly built, you must check it every now and then for cracks. Cracks can take place when the concrete mixture is not right. Also, if the concrete roads are not allowed sufficient time to dry, then cracks are bound to appear on the surfaces. When you come across any of these cracks, make sure that you get them repaired at the earliest. If you don’t do so, there is a possibility that your cracks may widen and lead to accidents.

Seal Your Road

Concrete sealing is one of the ways to prevent your road from damage. When your road or driveway starts showing the signs of a crack, you should consider sealing it. You can either contact one of the concrete driveway repair contractors to get the work done for you or you can visit a local hardware store and get the right type of sealant for your road.

Get Rid of Stains

The frequent movement of vehicles will stain concrete roads due to oil, petrol or diesel leaks. These oil stains should be removed as soon as possible. Also, do not change your vehicle’s oil on the driveway. When you do so, there is a chance of the oil spilling onto the road and so accidents are bound to happen. If you have no option other than changing the oil on the road, use a piece of equipment that will cover the road surface. You can clean the stain marks with cleaning chemicals such as trisodium phosphate or TSP substitutes such as dish wash soap or detergents that are available in the market.

Avoid Water to Accumulate

When water remains on a concrete road for a long time, there is a complete possibility that the road can be damaged. When the ice melts, the water can seep through the minor cracks formed on the road. Again when the temperature decreases, the water can expand and widen the cracks. You can prevent this by constructing your road in such a way that the water does not accumulate on the road surface.

These are some of the tips to protect your concrete roads. If your road is damaged and you wish to conduct repairs, then you can contact a concrete driveway repair contractor to repair your concrete road or driveway.